6 Steps to help your Painted Filing Cabinet Makeover

Old filing cabinet are usually thrown away after it is not used. They take a lot of space and it is better to dispose them away. However, there are many options to have them look good again. Painting an old filing cabinet can make them shine again. You can use them as your storage and have them placed as your decoration. Painted filing cabinets can really show how they are still usable. For this article, the steps to get your filing cabinet painted will be explained. Painting your old filing cabinet would surely rebrand it. It would enhance and decorate your room even better. Painted filing cabinet would also last longer because of their coat protection. However, before you paint your old filing cabinet, make sure to get through this step first.

Cleaning your Filing Cabinet

cleaning your filing cabinet for home

The condition of your old filing cabinet might be in a defective state. It means that it is either rusty or very dirty. Cleaning them is your priority before you start painting. This is necessary so that the paint can stick properly. If not, it would mix itself with the dirt and dusts and mess up the paint job.Thereare steps that you must go through for the cleaning process. First, remove all the objects that are stored in the cabinet. If it was used for another storage of unused objects dispose them. However, if the objects are still useful, make sure to also clean them properly. After putting the stored things away proceed to the next step.

Second, disassemble your filing cabinet into parts. Usually filing cabinets are easy to disassemble. You can just pull cabinets away. Make sure to check that the sliders work properly. If not, you can put some oil later to make them slide again. Once finished disassembling the parts, move on to the cleaning part.

There are a few tools that you need to clean away the dirt on your old filing cabinet. You can start by cleaning out the dirt and dusts that are sticking on the surface. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck them. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, you can use a cloth. Next, get a sponge and some detergent to get rid of the tough spots. Scrub them away using the sponge mixed with detergent. There are cases where your cabinets would have rusts in them. To remove the rusts, you can use a steel brush to scrub them off. Use oil or rust remover liquid if it is too hard. If you have finished doing the steps, your old filing cabinet should look cleaned and shiny. Now that it is as good as new, let us proceed to the next step.

Painting Tips your Filing Cabinet

painting tips yoour filing cabinet

Your old filling cabinet should look nice and clean now. You are now ready to have your filing cabinet painted. Even so, use the type of paint according to the cabinet’smaterial. There are two possible type that you might have. It is either metal or wooden filing cabinet.Therefore, you need to adjust the type of paint for the type of materials. Various types of paint are available to choose from. They are compatible for both materials. However, you need to choosethe paint precisely to get the maximum results. The reason for this is due to the different characteristic that both metal and wood has. The surface of a metal is likely to be smooth and slippery. On the other hand, woods are rough. Hence, the paint must match the characteristic of the surface.

Moving on the painting process, you must prepare some tools beforehand. However, it is a good idea to do the painting process on an outdoor area. The benefit of painting outside is to have a good circulation. Sometimes paint can smell really strong. The smell could even last a while and disturb your breathing. Do not forget to wear mask to cover your face when painting.

Next get your painting tools prepared. For painting filing cabinet, you can use a roller. Rollers are usually very cheap. You can get them at the same time with your paints. The sizes vary, depending on the size of your filing cabinet. Get a paint tray to put your roller in when it is not used. Some masking tape is also needed. They are helpful if you do not want your paint to go all over the place. Sandpaper is also needed to smoothen the surface. Usually wood filing cabinets are rough. For metal, softer sandpaper can be used. Make sure it soft so it does not scratch the metal. Once that is settled, time to choose your paints.

Chalkboard Paint Filing Cabinet

chalkboard paint filing cabinet

There are various types of paint that you can use. However, chalkboard paint is the best option to have the get your filing cabinet painted. This is because chalkboard paint can be used on either metal or wood. They perform well on the surface of both metal and wood. Chalkboard paint also comes in large sizes. They have variety of colours that you can choose from. Also, there is another reason why it is good to have chalkboard paint. You can also use it as an actual chalkboard. This will allow your painted filing cabinet to be more appealing. It also lasts long due to its durability and coating. Hence, you can write anything on your chalkboard painted filing cabinet. Very useful to have it in your room. Especially if you keep a lot of things inside it. Next, let us proceed on how to paint the filing cabinet.

Painted Metal Filing Cabinet

painted metal filling cabinet for home design

After cleaning your filing cabinet, you can now start with painting. This section will tell you how to paint metal filing cabinet. First get your metal cabinet outside. Get them disassembled if you have not. If it happens to get dirty, just clean it. To get the process smooth, have your metal cabinet dried first. Once it is done, open your chalkboard paint. Do not forget to bring out your paint tray. Use the soft sandpaper provided earlier. Sand out the parts that are rough. Usually it is only for areas that have rough dirt. Apply the masking tapes on areas that you want them clean. It could be applied on the handles.

If you are done, start painting. To get a good result, you need layer your paints. The key to have a good chalkboard paint result is to have them coated a few times. Start with the first coat the move on to the second and third. The way to coat it is to have different paint strokes. For example, start with stroking your roller vertically. Once it is dried, stroke it horizontally with the roller. This will allow the paint to cover all the blind spots. The surface of a metal is usually easy to get hot. Time it properly when it is dry. After layering it a few times, your filing cabinet should be finished by now.

Painted Wooden Filing Cabinet

painted wooden filling cabinet

The process with how to paint wooden filing cabinet is quite similar to the metal one. However, unlike metal, wood can get cracks all over the place. The surface of a wood needs to be checked properly before it is painted. If your wooden filing cabinet happened to have cracks, you need to fill it. A product designed to fill the cracks of wood materials is called wood putty. Wood putty can be bought from material stores. The way it works is you apply them to the cracks. You can use your fingers to apply the wood putty. Take some wood putty and gently rub them on the cracks.

Once that is done, use the sandpaper to even them. Try to get a matching colour for your wood. This will help the wood putty to bland with your wooden filing cabinet. Sand your wooden filing cabinet until it is smooth. Usually it takes a while because of the characteristic your wood. If you have finished, you can begin with painting your wooden filing cabinet. The process is very similar to the metal one. However, it needs time to get the wood dried. Make sure to have them dry before applying the layers.

Finishing your Painted Filing Cabinet

By now, you must have finished painting your filing cabinets. They should be dried around a few hours, especially if you left it exposed to heat. After that, you can start with reassembling your filing cabinet. Do not forget to remove your masking tapes. You can now place your painted filing cabinet anywhere. If you happened to own an office, it would be a good spot. You can store many things starting from your documents. You can add your own decorations to your filing cabinet. Also, not to forget that now your painted filing cabinet can be used as a chalkboard. Get some chalk and start drawing the things that you want.

There are other parts of the filing cabinet that you can change. For example, you can change the handles. There are cheap handles that you can get. They also vary in terms of the materials. You can get a wooden or a metal handle. The shape and sizes also vary from one another. This is of course completely up to you. Happy painting!

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