Turning your backyard into an uplifting space will need some pool decorating ideas. The two basic points that you need to have is a perfect lawn and crystal-clear water. So, make sure they are in perfect condition. If so, you’re ready to apply the decoration you desire.

On this page, we will be focusing on decorating the pool area in the backyard. There will be many ideas that would give a wonderful transformation to the outdoor space. You should decide what furniture pieces you wanna bring out nearby the pool and what decor items to perk up the area.

Bamboo Privacy Screen For Inground Pool Area

Bamboo Privacy Screen For Inground Pool AreaSource

A privacy screen is a big element of the house, not just for the outdoor area. It provides some protection you need while doing some activities in the outdoor part of the house. It’s an important piece especially if you have a neighbor next door.

The screen will give you the privacy you need while enjoying the swimming pool area. Instead of just having a fence to cover the space, you can make it stylish.

It can also be a big part of pool decorating ideas. In this case, the backyard pool has a privacy screen with natural materials. Bamboo has its charm that plays a big role in this space.

Cactus And Curved Wooden Loungers Outdoor Pool Decorating Ideas

Cactus And Curved Wooden Loungers Outdoor Pool Decorating IdeasSource

These two elements are enough to decorate the whole space of your backyard pool decorating ideas. The cactus plants provide the element of nature and green. There’s also a stylish curved wood lounger. People use it to get relaxed while lying and nearby the pool.

Furthermore, the line of planted cacti gives a cool minimal look for the pool area. You don’t need more furniture to decorate the space. The wooden loungers are significant enough to reach the well-functioned level of this outdoor space.

Cool Pool Decor With Triangle Shade Sail

Cool Pool Decor With Triangle Shade SailSource

One of the pieces you can add to the pool area that lacks shade is this one. So, there’s no need to enjoy lounging on the face of the sun. Adding a pergola might be a great option, but it will require a big budget to build one.

It will surely give a huge statement to the pool area. A pergola could even change the entire landscape. However, adding shade sail like this one can also give such function without wasting a lot of budgets.

Consider having this triangle shade sail. You can buy it from Amazon at a cheap price. The sail fabric material is durable. It’s able to block the UV light. If you’re creative enough, you can add ribbon and sisal to make it more decorative.

Cozy Swimming Pool Deck Space With Wooden Wall

Cozy Swimming Pool Deck Space With Wooden WallSource

This stunning outdoor pool decorating ideas could be a nice inspiration to design your house. Setting up a living space on the deck needs some proper furniture elements. As you can see, it has two wicker chairs and a wooden coffee table.

The simple design of the table is in line with the reclaimed wood wall. Some big potted plants give a touch of nature to the wooden background. It makes the scene more impressive. You can have the seating and enjoy the crystal clear water inside the pool

Daybed For Above Ground Pool Area

Daybed For Above Ground Pool AreaSource

A daybed in the middle of the pool area is something you should consider if there’s the right space. It’s an outdoor area of some resort. This one can be a nice inspiration for your house too. The white flooring on the deck offers a lot of brightness to make it feel more energetic.

Moreover, the crystal clear water inside the pool could upscale the value of this decorating idea. While the surrounding area is already making an impact on the whole atmosphere. So, you don’t need to add more decoration or colors to liven up space.

Decorating Contemporary Pool Deck Area With Long Sofa

Decorating Contemporary Pool Deck Area With Long SofaSource

Having a long sofa like this one would require a rectangular backyard. There are three kinds of areas in this pool deck. As you can see, the one with two white chairs with a small table in the middle. The other space has a couple of white loungers with its table.

Lastly, the area with a long sofa and a small coffee table. This landscape has a spacious pool room decorating ideas for a lot of people. It’s gonna be the best place in the house to spend time with friends and family.

Fancy Poolside With Vertical Garden Ideas

Fancy Poolside With Vertical Garden IdeasSource

The addition of organic elements into the area near the swimming pool will give a natural and tropical style to space. It’s not about the potted plants on some corners. A vertical garden is an option for a limited backyard.

This concept won’t use up a lot of space around the pool. You can just set the garden on the concrete fence wall. This luxurious house has a fancy pool decoration. With those lines of vertical garden, you can have an extraordinary natural scene without taking a lot of space.

Huge Yellow Cushions For Poolside Area Decorating Ideas

Decorating a space with colorful pieces is like an easy way to make a statement. This poolside has wooden material that’s friendly for wet areas. It becomes a comfy area for having some relaxation time after swimming.

The yellow-colored cushions surely add interest to the deck space of the pool. It offers a nice and energetic vibe to the outdoor space. Make sure you set them up under the shade or roof for a comfortable relaxing or reading space.

Inexpensive Colorful Plastic Pool Chairs

Inexpensive Colorful Plastic Pool ChairsSource

Choosing the proper lounge chairs is the key to a comfortable pool area. This one is a unique choice to make but clever. Sometime, you just wanna dip your feet and legs in the water instead of getting wet all over. It’s such a nice In-ground pool decorating ideas.

Well, these colorful plastic chairs are custom designed to support that specific activity. These furniture pieces have all the legs cut. Dipping legs in the water would be so relaxing. Don’t forget to choose different colors for a more interesting scene.

