Zero entry shower is a bathroom remodeling today. It is a walk-in shower in which the bathroom floor and shower floor are flush, with no dam. There is no sill to step over, and easing for a wheelchair to roll right into the shower in other word, it is safer for all age even for disabled person. This is considered luxury style shower, which effective in space but costly. This kind of shower is more expensive than common shower bath, with simple but effective design for every people to take a shower, even this is safe for children, older people and also a disabled one because it has dried flat floor that is not slippery to walk in and completed with water proofing system. We can describe this shower: simple but luxurious.

Beige Double Msi Marble Tile

Beige Double Msi Marble TileSource

Allow for easy wheelchair access.

  • Curbed thresholds

Cubed Thresholds Model

Cubed Thresholds ModelSource

Range from as short as ½ inch to 6 inches tall

  • Temporary thresholds

It is a removable curb for barrier-free showers, a great option for multi-family homes or those considering aging in place design.

Zero entry shower on concrete slab

Gray Tile Shower Pans

Gray Tile Shower PansSource

Allow people to step right in, with no risk trips or falls.

  • Beveled thresholds

Shower Floor And Seat

Shower Floor And SeatSource

Floor is one of primary unsure in a zero entry shower. It accommodates the move, which is a structural drop in the floor framing to the shower slope. So, the floor framing sould be considered early in the project.

Tile is always a great option for bathroom and shower. However, in the case of wet room, it is recommended applying the concrete flooring. Because wet room is large space, the slip factor is more important to consider.

The concrete can also can be used in a curbless shower, but the porcelain tile is the most durable option. It’s made from denser clays than ceramic and fired for long time at a higher temperature, makin it stronger and less porous. It is highly resistant to the water.

Ceramic tile is very similar to percelain, but les durable. It is also highly resistant to water and low maintenance, but often comes at a lower price than porcelain.

Natural stone is the most luxurious option, but also the most expensive with the highest maintenance. Some of the most popular options include marble, limestone, travertine, handstone, slate and granite.

Drainage System

The shower should install with a curb, barrier, or threshold for avoiding the easy accessibility to the wet area. The floor has to install equal with shower area (wet area), outside the shower (dry area) and another room, to get the ideal installation.

There are two types of drains. Point drains are most common and are what we are used to seeing in showers. They are typically located in the middle of the shower floor, and the floor is sloped from alldirection s down to the drain. Second one is linear drain. It is long and narrow. These drains add an element of style to the shower and have become much more popular in the past few years. They may be located in the middle of the floor but almost commonly placed along one wall of the shower.

Zero entry shower construct

People think about the feature of showet bathroom design for a wheelchair user or the old people at home,then zero entry shower model gives new construction and remodels for people of all ages. It comes to design that is authentic to the moderism, this often leads to smarter, more attenuated design solution.

There are several reasons to use the curbless shower curb. The first, a curbless shower doesn’t need lines in the bathroom, there is more easy to use the shower, the room is more clean and easier to clean all side the bathroom, the shower is very accessible. The first moving of the water is in the floor framing to load the shower slope, then is about drain method. How the floor drain is lining a single trough drain a one end.

Zero Entry Shower Base

Zero Entry Shower BaseSource

The base of zero entry shower floor for the ideal bathroom is clean, simple and beautiful fit the space perfectly. Firstly, you should choose four different wall and glass configuration, select from eight different colors, maximize your space because custom size don’t cost extra, and ensure quality with and industry-approved and tested curbless shower base.

There are some curbless shower base options:

  1. Three wall. It is ideal replacing tub and shower units. Three wall base has a front linear drain with an elegant, curbless entry.
  2. Glass side wall
    If your shower is placed in a corner, a glass side wall base suits for it. Two glass walls ensure the bathroom will feel wide-open.
  3. Partial glass wall
    Complement a three wall shower configuration with a partial side all of glass. This unique open format design is both innovation and sophisticated.
  4. Four walls
    This has semi enclosed room system because this base adapts to common shower with four walls style, the shower installed on the front of the base.

The advantage of a curbless shower base is modern system, that makes any home looks update and it is safe for children, aged people, everyone has physical disability, even for pets.

Zero entry shower floor

Zero Entry Shower Design

Zero Entry Shower DesignSource

There are several advantages choosing this kind of shower. Besides it is safer to all ages, it is also easier to clean because it is just a small corner with a hand held shower without various things in the room. You also can show off of cool looking shower because a shower enclosure with a curb and a door cuts off the view. Then, it is effective design, which maximize every part of the small space. The simple room consists of walls a shower head, toilet and also vanity. The completed facility in one stand.

Before deciding on this kind of shower, you should know the disadvantages of zero entry shower, such as; it has too little privacy because zero entry shower is open but it can be solved with using obscure glass or using glass block or you can use curtain to close the room.

Zero entry shower pan

Zero Entry Shower On Concrete Slab

Zero Entry Shower On Concrete SlabSource

The important things in design the floor of a bathroom is the floor of the shower should sloop sufficiently for the water flow toward the drain, and the floor don’t slippery. The zero entry shower using concrete material is great enough, but it is more difficult in processing than another shower. In both wood frame concrete slab construction, a waterproof membrane should be used to form the bottom of the shower pan. And should extend up into the surrounding walls and out into the floor area adjancent to the shower. The best way to waterprof concentrate is on the outside/ dirt side for obvious reasons sometimes that cannot be done so the inside / living side.

The System Used

Zero Entry Shower Pan

Zero Entry Shower PanSource

Shower pan is a separate area that can direct but also retain water in the drain. The structure consists of a drain hole and have a sloped floor to lead water in the right direction, a threshold, and sidewalls. The shower pan is a single piece unit that fits into the shower. Shower pan is the entire floor of the shower and it collects the water and directs it down the drain. This part is significant because it makes the installation of shower pan durable.

Shower pans have four different material’s types, there are acrylic, fiberglass, custom tile and composite. When shower pans made from acrylic, it is reinforced with other materials. Acrylics are known for being durable, easier to maintain than tile or natural stone, and usually need fewer repairs. However, when it needs repair, it will be costly. While, the fiberglass shower pans are from polyester resin mix with woven glass fibers poured into a mold. It’s a cheaper alternative to other types of shower materials and also for its repair. The custom tile shower pans are more expensive in materials and workers. It is also more diffiult to keep clean for the tile shower, but it gives an elegant look for the shower. The last is composite. Composite is engineered materials made of two or more different materials. The combination of different materials creates qualities is better than other starting materials.

The different types of threshold of shower pan:

  • Barrier-free shower pans

Zero Entry Shower System

Zero Entry Shower SystemSource

The zero entry shower system has experienced rapid growth in recent days, then developed in many system of bathroom remodel. The drain system are the basic factor of the bathroom, therefore it is relatively straighforward in new construction. The curbless drain system is so popular because it offers practical features. The budgeting is one of complicated factor for zero entry shower. Because every step of process needs high cost, involved floor height, drain system, waterproofing installation than the common shower pan or tub.

  • ARC

This system makes curbless shower easy and fast without having to cut into joist The curbless shower will make the bathroom feel larger. It is accessible for family member of all ages to use- from children to grandparents, it does not requite stepping in and out, making it very safe to nafigate.

  • Scluter

The zero entry shower system consist of prefabricated sloped trays which it doesn’t need the mortar base and has the same system with common drain.

  • USG

Ideal for new construction or remodelling projects, this shower system is a complete waterproofing system.

  • Duravit

DuraPlan is a height- adjustable shower thar that makes it possible to achieve a perfectly suited curblessshower. It prevents the possibility of removed later to provide access for servicing.

Zero entry shower base

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