Many people like to have an ocean themed room just because it evokes a peaceful and reflective feeling. It’s just the same as the beach style which offers a great atmosphere for the bedroom.

There is a various approach you can choose to have it in your house. Choose it based on personal taste and budget.

Ocean and bedroom is a great combination. In this post, you will be served with a lot of inspirations to design your room so you can feel like sleeping under the sea. Blue shades are the main colors of this theme. So, be creative in installing the palettes.

Beach Themed Room Style Bedroom With Loft Bed

Beach Themed Room Style Bedroom With Loft BedSource

Limited space in the bedroom for two kids won’t be a problem. Aloft bed is a quick solution for that. The nautical style of this space is right on each bed. As you can see, the blue and white stripes cover show the ocean theme of this bedroom.

The boys would have a great time together in this room. They can even play together on that woven rug. Be careful when climbing the ladders. It’s an idea for a bedroom with minimal ocean-themed elements.

Beautiful Wave Of Surf Wallpaper Beach Themed Room

Beautiful Wave Of Surf Wallpaper Beach Themed RoomSource

If you love the waves you see on the surfing beach, why don’t you have the image painted on the bedroom’s wall? This wallpaper design is very subjective. It shows your taste of the ocean.

It’s such an amazing picture of a wave that looks real. Balance the attention-stealer wallpaper with some patterned on the bed, leaned framed typography, and other accessories on the bedside table. Don’t ruin the image with any hanging ocean themed room décor items.

Bedroom With Mermaid Bedsheets Beach Themed Room Accessories

Bedroom With Mermaid Bedsheets Beach Themed Room AccessoriesSource

Instead of getting a lot of decoration on the wall, you can choose to leave the wall empty. Then, you can take over the bed with the statement-making bedsheet. This bedroom has an interesting duvet cover that looks like mermaid scales. This element is bold enough to control the style.

Bedroom With Sea Inspired Art Wall Ideas

Bedroom With Sea Inspired Art Wall IdeasSource

It’s such a great example of decoration for the ocean theme bedroom. Having the wall full of sea-inspired images would provide the bold element to transform the space. The frame design used in the gallery has a vintage vibe.

The design of the wall gallery complements the pattern on the bed cover. The brown wooden furniture is being a nice accent. The light blue wall provides a perfect background to display such graphics.

Blue And White Silhouette Ocean Themed Guest Room

Blue And White Silhouette Ocean Themed Guest RoomSource

This dreamy ocean themed bedroom has an authentic design. Instead of having a realistic image or drawing on the wall, use the silhouette. It has a cool and awesome look with deep blue color that represents the sea.

Some mirrors with circle frames are becoming the only decor pieces on the wall. The design could represent the blue colored sea. The silhouette of whales, sailboats, and the moving surface looks uniquely amazing.

Moreover, this bedroom also gets a patterned bedcover that has the same color combination as the other blue and white combination.

Blue Bedroom With Simple Ocean Element Ideas

Blue Bedroom With Simple Ocean Element IdeasSource

This beach-inspired bedroom has some color of the ocean integrated. It makes a serene atmosphere all around the space. As you can see, there’s a mismatched side table that offers a laid-back feel.

Above the headboard, you can see two hanging framed pictures of the ocean. The image is similar but two is better than one, right?. The lamps on the wall balance the situation in style.

As seen, the light-blue painted wall works well with the entire elements. Meanwhile, the dark wood flooring seems to be out of place but that rug saves the day.

Blue Palette For Ocean Bedroom Ideas

Blue Palette For Ocean Bedroom IdeasSource

This bedroom contains a lot of blue shades. That’s why it’s perfect to be named as one of the impressive bedrooms with an ocean theme. The blue wave is painted on the white wall behind the bed. It adds character to the design,

It becomes more than just a blue bedroom. Some patterns are also important in decorating the space. Pairing it with white would make the room fresh and soothing. You can also introduce some other colors with that light fixture that looks like a bunch of flowers.

Colorful Bed Sheets In Nautical Bedroom Ideas

Colorful Bed Sheets In Nautical Bedroom IdeasSource

Take a look at the cottage-framed bed in this nautical bedroom. It’s got some colorful fabrics that dominate the scene. The choice of sheets for furniture can make a big impact on the space. Meanwhile, the white painted furniture is like a neutral accent for the scheme.

The light-colored wall seems to indulge a cozy ambiance around the room. Some sailing boat images and miniature accessories boldly represent the ocean element of this room. Choosing the color for the sheets should also have a nautical theme.

Disney Style Ocean Theme Room

Disney Style Ocean Theme RoomSource

If your kids love a Disney Character like the mermaid, consider this ocean theme bedroom. The wall has a mermaid wall art. It also has a fun bed design that looks like a castle under the sea. Your daughter would be very happy sleeping with that beautiful fish nearby.

That wall paint art needs to be done by professionals. So, make sure you let the kids choose the Disney character they love. For example, the wall is filled with the image of a snow-white princess and the seven dwarfs.

Enchanting Sea Inspired Bedroom Themed Room Colors

Enchanting Sea Inspired Bedroom Themed Room ColorsSource

Take a look at the wall right behind the bed. It’s the main attraction of this room. From this point of view, it looks like a bed that is set right on the beach. That ocean view wall art is a winner. The shades of blue are indulged beautifully.

Moreover, the white-painted furniture and windows offer a perfect accent to brighten up the blue scheme. The bed and pillow covers are matching with the wall color combination. It reflects what’s behind. It would be perfect if this bedroom has an ocean themed bathroom, too.

