Red and Black Kitchen Decor Tips

Dare to go bold with your kitchen interior? The red and black color is a pretty powerful color scheme choice that can bring a dynamic vibe into your kitchen. Especially if you’re tired with commonly used colors like white and other neutral colors. This combination is known as the most dramatic combination in the world of interior design. It is dramatic, edgy and very contemporary.

Red color stimulates attraction and appetites, so that’s why integrating it into your kitchen and dining rooms is a good idea. When decorating a room with red color, it’s better to combine with other colors. Using different shades of red will give your room a sense of variety. It won’t make your room overwhelming with such a bold color.

The perfect color to blend with red is either black or white.This color combination will make a visually enchanting statement. So in this article, we will be focusing on putting together red and black colors. Especially the do’s and don’ts when you’re about to decor your kitchen with red and black colors. It is very easy to go over the top with this combination, but in the right combination, it makes for a stunning kitchen.

Red and Black Kitchen Décor

Having red kitchen accents or red kitchen walls isn’t all that uncommon. Since the red color is undeniably associated with food. Of course, not all decors in your kitchen will be filled with only red and black. Red and black are the primary colors. So the easiest way to find a balance between the two of them is to add little white to space.

red and black kitchen decor with metal kitchen faucet
red and black kitchen decor with metal kitchen faucet. Source

Black ranges from a jet black to a dull matte black and red also ranges from bright blood red to a dull maroonish red. So for maximum effect, you need to mix and match these different types, nuances and hues. Or you can balance it up with other neutral colors that fit.

Here are a few tips to nailed your red and black kitchen décor:

  • The elements in your kitchen that are red should coordinate with the other things. Mainly the ones you already have in your kitchen. So you won’t have to essentially buy all the new decor. You can repeat the red color in accents. Matching your kitchen design with the small details will harmonize a modern interior.
  • Other colors should be mixed into the room as well. So your kitchen will not perceive a bland look. Three colors will be enough, and that works great with a lot of interiors. To achieve a retro look, mix the red accents with a black and white. Apply the 60-30-10 rule. This implies using 60% of the dominant color, and 30% and 10% for the second and third colors, respectively.
  • It’s important to have proper lighting. The combination of red and black already look heavy. So if it added with a poor lighting, your kitchen will look flat and dull. So, avoid this by combining natural light with some types of lighting that you like in your kitchen area. Kitchen is basically the space where you need to combine the aesthetic and functional lighting.

What Not to Do When Decorating Red and Black Kitchen

Unlike many other colors, the human eye is immediately drawn to red. Although there are many positive effects when decorating with red and black. But, there are various ways you can go wrong with this color combination.

  • Regardless of how much you love the red color, red shouldn’t be repeated on other large surfaces. If you already have a red floor you shouldn’t repeat the red in countertops, walls, and big furniture.
Decorating Red and Black Kitchen with wooden cabinet
Decorating Red and Black Kitchen with wooden cabinet. Source
  • Using only one piece of red decor, will not add much of a difference in your room. Don’t afraid to add more red accent to your room. If you can risk displaying big furniture with red color, add several decorative accessories. This will have the same effect.
  • Remember to not overemphasize the color red. When planning for a red and black kitchen, ask yourself these two questions. Do I have enough red? Or do I have too much? If in the middle of putting things together you see an overwhelming pop of color, you have to step back. Take it carefully and seriously, before you order much more red decor than the black one. Remember, it’s all about balance.

Red and Black Kitchen Inspiration

In this part, we will highlight some of the furniture that people use for their red and black kitchen. From red and black kitchen rugs, cabinets, tables, appliances, to wall art, we’ll discuss it all. It may help bring your imagination to life. We hope it will give you a boost of inspiration to decorate your red and black kitchen.

Red and Black Kitchen Inspiration with large window
Red and Black Kitchen Inspiration with large window. Source

Just like what we said before, proper lighting is an important thing. If you confuse what to choose for the red and black kitchen curtains, you can pick a sheer white one. These sheer white color curtains will allow more light to shine through the kitchen. So your kitchen will look more luxurious and elegant with natural lighting.

kitchen with red chair and black kitchen island
kitchen with red chair and black kitchen island. Source

Usually, the red and black kitchen has a neutral-colored looking floor. So the floor wouldn’t take much of a leading role. In this case, red and black kitchen rugs are not very much needed. But, you can add small rugs near your kitchen sink like what you see in this picture. These small rugs are for functional needs, it does not add much of a statement to the room.

large red and black kitchen island to complete your kitchen
large red and black kitchen island to complete your kitchen. Source

If you have the budget to redo your kitchen, you can invest in these red and black kitchen cabinets. It will add quite a bold statement to the red and black theme. This glossy black countertops and glittering red countertops are incredibly popular and seem to be the preferred choice in most urban homes. To copy this look, get red kitchen counters, cabinets, countertops, and also red kitchen accent walls.

red kitchen cabinets combined with black table
red kitchen cabinets combined with black table. Source

To make things not look so coordinated and boring, add different types of chairs in your dining table area. This red and black kitchen table gives a more homey look to the room. Instead of putting a straight-up black chair, they mix it with wood cushioned dining chairs. Surprisingly, it still harmonizes with the vibes perfectly.

simply hang your stainless steel appliance in the kitchen
simply hang your stainless steel appliance in the kitchen . Source

The best red and black kitchen appliances you can add to the room is a stainless steel material. You can just simply hang your stainless steel appliance in the kitchen. Keep it clean and neat. If you don’t have natural lighting you can add a chandelier above the countertops too.

kitchen wall art to decor your kitchen
kitchen wall art to decor your kitchen. Source

This red and black kitchen wall art can be the perfect choice for your kitchen area. It’s quite simple, yet brings up the red and black theme. Especially if you have this clean looking kitchen wall, wall art is the way to decor your kitchen.

