Make Your Furniture Look Glam in Silver paint

Silver has such luxurious class in the jewelry and decoration work, it is one of the costly product in the market. Yogyakarta has speciall silver producing district in Kota Gede, which is popular over the world because its silver export. In same case in such time, silver will be a trend like a gold. Everything looks nice in the silver color then everyone will be interested using the silver goods or choose the product in silver color.

This article will focus on decorative work, especially silver furniture paint, how the furniture work polished on silver color to enhance the product value and to add the aesthetic worth. There are several points to and pictures to give you description then make you attracted in. you may color the home in silver look. Then you will get your home surprising with the eye-catching new paint in furniture.

Metallic Silver Color

metallic silver paint for furniture
metallic silver paint for furniture Source

Combining with the white wall and wooden color floor, metallic silver paint is one of appropriate color for your furniture. It will give you a classy look in a room. It takes the modern- classic and durable touch in the furniture including for the wood goods. What the best painted in metallic silver? There are so many kinds of furniture will be suitable in silver; such as the table and chair, shelf, cabinet, racks, the door, window, and etc.

Fortunately, you may repaint your furniture in silver by yourself. You could match it with the wall, curtains, floor, another decoration in the room, and even with your mood. There are also many kinds of silver color, hard and soft, cheap and expensive, dark or light, or you will mix two or more colors and determine the shade of the paint, it depends on your desire.

If you have no time to do, you may buy one then your existing good will be useless. You also need the higher price to get the new one than you make over your existing goods. Wooden furniture may be good to paint in partly or fully metalic silver. Here a picture of fully metalic silver applied in the chair.

fully metalic silver applied in the chair
fully metalic silver applied in the chair Source

It gives the modern classy image in your room. The wood chair finished in glossy metalic silver paint. It is trully elegant even stands without many decoration in the room.

The silver paint also embelish the wooden furniture with the natural color. the silver touch just painted in the accentuated part of the furniture, such as in the motives shape or the edge line or in such other parts of the good.

wooden furniture with the natural color
wooden furniture with the natural color Source

The cupboard has natural accent painted with silver color just in some accentuate parts. The silver paint gives the modern touch in rustic style of furniture.
The silver paint is also suitable mix in the dark color. It will be really impressed you.

highlight motive in awesome colors mixing
highlight motive in awesome colors mixing Source

The cabined has highlight motive in awesome colors mixing. The silver paint brings out the expensive and impressive look.

If you decide to paint your cabinet in metal silver by yourself, let notice the steps you should take. There are some methods to Do It Yourself of silver furniture metallic silver. The first one is spraying technique. This is the easiest way to get your furniture painted. The primary step is determining the paint color you desire on; you should use the latex metallic paint which should be painted with a brush, roller or sprayer. It will give a better quality result. Paint the furniture with metal silver will take any longer time. Here the ways to make silver furniture paint:

  • Clear out the furniture from any goods. Giving 2 base colors then let it dry.
  • Adds 2 or more coats of paint, using roller for the last coast to reduce the brush strokes.
  • Make a glaze effect with the dark and mineral color. wipe and remove it.
  • Repeat as you want
  • Paint your furniture as you desire adjust to the room paint or the home concept.

The quality of the silver spray paint ascertains the expensive and glamorous furniture. The cheap silver spray may give the attractive look but you will get disappointed in result. So better you decide to buy a little bit costly spray but give you a satisfying finish as you desire.

kinds of metallic silver spray
kinds of metallic silver spray Source

You can use the kinds of metallic silver spray as the picture above.

The Silver Leaf Paint

the silver leaf paint for furniture
the silver leaf paint for furniture Source

Besides covering the furniture using metallic silver spray, you also can remake the furniture using silver leaf paint. The silver leaf can be gilded of metallic surface on wood and metal to make the new look of silver. This process is more difficult than using spray in making silver furniture paint, therefore you need several practices properly, but you are possible becoming a skillful in finishing the work by yourself.

Here the process of project.

  • Prepare the silver leaf, then decide the surface of furniture you want to paint, use the quick method to set the gilding process. Apply the regular and natural bristle paint brushes. Use the primer or a paint color. You may use an antique look; brown paint color or grey primer before you finish it with the silver look. Get some clear coat sealer.
  • After the materials ready, you can start to prepare the furniture will be repainted. Clean up all the surface will cover with the silver leaf from the dust.
  • Paint the surface with a grey primer. If you choose the brown one, you may do it with the primary layer before painting with interior paint.
  • Paint the surface of furniture with three hour set gilding size.
  • Hold the book of silver leaf with your hand. Then pick your hands up and return to the next sheet of silver leaf.
  • Repeat the steps. Then gather some excess pieces of silver leaf and brush them. Repeat the process until finish.
  • Apply spray sealer covering the furniture surface.

Silver paint for wood furniture

silver paint for wood furniture
silver paint for wood furniture Source

There are many kinds of your furniture made from wood. Table, chair, sofa, cabinet, cupboard, shelf, etc have the basic material from wood. Actually, you interested in the model of wood furniture, but you need repaint in another look, such as silver. You can do it yourself, you may cover up all the surface of wood furniture with new totally look in silver, or you can mix the based color of wood with the silver look in several parts. Determining your concept, then prepare all the material you need, and make practices.

You need the primary layer of color before the furniture painted in silver. It gives the sturdy and solid color. Then you will finish by spraying sealer to cover the furniture surface. The last process is to avoid the color peels. Your work will be more durable.

How to paint furniture silver

how to paint furniture silver
how to paint furniture silver Source

Before starting the work, you need the tools ready for your painting furniture process being much easier. You must give the furniture a light sanding and cleaning. Then, adhere the furniture with the quite good adhesion especially for the furniture with extra slick surface. Apply 2 coats of stick to the furniture allowing each coat thoroughly dry.

Before you paint your furniture with metallic paint, you don’t necessarily need to the base paint. Because the silver metallic base coat will work well. It is different with the wood furniture. You need the base paint before you paint on silver. You only need one coat of your paint as base and top paint.

Next, in making the perfect platinum silver metallic painted finish, we need the base coat. The silver metallic paint base coat looks more pearl white than anything. Make sure the base coat has fully dried. Then the silver furniture paint goes like the base coat. But you can determine your desired color of silver. It can be light, dark or mixing of the two. The base coat affects the finish of kinds of the color. You may apply the base coat to strengthen the color of top coat or not. But you must emphasize the process is ensuring the paint dry completely.

If your furniture has several parts or hardware, you should remove them first when you clean up the furniture before painting process start. The hardware has the separate process with the main object, but it takes some process of paint to get the similar color and touch. Then, let them dry perfectly.

Before you finish the silver painted furniture work, you must add just a touch more glam. You have metallic gliding waxes that is great for highlight, such as using metallic bronze gilding. To make your silver metalic paint look glam you may add the subtle hint on the drawer front of silver gilding which is used to the edges and raised details on it.

You desire to silver paint applied on your existing furniture can be realized in the cheap cost as long you can take several practice and learn more to make your dream style of your goods at home comes true.

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