Small Apartment Patio Ideas For Lovely Outdoor Space

Have you heard wonderfull small apartment patio ideas? Who doesn’t love a wonderful outdoor area? Either small or big, everyone needs some fresh outdoor space in their homes. Simple outdoor designs are a great comfort for small apartment space. The cozy feel of small apartments is a desire everyone wishes for! A good small apartment provides an outdoor area. This area is called the patio. A patio is an outdoor area attached to the house or apartment. Many people use the patio to hang out with friends or just to chill around. Apartment patios give its owner a great relaxing sky view.

To decorate a small apartment patio, you must pick the right theme. Other than the theme, decide what is the main function of your patio. The type of function will also involve the activity that you love to do in your patio. There are about three functions that people often do in their patio. Dining, chilling and talking with friends or loved ones are the activities usually done in patios.

The location of where your small apartment is located plays an important role. A good design must also blend with the nature of your living area. The budget is also very important to consider. If you are very limited on budget, a DIY assemble design would be perfect for your kitchen. You can gather your furniture pieces from IKEA at reasonable prices. Meanwhile, if you have extra money, go bold to create a dashing patio to enjoy gazing into the night!

The kitchen and dining space is one of the rooms that we often spend almost every moment. From the morning when we have breakfast to dinner gatherings with family. Kitchen patio ideas are common for small apartments. You don’t need a large space to create an outdoor dining area. Anyone can turn their patio balcony into a pleasant kitchen and dining place. At night, you can enjoy a romantic balcony dinner with your partner! During the day you can dine outside and have a refreshing lunch with the sun! Here are some fascinating ideas to guide you in creating your personalized small apartment kitchen patio ideas!

1. Small Patio Garden Breeze

small patio garden breeze
small patio garden breeze Source

When you live in an apartment high beneath the ground, you might like a mini garden outside in your patio. This small apartment patio garden design is perfect to complete your apartment. Overlooking the blue sky, this small balcony is a darling for an exquisite garden. To re-create this design, the main focus would be in placing the artificial green grass. Add a white squared coffee table to put your coffee or meal while chilling outside. A nice seat like a a sofa with big cussion would compliment this look. If you’re going for a simple and elegant look, pick a soft dark colour like shades of gray or nude colour.

inspiring small balcony garden ideas for small apartment
inspiring small balcony garden ideas for small apartment Source

To give more of that garden feel, try adding some plants. Plants grow well when they have sufficient sunlight. If you have an out door balcony, buy some pot plants and arragange them. Buy a short small shelf, almost the one that looks like a ladder. Put the shelf againts the wall. Add a wall grid to hang some of your plants to give that fresh green nature look. You can input more greens along your balcony fence. Keep the color monocromatic to give the room an illlusion. This illusion will make the patio look so much bigger.

apartment balcony ideas shady place
apartment balcony ideas shady place Source

Dark grey almost black walnut wood and pot plants are a great combo. If you love the rustic out in the woods feel, this layout gives it all. There are not a lot of furniture or household things to buy to create it. Add a bench and a mini half circle coffee table. This function as a chill place where you can sit and breath in the smell of rain or morning breeze. The main attraction of this patio idea is the pot plants.

2. Small European Patio Ideas

Strolling through the streets of Paris, you will see many apartments. This well known “City of Love ” is packed with many incredible architecture. People living in Paris prefer to live in apartments due to the high living cost. Another reeason is so that they can get the alluring view of the city and Eifel tower. Paris style is very fashion forward yet still offer that historial touch.

small european patio ideas
small european patio ideas Source

This small balcony apartment garden idea gives the room warmth. The earth tone colour mix with a touch of red and green creates the beauty. The location placement complete this look because of the brick color of other apartments. The decoration is also simple. You will only small apartment patio furniture like chairs and and a small side desk. Add some herb plants like rosemary and mint to give the green colour to the area. Having herb plants is not only useful for meals but give nice scent to the room.

balcony apartment eiffel tower
balcony apartment eiffel tower Source

Extreme right on a buget but want an expensive patio? This inpiration is taken from another Paris style aparment. Who doesn’t love a view of the Eifel tower from their balcony? To create this vintage yet expesive look you don’t need to spend huge money. The concept of this small apartment patio idea on a budget can be achieve by thrifting. The is only a rustic chesnut wooden table and a chair. What is special about these furniture are that they look vintage. On each side of the balcony window, add a tall bamboo plant. Buy a vase and a bunch of white roses. Wolaaa, your simple low budget vintage balocny is done!

3. Modern Patio Ideas

double chair balcony ideas
double chair balcony ideas Source

Modern design can be in sorts of form. This dark brown walnut wooden chair and table set completes the look. The picnic looking furniture gives a modern touch for a patio. If you like uncomplicated yet clean space, add a flower vase on the table. To make the chair more comfortable, place a soft chair cussion on top.

lighting balcony ideas
lighting balcony ideas Source

Limited space patios can be decorated in many ways. If you live in a small apartment do not worry you can still have a nice outdoor space.This neutral colour small aparment patio ideas makes the space more beautiful. Try adding candles the table with a touch of gold holder it will look expensive. You can also put blackets and different cussion sizes on the sofa. Small apartment patio ideas with lights gives the room a wider illusion.

outdoor balcony large chair
outdoor balcony large chair Source

For you who loves to spend time star gazing outside, try this all white patio concept! Add rugs on the floor and a hanging chair. This type of space gives a soft and calm energy. Add light bulbs against the wall so you can enjoy being outdoors at night. The night decor concept is best combinded with few green plants. You can feel the cozy sentation while chilling out in your patio!

colorful chair with coffee table ideas
colorful chair with coffee table ideas Source

Liking more of a colourful space? This inspiration is screaming color! If you have a ceramic tile try changing it with wood. Place a bright coloured carpet on top. Placing a carpet on top gives layer and that picnic look. Have a coffee table painted in bright blue color. On one side of the patio, place a food serving trolley. The trolley will help be an efficient help for you to put foods and drinks.

4. Small Budget Patio Ideas

outdoor balcony with long chair
outdoor balcony with long chair Source

On a very tight budget but still want an edgy patio? This small ground patio ideas is very classic yet edgy in style. You can create your own DIY pallet sofa. Put two pallets on top of each other. After that, add another pallet ina vertical position behind the stacked pallents. Next assemble them and put it againts a wall. Your DIY wooden pallet sofa is ready to go!

To decorate the patio, lay a round shape rug in the center of the place. Mix and match some patterned cussion. For the colour pallet, choose a dark cool tone and a neutral color tone. As senn on the example, there are only two main colours. To make a candlelit feel, hang an orange tumbler light across the wall or your balcony fence.

outdoor balcony office ideas
outdoor balcony office ideas Source

A very useful wooden table design is suitable for a balcony patio. The simple light oak wood hanging table still provides you with lots of space. If you like a very shopisticated yet useful furniture, try out this style! Grab some wood board pieces and assemble them on your balcony fence. This great idea of a simple table can be very multi functional. The table can beused as a dining area and also as an office. Place some chairs and a vase of fresh flowers to complete the look.

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