Adding Small Splash of Red

Whether you’re bold enough to go all red or want just a little splash of this appetizing color in your space. Here are a couple of suggestions if you just want to add a small splash of red to your kitchen.

 kitchen with wooden chair and wooden table
kitchen with wooden chair and wooden table. Source
  • Cookware. The easiest way to add hints of red in your kitchen is to place red cookware. It can be a red pot above your dining table or red hanging cooking utensils.
  • Stools. Red stools will look wonderful in kitchens, especially with minimalist black countertops.
  • Door. A red door can be of a great benefit, especially to a clean, simple, white kitchen.
  • Accent wall. An accent wall can anchor, and center your modern, open kitchen.
  • Countertop. Picking a red countertop for your kitchen is quite a commitment. If you want to committed to this style, you can use more neutral color for the cabinets. So your countertops will stand out more. You can use gray for you cabinet color.
  • Red Surrounding Wall. The red color will make your kitchen feel open and cozy. If you decide to paint your surronding wall with red, make sure to do a swatches first.
  • Red Wallpaper. Tired of plain wall? Red wallpaper is a way to go. It still adds a glam accent to your kitchen too.

Red and Black Kitchen Style

There are various styles for red and black kitchens that you can follow. But a lot of unique design styles that existed can be daunting sometimes. Maybe you have a hard time to decide which style work best for you? Here are some different styles of red and black kitchen.

  • Red and black modern kitchen. Modern design employs a sense of simplicity in every element, including furniture. It refers to a home with clean, crisp lines, a simple color palette, and the use of materials that can include metal, glass, and steel. Take a look at the picture below, the kitchen is very clean, simple, and modern. Mostly they use metal and steel elements, like the sink, oven, mixer, and a toaster.
 modern kitchen with metal and steel elements
modern kitchen’with metal and steel elements. Source
  • Red and Black Country Style Kitchen. The style has an overarching farmhouse inspiration. This red and black country kitchen takes on dashing country vibes. Just take a look at the combination of the red cabinets and the black kitchen countertops. The barn red cabinets give a touch of warmness to it, while the black dining table gives balance to the red cabinets.
country style kitchen with red cabinets and black dining table
country style kitchen with red cabinets and black dining table. Source
  • This red and black kitchen sparks a retro vibe with the checkered flooring. It has the cutest red stove, oven, microwave, even the dishwasher! This red appliance really gives the room an inviting touch of charm. Personalizing your kitchen with red modern kitchen appliances is a shortcut to nailed the red and black style. Red color from the appliances will give a splash of color to your kitchen interior. A bright red vintage fridge or an old looking red stove is enough to spark the space with the red and black retro kitchen style.
kitchen sparks a retro vibe with the checkered flooring
kitchen sparks a retro vibe with the checkered flooring. Source

Finding The Right Red for Your Kitchen Style

When looking to decorate your kitchen with red consider a variety of shades. Why? Because using only the same shade of red or any color in one space will become overstimulating quite quickly. After you choose what style you’re in for, it’s time to find the right red color for it.

  • If you choose modern design for your kitchen, you can work with all shades of red. You can use any shades of red color that you like to makes a statement on the door, appliances, countertops, cabinets, etc.You can also add red color throught wall art in your kitchen too.
  • If you choose the country style, pick the softer shades of red. Think about the red color that can be combine with wood material. Take a look at this kitchen on the picture. The soft red color from the cabinets is perfectly match with the wooden ceiling and the black countertops.
country style kitchen perfectly match with the wooden ceiling and the black countertops
country style kitchen perfectly match with the wooden ceiling and the black countertops. Source
  • Lastly, the transitional style. This style is rely on a neutral palette. It’s the perfect blank canvas for pops of red color. Match this red to hues you use inside your kitchen.


After reading all of this, do you consider to have a red and black kitchen? It’s wonderful if you feel that having a red and black kitchen is possible. But if you still don’t, at least we give you an idea that this color combination does look stunning especially when used rightly.

To sum up, here are the things that you should keep in mind. First, find the balance between red and black. You can balance it up with white or other neutral colors that fit. Second, proper lighting is important to enhance the red and black kitchen. If possible you can use a sheer curtain so there will be more natural lighting. Third, you shouldn’t repeat the red color on other large surfaces in your furniture, walls, or floor. Forth, plan before redoing your kitchen. This way you can estimate how many black and red decor or furniture you should get. Five, decide what kind of kitchen style that you like best. Then you can start the re-decorating process successfully.

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