If you only have a limited-space for taking a bath, try applying these narrow bathroom ideas. As you know, this essential part of the house tends to have an inviting design. That’s what space needs. In fact, many homeowners want to make it more beautiful even though it’s small.

The attractive design for a narrow bathroom is quite a trend this year. Well, the large one starts to lose its fame due to a big-budget people have to deal with. So, designing a small room is a more affordable option right now.

This kind of bathroom is also easier to find in property with a modern style. On this page, you will explore a lot of ideas to design your narrow space and make it attractive and more comfortable than ever.

Bathroom Ideas Long Narrow Space

Bathroom Ideas Long Narrow SpaceSource

The big windows with frosted glass above the bathtub seem to be an astonishing focal point for this bathroom. It floods the space with luminescence to affect the white tiles and ceiling.

What goes against the white framed window and stand-alone tub is that grey tile wall. Check out the funky blue tile that’s inspired by the 70s.

Meanwhile, the last major piece of furniture in this narrow space is the floating vanity unit. It tricks the eye in making the room more spacious.

Black-white Bathroom With Subway Tile

Black-white Bathroom With Subway TileSource

A subway tile is like the signature element for a monochromatic interior. It’s a perfect choice for bathroom design. Even though the space is limited, it still feels spacious and comfortable enough. The designer cleverly managed to include all the main elements.

This mesmerizing bathroom design has a bright white scheme with a black accent. The only bold element of the dark is the floor tile. The domination of white makes the space airier and attractive.

Dazzling Bathroom With Sky View

Dazzling Bathroom With Sky ViewSource

It’s a clever addition to space. Having a soothing view of the sky day and night is a great experience to have inside a bathroom. Everyone would enjoy this element. It’s not something you find in a lot in a room for a shower.

The glass wall is installed up high near the ceiling. So, you don’t need to cover it to improve privacy because it’s up there.

Furthermore, the warming sunlight during the day would also provide the brightness you need. It sets an inviting mood to the whole atmosphere. In addition, that dazzling brown design of vanity becomes a nice focal point along with the wall mirror.

Green And Brown Combination In Bathroom

Green And Brown Combination In BathroomSource

Many people would think that a small or narrow room can only handle some bright and light color schemes. Well, this one tells a different story. This beautiful bathroom is a result of a green and brown combination.

As you can see, the green tiles on the wall and some wooden furniture work well together. It sets a different mood of small narrow bathroom ideas. It doesn’t make the room more spacious but it’s comfortable enough.

Besides, it also has a brown tile on the wall. It emphasizes the statement that the main scheme of this space is brown. There’s also a black and white element to balance the nuance.

Ideas For A Narrow Bathroom

Ideas For A Narrow BathroomSource

This space is called a three-quarter bathroom. The marble tile has a bold pattern that gives a luxury touch to space. Because the walk-in shower area has no frame, it makes the room looks bigger.

Meanwhile, the custom-designed vanity has an elegant tile backsplash. It’s only in minimal amount visually but it’s quite impactful to complement the marble tile right in the shower area.

Then, the area at the end of the bathroom has a marble tile with bold patterns to the ceiling. That creates a fantastic accent for this narrow space.

Long Narrow Bathroom Ideas

Long Narrow Bathroom IdeasSource

In these long narrow bathroom ideas, you will need to make it open visually and functionally. Try elevating everything off the flooring, this way will let you achieve the look. As seen, the mosaic black floor tile gets complemented by the bathtub, sink’s plumbing pipes, and a window frame.

You can also use the white wall and furniture to provide contrast shade and brighten up the area. A touch of gray from some part of the wall keeps the design clean and simple. While a little bit of brass addition from the faucet system is truly attractive.

Long Narrow Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Long Narrow Bathroom Renovation IdeasSource

This narrow bathroom gets an amazing transformation to become a compact stream of clean. The unique part of this room is how the modern bathtub and super-slick double sink combined in a single panel.

As you can see, the glass tile wall is quite reflective to brighten up space. It’s got a wooden floor that complements the length of the room. The natural touch from the wood element gives a sense of luxury. The result, it makes a separation with the space-age furniture.

Long Skinny Narrow Bathroom Ideas

Long Skinny Narrow Bathroom IdeasSource

These long skinny narrow bathroom ideas are designed for three people when using it at the same time. If there’s more of them, they can wait by having a seat on the bench. It’s an ideal master bathroom for a house with many members of the family.

