Have you ever thinking about pallet plant stand? Do you have pallets laying around? Why don’t you turn it to something useful then? It’s kind of a shame if you just stack them in the backyard, because they can be repurpose in so many ways. You can reuse them for your plant or for your garden.

Pallet is a great solution for your plant especially if you have small space for gardening. Pallets will give a useful and refreshing addition to your garden too. Here we’re gonna show you some ideas with your pallets so you can spice up your garden look. This idea is using a cheap element or even free, but don’t underestimate the result, because it can be insanely beautiful.

Diy Pallet Plant Self

Diy Pallet Plant SelfSource

A fan of succulent or smaller plants? This pallet plant shelf will fit perfectly. Since the shelf hangs on the wall, the smaller plant will not weigh down the shelf. So you can put as much succulent and cacti as you want. The natural color of the pallet combined with the green of succulent on the blank wall, make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Diy Pallet Plant Stand

Diy Pallet Plant StandSource

Already seeing some inspiration from the previous section? Now we’re gonna let you know how to DIY pallet plant stand. You’ll need a shipping pallet, four mounting brackets, screws, level, landscape fabric, thin plywood, roofing nails, drill, potting soil, and plants.

  • Take your time to find good condition pallets. Make sure it’s not made from pressure-treated wood. Because it might contain harmful chemicals. After you find one, make sure to clean it off first. Inspect for any nails or crack on the wood. Make sure you wear a pair of gloves while doing it. This way you can protect your hand from rusty nails or any sharpy area from the wood.
  • Then you can position it against the wall where you’ll want it mounted. Use the level to ensure proper alignment. Then make your marks and install the brackets to the wall.
  • Return the pallet to a flat surface. Place the pallet where the widest side is facing up, this will be the backside of the pallets. Then lay the fabric to cover the backside and bottom side. After that cut into the fitting size. Pull the fabric tightly and secure it with nails.
  • On top of the fabric add thin plywood, then secure it with nails. Next, turn the pallet over carefully, fill the rest of it with potting soil. Be sure to add most of your soil before adding the plants. Then continue to lean the pallet up, be sure to lean it nearly vertical. This way you prevent the soil to fall between the gaps. Next you have fill the pallet with more soil until it’s full.
  • Next add the plants, and make sure the root balls securely place between the slats. Once you have all your plants in position, add additional soil if needed.
  • Then install and attach the pallet with the help of two people to the brackets. Make sure all your plants sticking firmly to the soil. Now you have your own wooden pallet plant stand!

Pallet Plant Stand Indoor Ideas

Indoor plant stand made from pallets can be a way to decorate your room! If you’re not into gardening, you can upcycle pallets for an indoor plant or succulent.

Diy Wooden Pallet Plant Stand

Diy Wooden Pallet Plant StandSource

If you don’t want your pallet to fall out and your herbs and flowers will get ruined, try sticking it to the wall. Take a look at this pallet plant, it looks nice and sturdy, when it is nailed to the wall. This time you don’t have to worry about the thought that it might fall off because of the wind or rain, because it won’t. You can place your succulent pot nicely there.

Indoor Plant Stand Made From Pallets

Indoor Plant Stand Made From PalletsSource

This plant stand model can be the right option if you don’t want the used pallet to look so obvious. You can cut several parts of the pallets and stick them together like this. It’s great for indoor decoration, especially to put by the door. Just make sure the plant isn’t too heavy so the stand won’t fall apart by the weight of the pots.

Indoor Wall Planter Design

Love to collect plants but don’t have a big backyard? Why don’t stack pallets on your wall so you can place all your plants there. This wall will not just be your next favorite spot for planting, but it’s so pleasing to the eye too. You can hang some of your plants to make the greenery scene more stand out in the corner. Make sure to stack the pallets near the window, so the plant can get the natural sunlight.

Painted Vertical Pallet Garden

Painted Vertical Pallet GardenSource

Not only can it be a container for storing your plant, putting flowers can increase the visual on your garden.

This pallet plant stands look so stunning but surprisingly very easy to create. Mix the types of plant and flower you like, put them in a small pot then stick it into the pallets. To make it more interesting you can paint the pallets with your choice of color. Then you just have to lean the pallet plant stands on the wall. Very minimum effort, but add maximum beauty to your garden.

Pallet Indoor Plant Ideas

Pallet Indoor Plant IdeasSource

This indoor pallet plant stand is a simple project that won’t take you long to complete. Use it for any variety of indoor or outdoor plants. You can place them on a terrace or patio, too! It’s a great way to display your plants and also a handy storage shelf. This stand has plenty of room for several potted varieties of cacti!

Pallet Plant Table Ideas

Pallet Plant Table IdeasSource

You don’t want your pallet plant stand look exactly like it’s made from used pallets? Why don’t modify it a bit and make a pallet plant table like what we show in the picture. You can DIY some of your pallet and turn it into somewhat a table for your plants and flowers. If you want to keep the rustic style, just leave it as it is. But if you want to stain and paint it, to look like you buy it from the store, why not?

Pallet Plant Wall Shelves Ideas

Pallet Plant Wall Shelves IdeasSource

This type of pallet plant can be used to decor your wall too. You just need to cut the piece of the pallets, you can divide to as many as you like. It can be divided into three pieces, like you see in this picture. Then stick it to the wall and place vines on it. Add some mini succulent if you still have the space on the pallet.

Potting Bench With Pallet Plant Table

Potting Bench With Pallet Plant TableSource

Another pallet plant table ideas that can’t only be used as the place to store your plants but also to store your gardening tools. If you’re in need of a place to store a lot of things, just remake this pallet plant table. You can use every part of it, in the very top you can store smaller tools. Then you can pin a hook to hang your small succulent. In the center of the table and at the bottom you can store bigger plants and gardening tools. Very useful, isn’t it?

The Benefits Of Using Old Pallets

The Benefits Of Using Old PalletsSource

There are a lot of benefits if you’re reusing your old pallets for different purposes.

  • First, you can create almost anything with pallets, because it has multi purpose. You can create shelves, a raised bed, garden furniture, etc.
  • You get a lot of material to work with for a cheaper price.
  • It brings refreshment to your garden since it uses a natural, raw and rustic look. It blends with the greenery perfectly.
  • Since you’re recycling disposed items, you will help decrease the amount of trash.

We hope after reading this you ‘ll have some ideas and inspiration about creating a creative pallet plant stand. Whatever styles you end up choosing from here, we hope you have fun creating your own pallet plant stands!

Two Faced Gardening

Two Faced GardeningSource

Another easy peasy pallet plant that you can copy is the two faced gardening. If before you just lean the pallets on the wall, this time you have to add something for the ‘feet’. The feet will help balance the pallets. This way, the plant can grow on two sides of the pallets. Make sure you face your herbs and flowers, in both directions, since that’s the whole point of a double-sided planter.

Wall Plant Shelf Pallet Creations

Wall Plant Shelf Pallet CreationsSource

There are so many ways to DIY your second hand pallets. If you don’t like the horizontal shelf we showed you before, let’s go with the vertical shelf. But this time you will need an additional shelf to put your succulent. Just like the previous one you can also put vines on it. Simple, useful, and also decorative.

Wooden Pallet Herb Planter

Wooden Pallet Herb PlanterSource

If you’re a keen gardener, then you already meet your perfect pallet plant table. This pallet plant table is dedicated for those of you who want to get rid of typical tiny pot planters. This type of pallet plant table will allow you to grow herbs in a larger quantity right at one place. You can also plant your herb on the side of the table. It’s a little bit more complicated to build, but it’s totally worth it.

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