T Shaped Kitchen Island Ideas For Your Kitchen

What’s your dream kitchen look like? If you ask us, our dream kitchen has to be aesthetically pleasing, multi-functional and convenient at the same time. The way to achieve it can be by having a kitchen island. Nowadays, people will not have a second thought when getting to the kitchen island. Because it’s so convenient and serving multiple uses, even for now they can replace the function of the cabinet.

t shaped kitchen island design

With a kitchen island you’ll have more access to your family or guests while cooking or preparing meals. It’s an additional dining area and can be used to store your cooking utensils too. Although in this article we’re focusing on T Shaped kitchen island ideas, there are actually six types of kitchen islands! Let’s dive into it first.

Kitchen Island Styles

  • L-Shaped

This type of island can fill the blank space of your kitchen with more storage and preparation space. This L-Shaped island will give more space to cook, especially when there’s more than one cook in the household. But for some owners, this shape may be too spread out.

  • U-Shaped
u shaped kitchen design

This type of island is probably everyone’s dream. Because U-Shaped kitchen has three walls of cabinetry, you can fit a lot of kitchen appliances in there. Just take a look at the pictures, this kitchen island has so many drawers. It’s the largest type of island that you can find. You can fit, extra storage, more workspace and also room for seating.

  • Galley

Galley can be a good fit for any type of kitchen layout. It maximizes your storage space since it has a square-shaped, and doesn’t have curves in the corner like other islands. It’s simple and efficient, but some owners may think it’s boring.

  • Circular

This island will add an interesting visual to your kitchen. You can go full circle or just feature a half-moon, it will still look good. You can get more than four guests to comfortably eat and socialize. The only downside of it is, prep and storage space aren’t always efficient with circular islands.

  • T-Shaped

T-Shaped island is handy if you want to have a seating area in your kitchen. This kitchen island comes in different size and shape. If you need a bigger space, you can pick a larger countertop. Plus, you’ll have a bonus space since it’s in the shape of a “T”.

T Shaped Kitchen Island Ideas

t shaped kitchen island ideas

The T-Shaped kitchen island is surprisingly very convenient because of the extra space of the “T”. If you are interested to give it a try, here are some T Shaped kitchen island ideas to live up to its fullest potential.

  • Contemplate The Lighting Arrangement.

The unique layout of this island will function effectively if you use multiple fixtures to provide even illumination over the entire island. These trio lamps will give the right amount of lighting to the island.

  • DIY T Shaped Kitchen

If you only have the standard galley island, and you really want the T-Shaped layout. You can still achieve the style with little DIY, by adding a dining table on your galley island.

  • Consistent Material and Colors

If you’re a fan of consistency, you can pick the same colors and material for both of the sections. So it can match one another by showcasing the same materials and colors.

  • Plan Out your Seating

If you really want to dedicate your island to the dining table, you will want to consider how many people you hope to seat there. Start counting on family members or guests who will be joining you regularly. This thing will determine what size that you need for the island.

  • Consider Scale

Just like what we said before, T-shaped kitchen islands can vary in size. Just consider what is the purpose of your kitchen island in the first place. Is it just for preparing meals, or an informal dining area? That’s totally up to you.

What Type of Kitchen Island is Best for You?

Is the T shaped kitchen layout is for you? Or you like the U-Shaped kitchen island layout more? Don’t finalize your decision before you consider these things.

  • The Space

Make sure you have planned for the space that you need. This kitchen island takes up a lot of space, especially if you decide to build a U-Shaped island. For the most part, you will need 12 feet to make an island work.

  • The Function

People use kitchen islands for a lot of purposes, it can be for preparing food, for a sink. Some of them use it for eating or socializing. If you use your island for seating, consider a wood countertop. Stone is a cold surface for sitting at.

  • Consider a Kitchen Cart
kitchen island carts

If you have a smaller kitchen, you can consider having an island cart. This island is small, and has wheels that you can roll out and use for cooking or storage. This type of kitchen island is practical and ideal for a kitchen area that is smaller but needs the additional counter space. You can place them to the side of your room if you need more space in the middle of your kitchen. It’s way cheaper, and still does the job as an island.

After that it’s time for you to decide which kitchen island will fit your kitchen. Consider the space that you have, the function of the island, and the cost of building it.

Benefits of Having a Kitchen Island

kitchen island with marble countertop

Still have a doubt on getting a kitchen island? If you’re one of those people who has space in the kitchen but lacks storage space, this can be your problem solver. A kitchen island can be great storage and also will look stunning for display. Here are some benefits of having a kitchen island for those of you who are still in doubt.

  • This island can be an extra addition to your cabinetry. If your current cabinet doesn’t fit all your kitchen appliances, the extra drawers, shelves, and cabinets from the island can solve your problem.
  • A kitchen island can be a nice place to spend time with your kids while you’re cooking and preparing meals. They can help you to make dinner too.
  • A kitchen island can act as an informal dining area. If you want to change scenery while you eat, you can move to the kitchen island to enjoy your meals.
  • If you have larger kitchens, an island can be a way to make your kitchen more functional and useful. You can add a sink, refrigerator drawers, and additional cooking area.
  • If you choose to go with an island cart, you can add versatility. Plus you’ll have extra counter space and more floor space at the same time. This kitchen cart is movable, so whenever you and your friends want to cook meals, each person takes a section of the kitchen to prepare. But once the meal’s done, you can roll the island cart out of the way for added space. This kitchen cart is ideal for smaller kitchens.
kitchen island white countertop

If you think that having a kitchen island is just to fit your kitchen aesthetic, you’re totally wrong. Now you actually know all the reasons for having a kitchen island in your home. It can be an extra storage, additional seating area, and any home can have this kitchen island. Let’s get to the next section where we show you some inspiration to get started on your kitchen island.

T Shaped Island Kitchen Designs

t shaped island kitchen designs

This T shaped kitchen island ideas with seating area is the most common way to use this type of island. A lot of people choose this style to get the extra space. It can be used for socializing or for eating. You can copy this style where almost all of the cabinets and the island is white, and they balance it with woodens chairs. The chair looks so comfortable and really safe for the kids rather than using stools.

t shaped kitchen island and dining table

This T shaped kitchen island and dining table is exactly what we say as the DIY of T shaped kitchen island. It works best if you have a galley kitchen island, you just have to place your existing dining table at the front of the island. This way the T-Shaped is formed. In this kitchen, the table really gives dimension to the room. If the table has the same color as the island, it will look real plain.

Or it could be the other way around, a T shaped kitchen table with island, just like the picture we show down below.

chair arround kitchen island table

The T-shaped kitchen island with sink is really convenient if you have larger kitchens. You can place additional kitchen amenities at your island. It includes preparation sinks, refrigerator drawers, and other cooking utensils. If you have big families or you live with a bunch of roommates this style will fit perfectly.

t shaped kitchen island with sink

Another thing that can be considered as the benefits of T-shaped kitchen island is you can put the stools to face each other. So you won’t bother turning your head to the side when talking to someone when you’re eating. The T-shaped counter-top in this kitchen adds the required spice to the otherwise simple interior.

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