Pool Cabana Ideas For Sophisticated Backyard Design

A profitable home which having a large space in the backyard. You have special private area in your home outside with the fresh air and free view under the sky and between the garden. You may remake your extra land of your home becomes various beautiful landscape, such as you can build the pool completed with pool cabana ideas or you also can plant many kinds of flower and fruit to do your hobby or just to spend the quality time with family.

This write will focus on discussing about pool cabana as part of exterior design which will give you space to have privacy time in outside around your home. Cabana pool is the building apart from the home in backyard, there are many architect design which developed in many remodel based on the size, style, material, and aesthetic touch. You may determine the model you like and make it perfect for your family pleasure. You have swimming pool in privacy that you can enjoy with family or friend, event just you take the time there by yourself. The models of pool cabana are very various, it can be simple, elegant, simple but elegant, or luxurious.

The Benefits of Pool Cabana

Pool cabana is the best place to take your rest time after swimming, change your swimsuit with another cloth, have your meal, have the sunbathing and even talk leisurely with your mate. Therefore, you need to make the pool cabana design as best as possible. The pool cabana will increase your mood is more relax and fresh after taking swimming. You will enjoy your more time in outdoor as pleasant as in your home, so make the pool cabana design as best as your home. Pool cabana is a hut or tent which facing the pool, at first time, it is just a temporary structure, such as a big umbrella, then people want to have more function of cabana, then it is developed becoming permanent building, then recent days you can find this as the more modern style, even it has similar design with the main home. Pool cabana has various style depending on intended purpose.

To have the simple way in swimming activity, you may keep all pool equipment in pool cabana, in order to get an ease access to the pool, and you can finish your pool activity in pool cabana including dry up and get dress before entering home.

Pool Cabana Design

To make a pool cabana design, you shout know what your priority intention of having pool cabana. You also should consider the size and location of backyard, then what the kind of your pool. What you will function it after the pool activity, the material you will feel comfortable with, which one of the simple or the luxurious model you want to have, and the most important point is how mush cost you want to spend.

Because of this location in outside of the home, this place will take the shelter from the sun directly, then you must consider about the element will block off from the sun. You may use shingles, wood, metal, thatched straw or fabric.

Cabana built sides the pool, so it must have moisture content highly, therefore the material of pool cabana finished to restrain this factor whether for interior and exterior sides. Some supported materials for flooring must be anti-slip, it can be from wood, ceramic or stone tiles. For the wall, you just need curtain as simple model, stone or brick wall, concrete, or wood.

Finishing Your Design

After you finish to design the cabana pool, then you need to consider the decoration of cabana. Decoration can be indoor and outdoor, it is conformed to the design, materials, and size of the cabana to maximize the pleasantness of this building. For the simple cabana, you just need some lazy chairs short table and towel hanger. You can have sitting lazily on the chair while have talk with other and enjoy the meal and beverage. You can use the rattan, bamboo, wood or plastic furniture materials.

To the more modern pool cabana concept, you may place the sofa in the room completed with the cushions pillow and rugs. Take the crystal light may give the dining equipment there to you have meal.

Backyard pool cabana ideas

Backyard is the fittest area to build the pool and cabana, also lovely garden for you spend the private time with the closest mate. You could free to make up yourself and refresh your mood. Here some pictures of pool cabana design in your lovely backyard.

a small cabana with the bed and hanging chair

A small cabana with the bed and hanging chair, some lamps and rug. It faces the small pool and around with the green garden. It is totally lovely.

minimalist cabana with the bench and dining table

That is a minimalist cabana with the bench and dining table, hanging lamp. The cabana besides the pool which rounded by the garden.

contemporary cabana with has no much furniture

It is a contemporary cabana with has no much furniture. Because it is painted white and comes with a potted plant makes it look big and fresh.

large and contemporary cabana

It is a large and contemporary cabana. It completed with wooden bench. The cabana is large and opened.

contemporary rustic cabana

contemporary rustic cabana. It dominates the wood and white color, the pool is in the central of garden.

pink pool cabana for girly

It is a girly cabana. Painted in pink and rounder by potted plant. There is placed sofa and chair to give you more pleasant after finish swimming.

Privacy pool cabana idea

privacy pool cabana ideas

Backyard pool cabana is basically designed as a privacy concept to enjoy the swimming and after. It is built in home area and nobody entering the backyard area until they get permission from the host. But there are many design of pool and cabana which is in the indoor of the garden. It is closed by the glass around the pool.

You also have reference about the cabana gives you more privacy. It is built like s home concept which closed from other view, then other people cannot enter even see without host permission.

You can do your activity inside the cabana.

Pool patio and cabana ideas

pool patio and cabana ideas

Pool patio and cabana stands are in one line. This is the wet area therefore it built using anti-wet material in flooring. Pool patio is conjunction between the pool and cabana. You need an absorb floor mat before entering the cabana to dry yourself up. To avoid accidentally slip and fall, ensuring your patio has good drainage and it is made from good anti-slip material. The safe material from the slip and fall is wood, stone or brick floor, or concrete, and certainly make some little drainage holes as drainage system, and the patio keeps dry.

Outdoor pool cabana ideas

outdoor pool cabana ideas

Outdoor pool is healthier because get sunbeam directly, especially in the morning. The time between swim and after swim must you use to take a rest, and recharge the energy, therefore you need the cabana. The cabana for outdoor pool gives you more than place to shelter. It gives you space to change your cloth and dry up yourself before going home. The ideas of suitable cabana for outdoor pool is considering with various aspects of the size of backyard, size of pool the concept of backyard and pool, and what the material suitable based on fitness, aesthetic and safety proper to your desirable.
To make it more lovely, take it the garden or potted plants. Plants in the garden make your backyard fresher and gives you more oxygen. Ensuring the floor is not slippery to get easy access from cabana to the pool and conversely. Make ensure that your pool cabana safe to the children.

Pool cabana interior ideas

pool cabana interior ideas

Interior design for pool cabana adjusted with the activity there. You need the cabana for taking rest for swim activity and also spending your quality time with/without your closest one. You will remake the interior design of cabana as comfortable as possible, through placing your priority furniture such as a pair of chair and table, sofa or single bed, dining set, bathroom, rug, cushions, etc. Then choose what your most usable stuff or take it all proper to the style and size of cabana.

Install anti-slip floor and anti-fungus wall because it must be moist and wet of the water in the pool. Make a good drainage system to keep your cabana dry. The comfortable cabana really makes up your mood after you take swim. Clean the pool and cabana regularly for you feel healthy and pleasant.

There are two preferable color for pool cabana; they are white and wooden color. the two colors make you feel relaxed, free and leisurely. It is really a kind of self-therapy, both for your body and your soul. You don’t always need too much large of backyard, but you more need function space to do your hobby and to take your rest, then keep it, look after it, and enjoy it.

You may DIY of the pool cabana through learning the building concept, then understanding the unsure of cabana, consulting with the expert, preparing the material, then practice to do it make your dream spot of cabana.

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