White stucco house has a distinctive exterior that becomes popular across the country. Therefore, its growing popularity is the reason why you can find many inspirations to choose for your own home.

The stucco siding is a kind of hand-troweled masonry plaster that contains a combination of cement, sand, and water. So, that material defines this Spanish and Mediterranean architecture. Depending on the application techniques, you can get a variety of textures.

As a result, the textures can be virtually smooth, sweeping swirls, or pebbled. However, this specific exterior design is not for every house.

Adorable Cottage Style Home

Adorable Cottage Style HomeSource

A stucco exterior can also be a part of a modern cottage style design. For example, this house has a gray shingle ceiling that emphasizes the implementation of stucco siding. Therefore, the warm atmosphere of the interior is exposed.

Moreover, it looks so inviting from the outside. While the yellow effect from the lighting creates a stunning scene of the exterior. So, when the sun goes down, you would see a whole new thing.

Black And White Stucco House

Black And White Stucco HouseSource

A stucco siding exterior doesn’t have to be in a traditional house only. You can also set another stylish theme for the house. For example, this Mediterranean exterior design. It features black double front doors accented by attractive black-white porch tiles.

Moreover, for a nice decorative element, the homeowner places a couple of gray cement boulders right on the corner. Also, you can check out that pergola style roof that makes the exterior even more stylish.

Fancy White Stucco House With Fabulous Exterior

Fancy White Stucco House With Fabulous ExteriorSource

This white stucco house looks fabulous with a bunch of components combined. It’s got an exterior design that features rich tones of Red Mangaras wood. Therefore, it is a perfect choice to improve the curb appeal. In fact, it also adds a warm welcoming feeling to the scheme.

The stucco wall and redwood seem to have a similar portion. Moreover, another one is installed right above the garage. So, it gives the balance so well for the exterior look. In addition, the tall fencing wall of Red Mangaras is like the focal point beside the stucco wall.

Mccarthy House In All-white Stucco

Mccarthy House In All-white StuccoSource

As you can see, the exterior design of this house is very consistent. All of the wall space is using stucco siding. It gets complemented by the gravel concrete slabs to the garage.

One exciting feature of this house is the light fixtures. All of them reminiscent of the stucco wall. It adds color for both interior and exterior.

Meanwhile, the ground space with green grass looks so neat and clean. Additionally, the lush effect from those palms adds more interest to the surface.

Mid-century House With Stucco Siding

Mid-century House With Stucco SidingSource

This mid-century masterpiece is ready to impress you. Its outstanding exterior design is enough to attract people’s eyes. Also, it got a notice roof and a simple structure. Therefore, it’s a great investment for your property.

The simple steel frame for glass windows and doors add colors to the all-white exterior. Similar to the previous house, it also has a gravel concrete slabs for the driveway. Moreover, the branchy plant adds bold color to the scene.

Modern French Style Exterior

Modern French Style ExteriorSource

This white stucco modern house has a lovely design of the exterior. It’s got gray shingles roof with sliding gray doors. Meanwhile, the swimming pool adds a soothing accent to the exterior scene. It would be a nice inspiration to have for your classic architecture idea.

As seen, the structure of the balcony matches the gray door which becomes one with the white stucco house trim colors scheme.

Modern Southwestern Home With Gravel Ground

Modern Southwestern Home With Gravel GroundSource

Similar to the previous design idea, this white stucco exterior is also a combination of stucco and stone siding. Take a look at how the designer blends the element while it’s still looking separated. As a result, it becomes a modern southwestern house.

Furthermore, the red brick style wall complements the yard which has no grass. Well, that’s because all the ground space is filled with neutral gravel. Meanwhile, the combination of classic white stucco and the red brick wall is the main attraction of this exterior.

Additionally, there’s a pop of colors coming from the yellow chairs. Also, the concrete slabs lead your way to the porch in front of the house.

Modern White Stucco House Black Trim

Modern White Stucco House Black TrimSource

This Mediterranean exterior design of a house features boasts a high-contrast look. The deep black doors and pergola seem to be dominating the scene. However, the crisp stucco wall is still looking impressive.

Meanwhile, the striking color scheme of this exterior gives you the element of drama. But, the pergola is the one that puts interest in the whole scene.

Southwest-style Exterior White Stucco

Southwest-style Exterior White StuccoSource

This white southwest-style house offers a luxurious exterior design. It’s located in Texas that gives you the architectural style that’s just right for the location.

The stone and stucco combination pairs with a red tile roof. It’s everything that you expect coming from a southwestern house. Moreover, the arched entry seems to be the main event of this exterior.

There’s a bunch of decors you should acknowledge here. Also, you can see a pair of large planters and a couple of antique light fixtures above them.

Stone And Stucco For Contemporary

Stone And Stucco For ContemporarySource

That crisp white stucco of that house’s exterior pairs with stone in a neutral color. It gives a clean and contemporary style to the design. Furthermore, the landscaping looks neat which explains the polished look of the building.

Additionally, the stone part of this exterior looks super cool. It’s having a tall glass wall with steel frames. That’s the way to go in. So, it looks like a huge entrance to the white stucco homes.

Striking Stucco Wall In Modern Home

Striking Stucco Wall In Modern HomeSource

Check out that huge vertical space of stucco. Even though it’s only in a plain color, it looks so stunning. The striking stucco wall makes a statement of the exterior. Moreover, the bright color must attract people’s eyes.

