Top Best Stair Trim Ideas to Design Stairs

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Stair is a set of stair which trim arrangement of one floor to another floor stair. It usually build in inside of house of office. The function of stair is to help people to connect of first floor to another in their room. In applying a stair, you need prepare well to get the best thing of it.

Trim is a smallest part which made from metal or wood. This is used to tidy up of object to be installed. When you applied it, it will give a nice accent on the corner of object. Sometimes, it is used in around of the door and stair.

Stair trim ideas is a trim that complete of part in stair. The completing of trim to cover and give a good accent in corner and around of stairs. There are more detail what should you know about stair trim. In this article contains about type of trim molding, ideas to install trim and painting to help you in decor of stair trim.

A. Type of Trim Molding

Before applying trim of your stair, you should know more detail about trim. There are type of trim molding of stairs can be used to your interior or exterior house.

1. Wood Trim Molding

moulding bodyguard styles

This molding is made from pine or hardwood. The wood trim is common to use in applying trim in your stairs or another object. It also easy to accept of coloring and painting. You can create of creativity in this trim. Because of easier in applying wood trim, people choose this typo to complete their interior such as door, windows, table, frame and stairs.

2. Foam Trim Molding

foam trim molding for your interior

Foam trim molding is a trim made from foam. It is easy to cut and apply in object in your house. To install foam of your interior is less cost, so you can save of cost to another part. This trim is common to use as crown in object of your interior. You are not only get the less cost of the foam trim but also it gives a nice view of small part of your interior.

3. Vinyl Trim Molding

vinyl trim molding

Vinyl trim molding is a molding that made from particle wood and polystyrene. It is so common and easy to install in your object interior of your house. The material of vinyl is resistant to a water, so it can apply in place near water.

4. Metal/ Aluminum Trim Molding

alumunium trim molding

Metal or aluminum trim molding is a trim that used of industrial sector. The industrial choose it, because of the strongest trim. It also easy to applied in your interior or exterior place.

B. The Best ideas to Install a Trim of Stairs

carpet runner on wood stairs

In install of stairs you need a more detail material which should use of them. Trim installation is important part installation to complete your interior of stairs. You can choose the appropriate of trim depend of your style. There are ideas use to complete of interior stairs as follows :

1. Rustic stair trim

stairs trim the wooden floor with tiered chandelier

To install rustic of your stair, you should prepare what is the appropriate material to add it. The appropriate material to rustic stair is wood molding. It can apply of your stairs, because it has a natural accents of every angle of your stair. The best color of rustic trim stair is cream or brown. This color is create a warmness and dark romantic in stairway when you pass of stairs. There are a step how to install rustic trim for your stairs are:

  • Choose the concept or design of your stairs. To create it, you can call or find references to ask constructor. This is important aspect before you install rustic trim of your stair.
  • Take a best wood what you use. The best wood is depend of the stronger to support load of stair.
  • Let’s to apply rustic trim of your stair one by one. You can choose twigs or pieces of wood as rustic trim of your stair. The twigs has a more natural accents, because we did not change of component twigs.
  • The last is coloring of trim to cover it to be a beautiful accent. You can add a wood dye to get the strongest of rustic trim.
mountain stair railing with a bookcase underneath

The advantage of using rustic trim, if you decide it to complete of your stairs. There are :

  • The material is easy to find in around us
  • The trim is protect of stain and water
  • You can get the beautiful view and impression when walk on the stairs.

2. Stair Corner Trim

corner stair trim in white brown

Corner is the best thing of everyplace. You can complete of your corner with beautiful decoration. In stair the corner which suitable is using aluminum. Why should use it?, because this material is strongest and easy to form depend of size your corner. You can also use foam or vinyl trim to complete it.

There are step a good trim what should you install of your corner stairs:

  • If you have a design of your stair. Just look at the shape of your corner. Then, decide the material of trim that appropriate of your stairs. But, I suggest you use a aluminum trim to apply it.
  • The second step is cut your aluminum trim before install of your corner.
  • It above process is finished. You can glue and stick of cutting to the wall of corner stair.
  • The last step is give a light color of your trim such as white or cream color.

The advantage of using trim of your corner to be a good looking. There are:

  • You do not need a more money and time to install it, because trim just to stick of your wall without another material such as wood or aluminum.
  • You will get a best accent around of your corner when pass the stairs.
  • To install of trim in stair corner, you are not only get a good interior accent, but also you can use trim as hand roll when walk on the stair.

3. Skirt Board Trim

trim stair skirt ideas

Skirt board trim is a piece of trim to cover of the stair. The material of this skirt board trim is usually from wood or panel. The purpose to install skirt board trim cover the part of stair. Before applying a skirt board you should decide the width of each type. It is to help you to know how many skit boar trim that you need of your stairs.

If you decide to choose skirt board trim to apply of your stairs. Let’s follow these step to install skirt board are:

  • First step to install skirt board is determine of size and width of every trim. You should measure of material of trim before applied to cover a stair.
  • Thickness of skirt board. In cutting of thickness of skirt board, you are be careful to get balances in one stage to other stage.
  • Then, put a skirt to your wall of stair to cover the wall. This step is to complete interior of around stairs.
  • The last you can choose the best coloring to light you impression after install of skirt board of stairs.
  • The advantages if you install skirt board trim in your stair are:
  • This trim can cover skirt of your stair.
  • The material i easy to be shape depend of size the stairs.
  • The cost is inexpensive, it can save of your money to buy another part of your stair.

C. The Best Idea for Painting your Trim Stairs

painting stair trim risers white

Painting is the last process to cover your trim stair. There are two kind of painting such as oil-based paint and water-based paint. The oil-based paint is more appropriate to your stair trim, because it is strongest color than water-based paint. But, if you want to use water-based paint I suggest for you to mix a paint with a latex paint.

trim painting for smooth and fresh

There are several tips for you before decide to buy a painting and use it :

  • Measure size of trim stair before you decide to buy paint. It is the effective way before you apply painting of your trim stair.
  • Buy a rubber sanding block to clean up trim from rough part. It is to help you to get a smooth painting of your stair trim.
  • Clean up and cut of the rough part is not balance with another part using knife.
  • Choice the best color to apply of you stair trim depend of your style. In applying the color of trim, you can use small brush or roll brush to even out your paint on stair trim.
  • Do the painting two or three time to hide and cover stair trim. In first coloring, it is not cover all stair trim, so you need to paint again. Then, you use sanding sponge to clean up painting in first layer.
  • You can take another decoration such as frame or flower above of trim to give a beautiful impression when walking on the stirs.

Based on the explanation above, it concludes that to install trim of our stair is simple and it has many kind of material that can used. I hope above explanation as your references before decide to install trim of your stairs.

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