Girly Surfer Ocean Room Decor

Girly Surfer Ocean Room DecorSource

Green is not an option to design ocean themed room ideas. However, the designer of this space has a different approach. The wall is full of green color which is followed by the pillows.

Even though the blue is not the main scheme, it becomes the color for one of the main furniture of this bedroom. The bed is not shown in the picture but this scene is right beside it. The big window provides the lights to light up the green shades.

This room is described as a surfer room because of the surfing board above the window. It’s quite attractive to steal attention. You may also call this as the ocean themed living room in the bedroom.

Kids Bedroom Aquarium Wallpaper Beach Themed Room

Kids Bedroom Aquarium Wallpaper Beach Themed RoomSource

For an easy but significant impact to set an ocean them to a room, use a wallpaper. It’s like a shortcut to transforming the space. This bedroom for kids has an amazing wallpaper that has a life under the sea image.

Your kids would feel like sleeping under the sea. In this picture, the image of the wallpaper looks like a large aquarium. It’s the only thing you need to incorporate the ocean element into the bedroom.

Modern Beach Themed Room

The theme of the ocean should have some blue shades as the main color scheme or just the accent. This modern beachy bedroom has a light and breezy styles. It doesn’t have a lot of heavy-handed decorations, just the simple and minimal ones.

That fish-shaped woven decor above the headboard is quite significant to create a scene. While the slanted upper wall becomes a nice accent to present beachy texture to space. This nautical concept is enough to bring peaceful feelings inside the bedroom.

Ocean Image On Fabric Beach Themed Living Room Accessories

Ocean Image On Fabric Beach Themed Living Room AccessoriesSource

The image of the ocean presented inside the bedroom can come from a fabric. It’s gonna be a simple addition to cover the wall behind the bed. As you can see, on ocean view right from the beach has its beautiful charm.

Highlight the beautiful ocean view with string lights. It will increase the importance of those elements. This impressive fabric will go straight to the focal point group of elements.

Ocean Themed Baby Room Ideas

Ocean Themed Baby Room IdeasSource

This nursery also has some coastal pieces of decor to spruce up the room. This is an interesting addition in an ocean-themed room for the baby. The wall decal has an orange scheme to control the wall’s impression.

This nursery had a good design but we know it’s not gonna be enough without those decals on the wall. Those orange reefs look so interesting and they are surrounding the starfishes decor. It’s a great ocean themed baby room décor.

Ocean Themed Boy Room Paint

Ocean Themed Boy Room PaintSource

This small ocean themed bedroom is perfect for boys. It’s got such an elegant blue scheme the represents the color of the sea. The painting technique gives a natural gradation that looks like an ocean wave.

On the wall, you can see the decorative artwork of fish that represent the creatures that live under the sea. Some other elements attached to the wall are there above the headboard. All of them are placed with a decent arrangement. That light pendant is pretty functional to aid you while reading.

Orange And Blue In Sea Themed Bedroom

Orange And Blue In Sea Themed BedroomSource

This ocean themed kids room has a nice color scheme. Pairing the light blue with orange would deliver such a bold look to space. These bright colors offer an energetic feeling to live up the bedroom.

Your kids will have fun in this sea-inspired bedroom design. That light-blue wallpaper full of fish has a few orange colors to let the orange headboard and pillows connected to the entire element. This kind of element gives a bold accent to add character for the entire scene.

Paddles Headboard For Coastal Bedroom Diy Decor Ideas

Paddles Headboard For Coastal Bedroom Diy Decor IdeasSource

Paddles can be described as one of the ocean-themed elements to use in the bedroom. This one is a very unique and clever approach. Gather some paddles that you might find from antique stores or flea markets.

Then, arrange them all neatly like a fence. That would make a perfect headboard to show a focal point relating to the theme. Water and boat is something you can’t separate. The use of paddles in this bedroom is quite clever. It give a big impact on the scene.

Sailboat Inspired Bedroom For Boys Beach Themed Room

Sailboat Inspired Bedroom For Boys Beach Themed RoomSource

It’s a bedroom designed for boys that has an interesting design of the bed. The structure of the bed looks like the shape of a sailboat. The headboard comes from the boat-clad fabric that strengthens the ocean theme of this space.

There’s a couple of matching sailor boy lamps on the side of the bed. The red bed cover makes the sleeping area even more special. The boys would enjoy getting some rest on the bed. It would feel like sleeping on a boat while sailing.

Water Inspired Comfortable Bedroom Ideas

Water Inspired Comfortable Bedroom IdeasSource

The main inspiration for this bedroom is water. The combination of soft green and ocean blue shade provides a soothing effect. It will make you feel comfortable having some rest cause that’s what this room needs.

One interesting focal point of this bedroom is the curvy headboard. The shape is like mimicking the water. It enhances the coastal style of the space. It’s got some ocean themed wall decor. That distressed wooden fish set adds a flair to the wall.

White Cottage Style With Ocean Elements Ideas

White Cottage Style With Ocean Elements IdeasSource

This multifunctional beach bedroom has an obvious character added to space. This specific theme elevates the value here. The technique of attaching the blue fishnet on that wooden wall is very interesting.

It represents the image of ocean waves. Add some accessories to decorate and make it have a solid character. The plant that sets right in front of the wall offers a touch of nature to space. The light blue bed sheets go straight to balance the fishnet.


Dealing with a sea-inspired room can be pretty challenging. You don’t wanna mess it up by adding too many accessories to space. That ocean themed room ideas show us that you can make it amazing without having a lot of things.

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