Stucco house color comes in a variety of hues and shades, ranging from neutral to the bolder tones, allowing you to be creative in picking one.

This cement-like construction is still popular nowadays with a more selection of colors available. You can pick one to compliment your style or to suit any kind of existing landscaping.

Similar to other siding options, stucco also comes with some advantages and disadvantages in terms of durability, aesthetics, and cost.

However, in general, all assortments of stucco house color can instantly remind you of a vacation-like destination.

Look at some of the best ideas of stucco-house paint colors below to get a better idea of what you like!

Classic Stucco House Color

A Classic Stucco House ColorSource

Traditionally, homeowners paint stucco in a neutral color like the above tan. Earthy tones are popular because of their natural hues when it comes to this siding type.

If you want to give your home exterior a subtle sense of elegance, going for earthy tones will be a great option.

This color may look minimalistic, but it can provide a special value no matter where you live. However, if your preference is more into something exceptional, other colors will work too.

Other stucco-house color options that appear chic and modern are available too. Whether you prefer something classic or experimental, there are always the right options for your needs.

Bright And Pink For Your Next Project

Bright And Pink For Your Next ProjectSource

If you want something bold and bright, painting your stucco house pink will be an impressive idea.

This pink stucco house can be a nice example for your next project with its eye-catching and fun qualities.

Thanks to the wooden shutters along with the bright pink hues, the exterior of this home feels warm and earthy.

For those living in desert areas, a bright, colorful home like this often becomes the ultimate choice and it is obvious to see why.

Charming Blue Stucco House

Charming Blue Stucco HouseSource

A blue stucco house is fancy, cozy, and charming. This home is proof that the said color works perfectly fine on the siding type.

The monochromatic palette presented by the lighter blue trimmings and shutters makes the overall exterior looks even more playful.

Consider Something Old-worldly

Consider Something Old-worldlySource

If you want to try something more extraordinary, going for a glaze color that is added on top of the base stucco coat.

Similar to a faux effect, this color can provide a deeper and spongy effect on the exterior stucco. However, you should prepare to spend some extra money on applying the style.

Painting this glaze color is like coating the home twice. If you are willing to spend more and want to have a timeless beauty, the idea is worth trying.

Dark Stucco Paint Colors For Your Stucco

Dark Stucco Paint Colors For Your StuccoSource

Do not be afraid of utilizing dark colors for your stucco. Just like this stunning black siding that appears modern and chic.

Its elegant black siding may make this house envy of the neighborhood. It also shows the universe that you are far from afraid to have something predominate against the classic colors.

Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that black stucco paint typically requires more maintenance compared to its lighter counterparts.

Dusty Light Pink For Your Taste

Dusty Light Pink For Your TasteSource

In case the above pink is too bright for your taste, a stucco house color can be rather dusty light as well.

Just like this dusty pale pink house that appears homey and welcoming. Combined with white trims, the home will be highly noticeable in any neighborhood.

This tone itself is an ideal option for anyone that wishes to incorporate a subtle color to his or her stucco house but does not want to be too bright or bold.

Experiment With Deep Green Shutters

Experiment With Deep Green ShuttersSource

This light tan-stucco-house color presents a major European flairs. Incorporated with deep green shutters, the home appears classic and classy.

If you are planning to throw extra color to the stucco house of yours without a whole renovation, think of staining the shutters in a more vibrant or darker tone to make them more predominate.

Final Verdict To Paint Your Exterior

Final Verdict To Paint Your ExteriorSource

Since you probably will not change your exterior stucco house color soon after painting, it is crucial to pick an appropriate tone for the first time.

If you are not certain with your choice, seeking professional advice should be a good choice. Otherwise, using the above stucco-house color options to paint your exterior siding will work too.

Just keep in mind never to overdo the painting, especially if you have selected an impressive decorative stucco texture for the exterior.

Something like an amazing trowel sweep finish will look great without painting it light green since the texture can create some visual interest.

Finally, since picking the right stucco house color will make a big difference in the look as well as feel of your home exterior, remember to do it carefully. Good luck!

Follow The Rule Of 3

Follow The Rule Of 3Source

This is like a general unwritten rule for painting your outer surface. In this case, you should pay attention to the main parts of the exterior stucco, including body, trim, and banding.

The trims will include your front entryways, fascias, soffits, and garage doors. When choosing the colors, remember not to utilize more than two in those three main parts.

Doing so can help you create a nice accent and contrast. Besides, it will emphasize several of the wanted elements while subduing the less appealing ones.

Get Inspiration From Other Stucco Homes

Get Inspiration From Other Stucco HomesSource

It is no secret that the simplest way to choose exterior stucco house color is to learn by example. Consider driving around the neighborhood to explore other homes with such siding.

This will help to figure out any color that catches your eye. You may also know whether dark, light, cool, warm, subtle, or dramatic tones are the best.

You can also browse inspiration from online photo galleries. Many samples are available to download or share, making it easy for your painter for executing the project later.

Gray Stucco For Black Stucco House Color

Gray Stucco For Black Stucco House ColorSource

If you are not daring enough to go for black stucco house color, a dark shade of gray can be a perfect alternative.

