Bring the outdoor areas to the next level by incorporating a mix of stone and wood in the exterior. These materials will help to give your modern design a lovely natural spin.

It is no secret that both stone and wood have become a favorite material for exterior home construction since a long time ago.

Their natural beauty is one of the good reasons why many homeowners take advantage of these materials to boost their curb appeal.

To give you some ideas on how to incorporate stone and wood into your exterior design, the following information is provided

Stone Wood House

Acm Design Western Nc Mountain Retreat With Wooden CeilingSource

Designed as a mountain retreat, this home’s façade is full of something natural. From the wooden ceiling to the stone posts, the entryway appears so much inspiring.

Instead of modern stone veneer, the rocky posts have ones that are arranged randomly to offer sturdy bases for the roofing.

Not only the posts, but the flooring and the front door’s wall are also designed with stone. To boost the natural mood, a few pots of plants are put around the entryway.

Adding beauty to the entryway is the mirrored doors. A pair of wall sconces also makes the overall design looks more appealing.

Amazing Wood And Stone Outdoor Fireplace

Amazing Wood And Stone Outdoor FireplaceSource

In case your budget does not allow you to apply stone veneer for a robust-looking exterior, infusing the idea into an outdoor fireplace will not hurt.

Utilize a stone veneer to create a fireplace for your garden patio. Bring out some outdoor furniture around it for enjoying a morning coffee or afternoon tea.

This fireplace features a pair of shades to store wood. While the same is used to set the fire, it also doubles as extra decorative elements.

Beautiful Home Design With Stone And Wood Posts

Beautiful Home Design With Stone And Wood PostsSource

You can also beautify your porch with stone and wood for an extra natural touch in the exterior design. Just like this lovely closed veranda, that has timber ceiling and posts.

While the upper halves of the posts are made of wood, the bases are in colorful natural stones. The size comes in different varieties for a more beautiful pattern and texture.

Not only the ceiling and posts, but this house also has wood panel walls that complement the closed porch very well.

Then, to tie the look together, white and light gray window frames are added to the exterior.

Beautiful Stone And Wood Home Design

Beautiful Stone And Wood Home DesignSource

Both stone and wood have become a popular material for the home exterior of all styles. Their natural beauty is always perfect to improve the curb’s appeal of a house.

These materials make an ideal trim, façade, post, chimney, fireplace, and other exterior applications in your house.

To sum up, a house made of stone and wood will appear exceptional and long-lasting. If you are dreaming of owning such a place to live, the above ideas can help visualize your wish.

Beautiful Stone Outdoor Kitchen With Grill

Beautiful Stone Outdoor Kitchen With GrillSource

If your family loves to go to a Stonehouse wood fire grill nearby, creating a space to accommodate this activity will be much better.

Creating a stone outdoor kitchen with a smoker and grill in the backyard is perfect for a big family who loves to enjoy a small barbeque party together.

To complete the kitchen, you can add a wooden pergola over it.

Classy Ideas For Home Exterior And Architecture Design

Classy Ideas For Home Exterior And Architecture DesignSource

From façades, railing systems, pillars, trims, to chimneys, you have many options on how to use stone and wood in your exterior.

The most common practice is to add a stone veneer to a post for a major impact in the entryway area or the façade.

Aside from the upper elements, applying hardwood on the flooring can be a good choice as well. Some homeowners even go bolder by incorporating the same on the ceilings.

Indeed, stone and wood house plans can be executed as you please. The following ideas will help to get started.

Corner Stone Architects Patio

Corner Stone Architects PatioSource

Many modern homes feature exterior stone trims and facades. This material is considered adding value as well as beauty to the outer walls or surfaces.

Stone veneer, for instance, is the most common option used in today’s home construction. It can be made from either real or manufactured rocks.

Due to the advancements in recent technology, many homeowners are remodeling with manufactured stone veneer that is lighter, easier to install, and more affordable.

Besides, manufactured stone veneer is available in a wide selection of colors and shapes. You do not need to worry about its maintenance or sealing as well.

Home Design With Rock Accent Exterior

Home Design With Rock Accent ExteriorSource

The base of this house’s front entryway looks impressive with a stone veneer. The foundation of the posts is in the same material as well to strongly support the overhand curb appeal.

Different from others, the posts are mainly made of stone instead of wood, lending some heights to the entryway.

White window frames and trims complement the exterior look very well. Meanwhile, the walls as well as the roofs offer such a great balance with their neutral colors.

Luxurious Home Design With Natural Stone And Wood Exterior

Luxurious Home Design With Natural Stone And Wood ExteriorSource

With the natural stone and wood exterior, as well as the high-end details inside, this home appears exceptionally luxurious.

Created by Jordan Iverson Signature Homes, this two-story building offers floor-to-ceiling windows that give a bunch of natural light to the interiors.

The siding is a mix of stone and wood that comes in a similar gray scheme. A metal railing system makes the exterior look richer.

Aside from the siding, stones are also used as part of the landscape design for a more natural look. Along with a few tiny trees and shrubs, this small garden complements the exterior pretty well.

Maintain Stone And Wood Exterior

Maintain Stone And Wood ExteriorSource

Just like the regular sidings and trims, it is important to take care of your ones made of stone as well as wood.

In terms of stone trims and facades, make sure to clean them regularly. The recommended practice is to use granulated soap to clean these building materials.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of detergent and water to cleanse the stone facades or trims. Use a brush to do so and rinse them thoroughly.

