A Modern Design of Toilet Integrated With Sink and Shower

Toilet sink combo is the new and popular model for modern house. It takes several considerations for finding an efficient model; saving space, saving budget and eco-friendly. You only need one system set of toilet and sink for wash your hand. There is just using one water drainage from the toilet and sink. The design made adjust to the best comfort for user, it can be your desire to maximize your toilet time.

The effectiveness of using water is that the water you use for wash your hand can then be recycled to flush the toilet. This point is special and different from other model of toilet, saving a lot water. You can make more varied interior design of your toilet in a small space, you may hang the wood rack behind the toilet sink combo to place various things, such soap, tissue, perfume, and more other your stuff.

You also may take the liquid soap on the sink besides the water tap to simplify you wash the hands. Then, hang the little towel near the toilet sink combo. Because you can keep the floor dry, the room will be nicer and fresh you may place a pot of room plant in one corner of toilet room.

For whom like reading while taking the toilet, you may take the cabinet in the room to save the books and magazine, even newspaper. Please, make your small toilet room become your comfortable place.

Two unsure can be combined in several varied ways. The sink is on top of the toilet tank to simplify two water systems of toilet and sink into one. Besides it gives the simple system, it also offers the simple style which save the space of toilet room. This model fits to take in a very narrow toilet room or even it conforms to the small toilet in a van.
Another style of toilet sink combo is they are arranged in a single system in unique shape and also keep in clean, simple and look modern. It is usually taken in white or off white for entirely room to make large image then you don’t feel stuffy.

The next model is integrating both toilet and sink into a counter, the plumbing is hidden to avoid the bad smell and make around the bathroom dry also clean.

Toilet sink shower combo

Besides toilet sink combo, the latest style of toilet is taking toilet, sink and shower in one system. For everyone lives in small apartment or small house, to get the efficient rooms in the house, you should make a design plan well, including the bathroom model plan. You cannot take more room size for the bathroom while the next rooms need more space. There are really no room for bathroom and toilet. You, then make your style of bathroom which just need a little size without lessen the function, even combining shower, toilet and sink all in.

This design is very economical and simple in installing process. You only need to by a set of toilet and sink combo, then install in your fixed space. After that, install the standing shower near the toilet and sink placed. Give the room your desire equipment, considering the small bathroom, don’t too much stuff put in the room.

Toilet Sink combo with hot water

You can choose either hot or cold water for use, just connecting the water line to the sink, depending on your desire, the toilet’s flushing doesn’t compromise. The water refill works automatically like usual toilet. Because of the united system of toilet, sink and shower in the bathroom, therefore you can bathe your little child or the aged using warm water. Just adjusting the water connection and without boiling the water you can save your time and make a simple way to enjoy convenience of toilet sink shower combination.

Stainless steel toilet sink combo

The stainless steel toilet are often installed in high security area such as prison, police and military basecamp. It uses high water control including plumbing system with the flushing equipment set up either in wall or behind the wall using an extension box which allow for surface mounting of all valves.

This kind is light, portable, low cost and easy to install, but the it has old and out of date look. It doesn’t give high aestethic image. This model is usually used in the public facilities such as bus station, traditional market, and many more.

Tiny house toilet sink combo

The solution for a small house is making every room in a little space, including the toilet. You may use a little bathroom in effective design, as effective as you can. Select the tiny bath tub spotted next to the toilet, but this model makes your bathroom feel stuffy and constructed. You also don’t have various options to take your personal stuff. You make your small room getting smaller.

Another alternative toilet and bathroom in a tiny house is combining both of them in one system. The modern toilet remodel gives the simpler design to gain several function. Toilet, sink and shower in one parallel device. You get an eco-friendly system which can save more water because of it can recycle the water from sink then functioned as water for toilet.

The motive combining toilet with sink is as a place you wash hand after using toilet. The sink in one system with toilet make your toilet activity getting efficient of time and water use.

Bathroom sink toilet combo

The most important in combining bathroom sink toilet is the cleanliness and drainage system. Ensure your bathroom keep in dry and keep the bad smell away. The simpler your toilet design, the easier the way you clean it. Paint the room in white or off white to make you bathroom feel larger. The sink toilet combo shares the same drain system then it will be more effective when the sink toilet drain system joins with the shower drain system.

Considering the effectiveness of this kind of bathroom sink toilet, also the drainage system and the cleanliness, this remodel bathroom suitable placed in the bedroom. You have more private room in your home with ease access without you worried about something bothering you from the bathroom, the bed smell or your bedroom feel damp which come from the bathroom.

Small toilet sink combo

The toilet sink combo concept gets well acceptance from modern people. You will take many advantage for using it, you can save the space, eco-friendly, easy access, save water, easy to clean, low budget, simple in installing and advanced in many modern remodel of toilet sink combo. You may choose the model from the simpler one to the most modern style depends on your desire and your money.
Small toilet sink combo give your bathroom leave the space for another function of your personal need in the room. It is designed for a tiny house for saving part of space of the rooms. It is also usually designed for bathroom in the bedroom or another room to give the easy access.

DIY toilet sink combo

You often complain about water drainage in bathroom or toilet flush system at home. It will be so bothering but we will take a lot money when you have to buy the new one. You may make remodel toilet by yourself. In other word, you add the single toilet combines with the sink using the plastic container or you can make it from concrete on top the toilet. You need make up the drainage system using some kinds of pipes which joints to the toilet pipet to get the uniting drainage system of toilet and sink. The water pour on the sink (you take to wash hands) will go to the toilet water for another function. You will save a lot of water for a long usage, then ensuring the pipes joists and not blocked.

Beside remake the toilet and sink system, you may also make the bathroom as your expectation. Place the stuff you need while in the bathroom. Towel, tissue, soap, dustbin, etc then arrange it neatly without taking so much space that will make the bathroom look small. You may place the cabinet to help your stuff arranged. You may need hang the towel behind the toilet, then you can take the soap on the sink.

Make the better lightening and give the light painting. You will get the bright color when you take white in all the room, even the toilet color. white and off white is suitable mixed in wooden color. please keep the room dry to avoid fungus dirty the wall then makes it humid. It is worse for your healthy and it makes your bathroom dirty and dark.

Several kinds of remodeling toilet sink combo

Here some pictures of toilet sink combo.

1. Modern toilet and basin in small model

Modern toilet and basin in small model

This model is awesome in design. You can see under basin is a little cabinet to put your personal stuff.

2. Toilet sink combo in a small bathroom

Toilet sink combo in a small bathroom

The small bathroom looks larger because the light panting and minimalist stuff place in the room.3. Stylist curved toilet and sink combo

3. Stylist curved toilet and sink combo

Stylist curved toilet and sink combo

This picture shows you an awesome model of toile and sink in one system. The toilet is safe and pleasant to use, even for children and the aged people because it is short then your feet can step on the floor.

4. Toilet sink shower combo

Toilet sink shower combo

You can maximize the bathroom in three functions. Having toilet, taking a shower then washing your hands without take a lot of space.

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