Inflatable Baby Intex Pool As Decor Item

Inflatable Baby Intex Pool As Decor ItemSource

It’s one of the items you must have to complete your summer pool party. If you’re planning the event in the backyard of the house, make sure you fill it up with coke bottles and some ice cubes to keep it cold.

It will feel like having a bottle of cola from a floating pool bar. This is a treat for people who don’t want to get out of the pool to get some refreshing drinks.

When there’s no party, just use the inflatable baby pool to pop color on the pool surface. Float more than one to set a more decorative look. This option is perfect for both in and above ground pool decorating ideas.

Loungers Under Umbrella On Deck Backyard Pool

Loungers Under Umbrella On Deck Backyard PoolSource

The combination of loungers and umbrellas is pretty common in the world of pool house decorating ideas. It gives a comfortable area on a hot summer day. The addition of a big functional umbrella is just like the roof.

It shades the space below to let you enjoy the view when the sun is right at the top of your head. Add some potted flowers that can handle the exposed sunlight for easy maintenance while providing a color of nature to spice up the scene.

Multi Functional Planters As Lighting Pole Pool Deck

Multi Functional Planters As Lighting Pole Pool DeckSource

Take a look at this clever piece of decoration. Those planters provide such a great sight to the pool area while providing a pole base for the string lights. While the plants add some natural pops of color to add interest in this ordinary space.

It becomes extra-ordinary with that string lights that are lining up all around the pool area. During the night, you will see the magical scene. The concept of these pool area decorating ideas is quite simple. There are three essentials, the string lights, pole, and planters.

Outdoor Pool Lanai Decorating Ideas

Outdoor Pool Lanai Decorating IdeasSource

Decorating pool lanai with LED lights will make the whole space filled with elegance. During the night, you’ll experience an astonishing scene that guards the whole space. This architectural structure of the cage is the way to design an indoor pool that feels like outdoor.

Patio With Umbrella Beside The Pool

Patio With Umbrella Beside The PoolSource

It’s another significant pool decorating idea to include in your medium to large outdoor. That big umbrella is used as the functioning canopies to set up a perfect pool patio decorating ideas. It’s filled with bright and neutral colors that will work well for any space and style.

Decorate the poolside with style and class using this idea. The concept is quite flexible for any part of the outdoor’s area with a swimming pool. If you look closely, the umbrella has a unique feature that allows you to move the canopy to cover the needed area.

Perfect Plants For Pool Deck Decoration

Perfect Plants For Pool Deck DecorationSource

A significant touch of nature to the poolside is something you need to add interest to space easily. As we know, plants always a perfect piece to be around the pool. However, it requires some maintenance. If you don’t mind, have one for the area.

It offers a nice classic flair to space with its flowers and green leaves. The poolside will feel like a tropical lagoon. There is a wide array of options for plants. You can even choose the one that offers protection from mosquitoes and other insects that might disturb your outdoors.

Pergola Near The Pool Decor Ideas

Pergola Near The Pool Decor IdeasSource

Remember, installing a large pergola is also one of the pool decorating ideas you can do. If you have the budget and space, just go with it. A pergola is like an essential part of any swimming pool. It provides a shaded area for comfy living space.

Having a pergola provides bucolic charm to adds both interests and functions to the poolside. It’s such an ingenious idea to make a cozy space to relax while enjoying the view while sitting on the sofa.

Enjoy the small patch of shade practice during the day without even bother with the heat from the sunlight. At night, it provides an elegant space with a calming atmosphere at the water’s edge.

Potted Plants And Blooms Pool Patio Decorating Ideas

Potted Plants And Blooms Pool Patio Decorating IdeasSource

Besides the white loungers, the main attraction of this wooden deck beside the swimming pool is the plants.

A lot of space is filled with potted plants and blooms. The loungers are already connected with the white wall of the house. The wooden deck flooring complements the existence of natural elements. As a result, you can get a simple boho and desert-inspired deck design.

It’s such a great idea. You can do some mix and match before choosing the potted plants you’re about to incorporate in the space.

String Lights Above The Easy Pool Decor

Having lights inside or around the pool is just pretty common, right? Well, how about hanging them above the pool. You will see the stunning scenery during the night time. When they’re turned on and space will suddenly become extra-ordinary.

The effect of the night will give a little bit of reflection on the surface of the pool. This is a perfect scene for you who enjoy swimming at night. It’s like doing it in a sea of stars. That string lights are so eye-catching, there’s no need to add any unnecessary decor items.

If you’re planning something, these pool party decorating ideas would be something to consider.

Stylish Minimalist Pool Deck Decorating Ideas

Stylish Minimalist Pool Deck Decorating IdeasSource

It’s one of the minimalist pool deck decorating ideas on this page. The all-white poolside space contains a lot of pillows. It doesn’t have a lot of furniture, almost none. When the bright sun hit the pool, it will significantly improve the brightness.

The deck in the background also provides some roof to shade the space under. So, it covers a specific area with bench and pillows. Some clay items are there to perk up the shaded part a bit.


Some of those pool decorating ideas have inspired all of you. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s transform your backyard space.

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