Create Cozy Backyards With Cinder Block Fireplaces

create cozy backyards with cinder block fireplace
create cozy backyards with cinder block fireplace Source

Backyard is always be the best place to chill out and spend your leisure time during your pack of schedule, especially when you love to do some aesthetic things like reading book under the tree, do the stargazing, or just for meditating and working out to make your life healthier. Since we can’t go outside during this pandemic and new normal era, we have to use our time wisely and productively to kill the boredom which might happened when we are just staying at home for any longer.

There is one thing that you can try when you are at home is creating a cozy backyard with cinder block fireplaces. Some of people probably won’t use a fireplace anymore at their home, but you can modify it into the aesthetic one and make it as the greatest spot at your home to enjoy your day and night with your loved ones. Beside saving your cost, build your own cinder block outdoor fireplace can bring you another ambiance and enjoy an entertaining space in your backyard.

How To Build?

Before you start to build a cinder block fireplaces, you have to know first about the material, especially the cinder block which you will use to build a fireplace. Based on the information that we get, cinder block as known as Concrete Mansory Unit (CMU) is the material which mostly used for building outdoor structures, such as: Fireplaces or Pizza Oven. Cinder Block itself has various sizes and shapes that you can choose depends on what you need. Whenever you are going to buy those concrete blocks, you have to choose it wisely cause the cinder blocks are classified into the solid one, tall and short one, and it even made with holes or voids.

There are many ways to build a cinder block outdoor fireplace. You have to think beyond the box to change your ordinary backyard become the cozy and beautiful one depending on your designs. But before that, you have to make a cinder block outdoor fireplace plan to make sure everything is measured and prepared well. Now, you can take your note and write down the preparation of creating a fireplace with cinder blocks, these are the steps:

  • Consider the Location

This is the basic thing that you have to consider carefully since you are planning to make a fireplace that has a flame. So, you have to select the best spot at your backyard that has a non-flammable base, such as bare ground or a concrete pad. Don’t forget to place the cinder block 20 feet away from your house, garage, or things that will easily get burnt.

  • Create an Approximate Dimension

In this step, you have to create a dimension before you transform it into the shape and size of your cinder block of fireplace that you choose. It would be much better, if you have an indoor fireplace then you can measure to get an ideal size of a fireplace measurement.

  • Build the Foundation

To get a proper cinder block fireplaces as you want, these are some steps you should do to build a foundation with conrete pad and get a better structure for your fireplace.

  1. Use the spraying paint to mark the selected area and add 3-4 feet around the fireplace for people who will sit there.
  2. Dig down the circle/rectangular area with your shovel to a depth of 10-12 inches until firm subsoil has reached.
  3. Press the base of the area you have dug before with a tamper then you can put some pea gravels for around two inches in the bottom. The gravels helped the drainage.
  4. Start to build a frame with rectangular shape of the fireplace foundation and it usually has 2x6s in the size and shape. You can set it all on the top of gravels and it’s freely adjust depends on what you need until it becomes a frame level.
  5. Prevent the pressure of the concrete by placing some stakes along the edge of the frame.
  6. The frame can be arrange with concrete and let it set for at least 24 hours before proceeding to the next step.
  • Build the base

Since the cinder block fireplaces will stand on the top of the foundation, that is why you have to know first how to build the cinder blocks as you needed. These are some following steps if you want to create a base of your fireplace according to your own design:

  1. Apply few layers of mortar in an 8’’ wide strip around the frame of concrete pad and try to put some cinder blocks until it becomes the first course. Then, you can spread a half-inch layer of mortar in the vertical joints to make the interior corners touched one another.
  2. Arrange the second course by spreading a half-inch layer of mortar on the top of the first course. This course supposed to be offset from the first to make the cinder block straddles the joint between two under it.
  3. You can continue stacking the cinder blocks with the same method until the height you desire.
  4. On the last course, you still have to apply a half inch thick layer and place the hearth block on the top of cinder block pedestal.
  • Install the Fireplace Hearth and Chimney

It’s the halfway step to the final. Since your cinder block outdoor fireplace is almost done, you have to understand how the flames work on your fireplace. So, it would be better if you install the hearth wall and the chimney cap to maintain the fire. The typical height of the hearth wall is around three of four feets but you can adjust it based on your preference. These are some steps for you to install the hearth wall and chimney cap:

  1. Use your cinder blocks to build the hearth wall in the same manner with the pedestal that you have constructed.
  2. If the cement has set for at least 24 hours, the mortar as a base of fireplace stack on the top of the hearth using a refractory.
  3. You can use 3/8 inch inch joint of refractory mortar and it will brick on the 3 hearth walls interior.
  4. On the last layer of the fireplace walls, you need to add more a half inch thick layer of mortar , then you can install the chimney cap as the final section of your cinder block fireplace.
  • Decorate the Cinder Block Fireplace with Exterior Veneer

This is the final step of creating a Cinder Block Fireplace. In this last section, you can modify a fireplace based on your own design and preferences. For finishing appearancce, you just need to cover up those the cinder block with an aesthetic surface to make your backyard become the greatest and cozy spot at your house. The surface could be natural, artificial stone, bricks, or stucco finish, depending on your favorite style.

After all the steps that we have shared to you, we will give you top 3 ideas how to create a cozy backyard with Cinder Block Outdoor Fireplace. You can check the designs below for your references:

Simple Concrete Rectangle Cinder Block Fireplace

simple concrete rectangle cinder block fireplace
simple concrete rectangle cinder block fireplace Source

This design is very suitable for the minimalist-holic. You dont need a complex element or exclusive materials to make your fireplace looks attractive, as long as you are good enough at optimalizing the cinder blocks to be an additional ornaments such as seat or table. People would love the simpler material, that is why your backyard will be the best spot at your house because it provides you the nicest way to enjoy your quality time with your loved ones.

Minimalist Backyard Patio with Cinder Block Fireplace

minimalist backyard patio with cinder block fireplace
minimalist backyard patio with cinder block fireplace Source

Backyard patio is oftenly used to hangout with friends, to spend the precious time with family, and even to chill out yourself from the tight schedules. Now, you can make it more special by adding a cinder block fireplace to give you the warmth and great view while enjoying your day at your backyard. You can choose the furniture or the ornament with the minimalist one and you can change it anytime you want depending on your preference. However, it will make your patio area looks stand out.

Glamorous Backyard with Cinder Block Fireplace

glamorous backyard with cinder block fireplace
glamorous backyard with cinder block fireplace Source

Cozy place and breathtaking view are the best combo to express a great visual feeling, especially when you add some cinder block fireplace at the center then it definitely will give you the warmth from the nature. Eventhough, it’s made with a round shape only but you can easily decorate the area around it with the things you love. Maybe, you can add some plants or succulents to make it looks prettier and exclusive.
You can set many kinds of occassion here, such as garden party, set a meeting, or just grill your barbeque her. Then, you can feel the intimate of this place as long as you spend it with your lovely people.

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