The existence of a swimming pool right in front of the wall gives a bit of attraction to the scene. Additionally, a nice pergola cover above the porch has its shadow offer the stucco surface. As a result, it adds a little bit of attractive touch to it.

Stucco Home With Natural Touch

Stucco Home With Natural TouchSource

This house exterior gets so many natural touches. It looks gorgeous. The white stucco siding becomes a great canvas for adding more decorative elements. As you can see, this house boasts a gray plank door with a twisted tree right above it.

Furthermore, the potted tree is large enough to become a natural roof for the door space. It’s such a nice addition to make the exterior more attractive. As for the windows, they have a lattice-designed structure that’s ornamented by the flowers and grass.

Trim Color For White Stucco House

Trim Color For White Stucco HouseSource

In this modern house, the white stucco is on the upper part of the building. Moreover, the exterior of this home exposes a lot of unique elements. As you can see, it’s got the wood siding for the lower part. It gives a nice character to the scene.

The curved white stucco wall and ceiling look like a barn from the outside. It makes the line of the cube-like front area softer. Meanwhile, the brightness of the upper side is pretty reflective of the light. So, it’s gonna be looking so bright during the day.

White Stucco Contemporary House

White Stucco Contemporary HouseSource

This two-story building has a stunning exterior design. It contains a bunch of tall steel-framed windows. As seen, a gray shingled roof boasts this french country house. Then, right in front of the door, you can see the concrete pathway that leads to a bowl firepit.

That is an interesting element to be part of the exterior design. Moreover, the windows and doors are having the same design. While the pathway will guide the guest to get to the true front door.

White Stucco Home With Red Tile Roof

White Stucco Home With Red Tile RoofSource

Most traditional white stucco houses have a gray shingled roof. Well, it’s a different style of the exterior. The red tile roof also offers its charm of traditionality. Besides, there’s a white stone wall that pairs with the stucco siding.

It adds texture to the exterior of this Texas home. Meanwhile, the green-painted steel window frames add a little flair to the front area. Moreover, the lush plantings also become the major elements of the scene. As a result, they poo against the neutral color scheme of the exterior.

White Stucco House Colors

White Stucco House ColorsSource

It’s another type of modern cottage design of a white stucco house. The crisp siding set up a stunning exterior scene.

As seen, it got a modern black awning fixed over the windows and a glass-paneled front door. While the black shutters on some windows give a traditional touch to the whole scene.

Moreover, the wooden french-style front door becomes a focal point because of a different choice of color. Therefore, this two-story house has a lot of windows that guarantee a bright interior since it allows the sunlight to goes inside through the glass.

White Stucco House With Black Trim

White Stucco House With Black TrimSource

White is the popular choice for this kind of house. The white stucco texture offers some appealing features. One of them is fire resistance. An inch of coating offers a firewall for up to a one-hour rating. So, it will protect the fire spread from one wall side to the other for at least an hour.

For the looks, it’s got an appealing hue from soft shades to deep earthy tones. Moreover, you can get the tones by adding dyes into the mix of ingredients.

However, stucco siding will crack because of its brittle nature. It will happen if a house foundation settles. Therefore, if you in a location where soil contains high clay material, stucco house is not an option.

When the land is notorious for swelling and causing shifted foundations. There’s a high chance of getting the stucco having a lot of cracks.

Another downside is that this type of siding hasn’t got an appreciable insulation factor. Also, it is not recommended for a cold New England winter.

So, it’s important to consider the location you are in before deciding to have a stucco house exterior.

White Stucco House With Brick

White Stucco House With BrickSource

This stunning exterior offers you with the gray shingled roof and French doors. As seen, those elements complete this traditional house. Moreover, there are four windows right on the roof which showcase the large size of the interior.

This was a carriage house of David Adler located in Lake Forest, Illinois. The house gets a loving and respectful renovation as a lovely home for the entire family.

Additionally, the dormers, white-washed brick, and oval windows flanking the double doors and planters in front of it.

White Stucco House With Grey Trim

White Stucco House With Grey TrimSource

Combining white stucco and dark wood siding is a brave move. However, it also guarantees a bold color and texture to the exterior. Meanwhile, the wooden element brings elegance to the outside. As a result, this modern house looks attractively fancy.

Furthermore, the concrete slabs on the ground are like the floor tile of the exterior. While the green grass becomes a nice natural touch to give extra colors to space.

White Stucco Mediterranean House

White Stucco Mediterranean HouseSource

This house contains white stucco walls and wooden doors. It’s a perfect combination to achieve a Mediterranean style to the exterior. In this case, it’s quite distinctive compared to others.

It’s got a natural landscape with all the lushing greens on the yard. However, it doesn’t go in touch with the house. A curb appeal of this exterior is coming from the flagstone pathway. From this view, the overall design and texture of the house are outstandingly fancy.

White Stucco Wall With Metal Roof

White Stucco Wall With Metal RoofSource

A metal roof is an uncommon pick for a white stucco house. So, it will offer an interesting exterior design.

This kind of element offers a different look to the house. It’s quite reflecting the sunlight. So, be ready to have a traditional house with shiny roofing.


Well, are you ready to design your own white stucco house? All of those design ideas would guide you to have a fantastic property for the family.

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