Painting your stucco siding gray lends a contemporary touch to the exterior. The color can make the home feels fresh and updated.

Besides, gray also works well with other materials such as stone and brick. Thus, if you want to combine your stucco with another siding style, there should not be a real problem.

This stucco house color makes a perfect way to furnish your house with a modest depth while keeping it neutral.

Keep It Harmonized White Stucco House Trim Colors

Keep It Harmonized White Stucco House Trim ColorsSource

When selecting colors that are close in hue, you had better choose them from the same spectrum. Once there is primary body color, simply opt for one or two shades darker and lighter for the banding.

You do not need to consider this stucco house color tips when utilizing a very dark or very light accent tone.

The point is to pick colors that can blend with other architectural elements in your home exterior. Consider the existing schemes for the finest result.

For instance, if there are white stucco house trim colors, your choice for the siding may fall to subtle or other neutral tones.

Lime Green Accents Playfulness To The Style

Lime Green Accents Playfulness To The StyleSource

This stucco house color is indeed lovely. Giving off a magnificently beachy vibe, it is mostly painted in a typical white. However, the lime green front door offers something exceptional.

In addition to the front door, you can paint the garage in the matching color to add a bit of playfulness to the style.

When doing right, the colorful front door and garage will become a big upgrade to the overall curb appeal.

Opt For Subtle Colors

Opt For Subtle ColorsSource

Stucco house color combinations that include too bright or bold tones may become an issue when you decide to sell the home in the future.

Moreover, chances are your exterior colors clash with the neighbors who probably prefer something more neutral.

At this point, employing soft tones will be a safer method to introduce some shades into your exterior stucco siding.

For example, you can apply beige with a touch of green or blue to make your stucco house color looks impressive.

Other Tips To Pick Your Stucco House Color Combinations

Other Tips To Pick Your Stucco House Color CombinationsSource

You already know several popular choices for painting a stucco house. In general, traditional neutral colors are the safest alternative since they will not outshine your landscaping and trimming.

Aside from common neutral colors like grays, tans, and beiges, you can also consider other options. However, when applying these shades, make sure to get some bold options on the trim to prevent the house appear featureless.

If you prefer a stucco house color that is neutral but has a unique twist, earthy tones will be a better option.

For instance, if there are trees and greenery surrounded your house, consider choosing exterior colors like olive green shades.

Meanwhile, desert tan shades will be able to blend in well for a stucco house that is located in a desert or dry areas.

When you pick a brighter earth tone or bolder shade, consider utilizing a neutral color on the trim for a more balanced look.

Rustic Green Stucco-house Color Schemes

Rustic Green Stucco-house Color SchemesSource

Another one of the most popular stucco-house color schemes is green and this home can be the best inspiration for you.

It has a shade of rustic green, which instantly transforms the home’s style from a modern beach into a vintage-inspired one.

Offering such a rustic flair, the house seems almost mysterious from the outside. It does look outstanding as well among any neighborhood.

Stark White Stucco House

Stark White Stucco HouseSource

Despite its small size, this home is indeed stunning. The homeowner paints its stucco siding in a clean, crisp white color that makes it feel like a building in the Mediterranean and coastal regions.

The arched metal doorways as well as windows offer a contemporary, industrial vibe to the home. Meanwhile, the clay brick screen keeps the landscape breezy and earthy.

Take The Roof Into Account

Take The Roof Into AccountSource

Your roof as well as other features like carvings and stonework that will not alter anytime soon must be taken into account.

Make sure to select stucco colors on houses, which blend magically with those landscapes, features, and other permanent arrangements around your home.

In case you have a gray or black roof, think of using yellow, white, and blue for the stucco house color.

Meanwhile, dark tan or brown roof will work well with identical colors, green, red, and cream exterior stucco.

White Stucco Color Schemes

White Stucco Color SchemesSource

Compared to other stucco colors on houses, white may require a bit more effort when it comes to keeping the unit free of dirt.

However, it is no secret that painting stucco white is a cool, modern option for any house.

To find the right shades, compare one to other white paint chips to see how the color and its undertone are.

Remember that some white shades are clear and bright while others may a bit grayish. Moreover, you may also find ones that seem a little pink, blue, or yellow.

Yellow Stucco House To Stucco House Colors Exterior

Yellow Stucco House To Stucco House Colors ExteriorSource

When it comes to stucco house colors exterior, yellow is an impressive choice to make yours look exceptional.

It can provide a special style and presence to your stucco house without being too overwhelming, especially if you pick the right shade.

Yellow itself is popular in terms of a stucco house color. However, make sure to find the perfect shade of this tone or gold for the best.

Consider testing the shade on a big patch before painting the whole siding. If you find the color is way too bright or bold, search for a toned-down gold or wheat yellow.

Yellowish White Stucco House

Yellowish White Stucco HouseSource

Most homeowners prefer a stucco house color in true white or one that seems somewhat yellow.

Considering the natural texture of the stucco, a true white shade tends to create subtle undertones that change as the light of the day transforms.

For instance, a little gold or yellow in your white stucco house color may make the home take on a golden glow at sunset and sunrise. It will be a nice pair for your roof color.

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