How to Modernize Your Home

If you feel as if your home is stuck in a previous decade, it may be easier than you think for you to bring your home into the current decade. To discover a valuable list of tips that can help you modernize your outdated home.

Use silver paint on wood:

One way to give traditional wood pieces of furniture a brand new lease on life is to use a few coats of silver paint to transform the way that your wood furniture looks. For example, if you love contemporary home decor, you may want to paint your bedroom walls a dark hue such as grey or black and to spraypaint a wood chest of drawers with silver paint. If you are keen to paint your drawers silver, you may also want to replace your drawers’ handles with stainless steel handles or glass handles.

Alternatively, if you want to add a pop of color to your home office, you may want to consider purchasing a cheap wooden desk or a bookshelf that you’ll be able to paint silver. If you want to experiment with silver paint on a smaller item, simply paint a wooden photo frame or mirror frame with a bit of silver paint.

Hang large frameless mirrors throughout your home:

One effective way to make your home instantly seem more spacious is to hang large, frameless mirrors throughout your home. As examples, it’s a great idea to hang up large frameless mirrors in confined spaces such as your hallways and bathroom. Although you can also place large frameless mirrors in your lounge, in order to make your lounge seem more spacious. Particularly if your lounge could be larger.

Replace some of your windows with floor to ceiling windows:

As newer homes often boast floor to ceiling windows, if you would like for your home to feature a chic, contemporary vibe, you may be keen to replace some of the windows in your home with floor to ceiling windows. Which will provide incredible views and will allow natural sunlight to stream into your home. Two areas that make great candidates for floor to ceiling windows include your lounge and master bedroom. Two rooms, that you are likely to spend a lot of time in.

Replace outdated carpets:

If you have carpet in your home that looks like it is several decades old, no amount of steam cleaning is likely to make your carpet look modern and clean. For this reason, it may be worth replacing any outdated carpet in your home. If you’re not confined to a small budget, you may want to replace the carpet in your lounge with solid wood floors. Which will instantly increase the value of your home too.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to bring your home into the current decade, it’s well worth starting your renovation of your home by following the tips that are listed above. As they provide a great starting point for a larger scale home renovation.

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