Vaulted Ceiling Beams Design Ideas

Vaulted ceiling beams is a wonderful way to give your design an extra touch of charm and detail. This design is for a clean parallel and a more complex truss, it helps You to make an optimal empty space to enhance the overall ambiance of the room. Vaulted ceiling give the image of openness, from every rooms to a home in general. But to install a high ceiling has meaning need a lot of budget. As with other architectural design elements, vaulted ceiling go in and out of in mode. It tends to rise to give the illusion a large living space.

vaulted ceiling beams design

Vaulted ceiling is not only applied in an older home, but also suitable used in newer design of home which popularly embracing this space altering transition. One of the reason You may select this style because it is easy to install and limitless design possibilities. It makes the arched and straight beams in faux using the real wood.

In so old style, there is bamboo ceiling, which is plaited with the various motifs to add the aesthetic aspect in the room. This style installed in a wooden home architecture. It gives a classic and rusty image, usually touched with the natural color: brown. Using bamboo material, the ceiling doesn’t be fully covered. There is any little hole between the bamboo lath wicker, therefore it brings cold effect in the room. The villagers often make DIY wooden ceiling for their home, and some of them sell the product for other. But, this kind of ceiling is not popular in the modern home design. It is improper to a brick wall home.

Advantage of Using Vaulted Ceiling

living room with vaulted ceiling beams

Vaulted ceiling can take advantage of otherwise wasted roof space and create a larger room volume. It enhances the natural light of home, especially when it is supported a larger window. Vaulted ceiling builds character and charm, not to mention home value, it is also providing the venting for hot air to escape, which is particularly helpful in bathrooms.

Several advantages using vaulted ceiling are in aesthetically look. It has a modern appearing which is being in model recently, next enhancement of installing this style of ceiling is giving the roof space and You can feel less claustrophobic. The ceiling beams also make the building look less mechanical and more relatable. And giving the rustic cabin feel.

With the right budget and the right architect, you will architect and you can make an experiment with vaulted ceiling perhaps use the old vault technique and merge them with the new one.

But, if you are running on a tight budget and already have a fully constructed house, vault is not the best option. Tray ceiling and false ceiling are more feasible alternatives to add the character and space the house.

But, you also have to consider several points before deciding install the vaulted ceiling beams:

  • Energy inefficiency. This stile of ceiling has the bigger space in the ceiling which make the room hotter for the days or in summer days, in conversely, it will be cooler in the night or along the winter.
  • Expensive construction. The room applying vaulted ceiling needs more considerable budged to work the project, such as requiring more framing. You also sometimes need an architect help to help designing the ceiling in proper to the room, it also needs more high cost.
  • Practicality. The higher ceiling, the more difficult it is to clean cobwebs out of its corners and change light bulbs in fixtures.
  • Warmth. The room will probably lose some of its coziness and warmth, a feeling that is difficult to capture in a larger room.

Vaulted ceiling wood beams

living room remodel

There are several methods to apply faux wood beams style to embellish your home design. The faux wood beams also installed to complement your current color of room, five the contrast, and highlight architectural features. Wooden color of ceiling gives the natural, warm, and relaxed look. Some kinds of wood suite to vaulted ceiling are oak, pine, or weathered barn wood. It gives more causal style suited for rustic farmhouse image.

Anyhow, working with wood instead of drywall is more fun. It is a natural product that can easily be handled by one person, it is lighter to pick up and certainly easier to hold over your head when attaching it.

Vaulted ceiling usually have light color, which make the room feel large than using dark color. Because the natural color of wood is dark, it makes the room feel smaller, therefore it recommends to paint the ceiling wood with the lighter color.

Vaulted ceilings gives you the chance to make rafters a show stopping feature. Whether painted of left in their natural state, rafters can take a room from drab to flat-out fab. Soaring ceilings can make living space feel less warm and intimate.

Horizontal beams

horizontal beams on living room

There are several kinds of ceiling installation. The vaulted ceiling can be installed horizontally to get large and long image of the room. Horizontal beams for vaulted ceiling is combined with a light color to strengthen the clear and spacious effect. The horizontal structure element can hold the main burden of vaulted ceiling in the room.

There are many architectural bases and design factors to consider when designing and building ceiling accurately installed, includes the shape of the roof, the roof pitch, the ceiling design and the rafter aesthetics, and the ceiling beams.

One of horizontal beams are called rafter ties. Plain horizontal beams are simple and straightforward, but they can do a great deal to improve the feel of the living room. They have multiple effects, such as:

  • Make the room conducive and cozier because the high ceiling feels lower.
  • Add the aesthetic image in the room

Another style of beams for vaulted ceiling is straight. This kind of beams for vaulted ceiling requires more people to install because it needs to fit the curved surfaces. This style is simpler than the horizontal to install. It is also easier to make up and clean up the ceiling and the room generally. It has a large look and lower image of the room. But this style has less aesthetic touch, but you can add the beautiful hanging lamp to decorate the room.

Both horizontal and straight style of ceiling have the same main function. It covers the inner roof of the building. It also prevents the hot and cold weather in the room.

Installing Beams

vaulted ceiling beams make rustic feel

Vaulted ceiling can be installed by DIY design. You can choose the style as you attracted in. for example by constructing either stick framing, that is installing the joists and rafter individually and installing the trusses with the valuated spaces. Another scissor trusses or valuated parallel chord trusses, which constructed from multiple wood members to serve as roof structure used to make the vaulted ceilings.

The vaulted ceiling beams is more difficult in cleaning depending on the height of the vault compared with the standard flat ceiling. You need the ladder or any extension tools.

DIY Faux Beams

faux wood beam inspiration

The faux wood will improve the effect the ceiling and it also complement the walls as well. The advantage of using high ceiling in the living room is to help fill up the empty wall space and make the room feel large also bright. Moreover when the wall paint with the soft and light color. Faux beams are made to look just like the real thing. There are available the hundreds styles and texture, they also easy to install than true wood beams.

Here are 7 steps of DIY faux beams for ceiling:

  1. Prepare the studs and give the mark in the ceiling of the room.
  2. Ensure the size, the pieces of studs and attach untreated (and unfinished)
  3. The process can start. The faux beams ready to install, lay 1 board on a flat surface. Stand two other boards vertically along the edge of the flat board and attach them.
  4. Lightly sand and wipe your beams. The outside of U-shape faux beam may have printing, dirt or blemishes.
  5. Stain your beams
  6. Install the faux beams.
  7. Cover the gaps for a finished look. It is a seam where two sections of the same beam met, as well as small seams at the end of each beam that I wanted to hide.

Craftsman vaulted ceiling beams

living room with large windows

Installing the vaulted ceiling beams needs the craftsman to hold for get the perfect result. It is better not installed DIY because ceiling need a large space of the room, therefore everyone can see the aesthetic look and enjoy the pleasantness of the room. Vaulted ceiling has the various functions, there are to indicate any roof leak in the room. The ceiling also has the aesthetic function, so has to installed neatly and preciously. It must be look flat without any joint at all. Because there are many kinds of vaulted ceiling, the craftsman must know every detail of style of vaulted ceiling beams and how to installed and can calculated how many ceiling of how the size of ceiling need.

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