For wood siding, you can utilize warm, soapy water along with a mild-bristled brush. Clean it in section from bottom to top for the best results.

When it comes to cleansing stone and wood materials, you should avoid using acid products, sandblasting, power washing, or a wire bush since they will only harm yours.

Minimalist Style Home With Wood Glass And Stone Exterior

Minimalist Style Home With Wood Glass And Stone Exterior


If you are into modular design and want to apply it to your exterior design, this idea is probably of interest.

The light-colored stone siding looks stunning among the bright gray exterior walls, especially thanks to its natural hues.

Not to mention the wooden element added to the exterior design that gives a pleasing and warm look.

Along with the stone and wood elements, glass also plays a great role here. Utilized on the doors, the property of this material allows the beauty of the indoor area noticeable from outdoors.

Modern Home Design With Stone Wood And Concrete

Modern Home Design With Stone Wood And Concrete


Who does not fall in love with this beautiful stone and wood exterior for the first time? Along with the small desert garden, the outdoor area of this house is just wonderful.

Instead of utilizing all stone materials on the trims, the homeowner pairs it with concrete, offering a unique yet balanced look.

Meanwhile, the wood siding introduces a beautiful contrast to the exterior with its dark brown colors.

Modernist Refuge Of Stone Wood Steel And Glass In Martis Camp

Modernist Refuge Of Stone Wood Steel And Glass In Martis Camp


Sometimes a house is made of wood and stone to blend in with nature perfectly. Just like this modern refuge, that matches the natural surroundings pretty well.

While the sidings are mostly in stone veneers, the upper story comes out with wood wall. In addition to these two natural materials, the glass panel is applied here and there.

Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling glass walls, the homeowner can enjoy the world of nature right from the comfort of their living room.

Soothing Looking Siding House

Soothing Looking Siding House


In this calming-looking exterior, the shiplap vertical siding is combined with light-colored stone veneers.

Exposed wooden beams in the roofing design complement the natural feel of the exterior. The neutral color matches the main door for a unified style.

To hold the veranda roofing, stone veneer is added to a pair of posts, offering architectural interest. The type of material used is identical to the siding and roofing for a more harmonized look.

Stain Wood For Your Exterior Decor And Deck

Stain Wood For Your Exterior Decor And Deck


In addition to stone, wood is another popular material to use in the home exterior. Its quality of warm and welcoming makes it highly preferable.

Not only utilized as additional details, but wood has also been used on wider surfaces of many home exteriors.

Stone and wood are often seen in a mix, but this material is flexible enough to work with others too. Whether it is for a railing system or any exterior elements, timber can be crafted to meet your needs.

You can easily paint or stain the wood to match your existing exterior décor and deck. Meanwhile, the natural grains of this material will then introduce some patterns as well.

Stone And Wood Exterior For Your House

Stone And Wood Exterior For Your House


Adding wood or stone, and a mix of these materials is indeed a personal decision for a homeowner to choose based on their taste and budget.

Stone, in particular, will create dimension, depth, and texture in exterior design. Moreover, its exceptional finish can separate it from the ordinary.

On the other hand, wood offers natural details that also improve your curb’s appeal. This material is capable to make a statement in the exterior design.

Whether you want to either choose of them or incorporate stone and wood at the same time, it should be the best decision to take.

Stonewood Ale House Schaumburg

Stonewood Ale House SchaumburgSource

If you have ever visited the Stonewood ale house Schaumburg, finding this restaurant on the list will not be surprising.

This restaurant comes with a unique design consisting of stone and wood. Not only outdoors, but the interior area also has a similar natural vibe thanks to these materials.

For houses, you can modify the idea to meet yours. For instance, it will great to apply the combination of color used in the stone siding of this restaurant.

Sunroom With Stone Chimney Design

Sunroom With Stone Chimney Design


This craftsman-styled home appears very homey and welcoming with its brown exterior.

You can see the window frames, roofs, and trims are painted in a darker color of brown to contrast the light-colored wall.

While enjoying the warm offered by the façade, you will notice an attached sunroom in front of this house along with its cream stone veneer chimney.

The look may feel a bit similar to the one you see at Stonewood Smokehouse. However, the actual design and vibe are a lot different.

Traditional Outdoor Kitchen Design With White Wooden Pergola On Stone Wall

Traditional Outdoor Kitchen Design With White Wooden Pergola On Stone WallSource

Stone and wood will make a good pair in your outdoor kitchen as well. With plenty of lighting fixtures, the space can be a perfect spot for hanging out in the night too.

You can apply the stone on the counter as a sturdier alternative to wooden cabinets. This material will make a good outdoor chimney as well.

Meanwhile, you can use wooden pergolas instead of fully closed roofing for the outdoor area. However, to make it more comfortable in the hot summer days, do not hesitate to install a ceiling fan on it.

Two Story Beauty Home Design Ideas

Two Story Beauty Home Design Ideas


Are you ready for a stunning stone wood house? Mostly wrapped in these natural materials, the exterior of this home is indeed beautiful.

The lower story and most of the siding are in light-colored stone veneer for a contemporary look. Meanwhile, the upper level has wooden panels all over the surface.

To cover the wide windows, there are a few big wooden sliding doors in this house. Then, to complete the design, a metal railing system is there.

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