One of the elements that must draw your attention is the mosaic tile floor. It improves the elegance of this narrow bathroom design. While the blue cabinets provide a soothing accent to match the pattern on the counter and floor.

Narrow Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Narrow Bathroom Decorating IdeasSource

At a glance, this room has nothing inside. It’s like an empty room with light fixtures only. This contemporary coastal bathroom is an example of an ultra-sleek space that contains a porcelain tile and beige floor.

Besides the beige flooring and subway tile in the toilet room, all of them are in white. The privacy support comes from the frosted glass element. So, you can easily do your things.

Narrow Bathroom Ideas With Shower

Narrow Bathroom Ideas With ShowerSource

The dark grey shades seem to be the highlight of this narrow bathroom. The nuance has been set for those of you who just love to take shower in a gloomy surroundings.

This long narrow space has a huge window in the corner to let the sunlight inside the room. It would brighten up the bathroom and make it more comfortable. Yes, it’s still gloomy but in a good way, though.

One obvious downside of this bathroom design is the open glass wall. It doesn’t have anything to cover. So, there will be no privacy in the most private space at home. It’s only recommended for a house without a neighbor nearby.

Narrow Bathroom Layout Ideas

Narrow Bathroom Layout IdeasSource

This space is full of neutral shades that complement the rustic textures on the wall. The element of spaciousness in this bathroom is the open ceiling. It offers a bright natural light during the day. It’s like a fixture that needs electricity.

So, you’re gonna save some money from the electricity bills. While the wooden flooring is there to emphasize the space’s length. This bathroom uses the reclaimed hardwood to bring the rustic vibe to the next level.

Narrow Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Narrow Bathroom Remodeling IdeasSource

It’s one of the exciting narrow bathroom remodeling ideas you can find on this page. Turquoise is a nice choice of blue shade. It becomes the main color of the space which is complemented by the white. Any small room should have bright colors to maintain comfort.

Right above the vanity, there’s an accent wall full of eye-catching tile. it picks up the combination of white and blue which are the main scheme of this bathroom.

Narrow Bathroom Storage Ideas

Narrow Bathroom Storage IdeasSource

This bathroom has a neutral color scheme that makes it feels visually spacious. It brings comfort into the room. The major element in this space is the built-in shelves. You can use it to store all the towels and other necessities.

The graphic wallpaper behind the vanity adds a subtle pattern in front of the shower area. Inside it, there’s a subway tile wall that delivers impressive texture with and bright look.

Although, the interesting focal point of this bathroom is that big chunky round mirror. The golden frame adds a bit of luxury to space.

Narrow Ensuite Bathroom Ideas

Narrow Ensuite Bathroom IdeasSource

It’s a black minimalist bathroom design that you don’t find in many homes. The space is long but thin. It’s brimming with beauty. The fluid slabs of color on the floor is a better choice than tiles. As a result, this concept doesn’t need other bold colors to emphasize anything.

The idea is so obvious. Therefore, it doesn’t need a lot of light fixtures. Just highlight the important space and leave the rest dark.

Narrow Master Bathroom Ideas

Narrow Master Bathroom IdeasSource

By seeing the picture, you can say that this narrow bathroom is full of elements. Each piece has its charm to impress. Start from the rug that matches the color scheme. It complements the granite top on the vanity and the functional counter across.

The attractive elements that draw people’s attention are those long light pendants. They are so impressive on their own. The mirror reflection doubles the amount of the fixtures visually. In fact, it also makes the narrow space a lot bigger.

Narrow Modern Bathroom Ideas

Narrow Modern Bathroom IdeasSource

Bold wallpaper, wood paneling, and neutral scheme are the three main elements of this narrow bathroom. Additionally, there’s a spacious area inside the walk-in shower. So, you can clean up your entire body in a comfortable way.

There’s also a double vanity that features vessel sinks, an upholstered chair, marble countertops, and sconce lighting. While the one with the seat act as the powder table. Therefore, all female members of the family can enjoy doing make-up while sitting on the chair.

Narrow Small Bathroom Sink

Narrow Small Bathroom SinkSource

This amazing bathroom features a modern trough-style sink. It’s perfect for a narrow room like this one. It will also make the plumbing system much more simple.

The sleek look gets even bolder with the clean vanity cabinet. Additionally, the streamlined and sophisticated appearance is the main interest of the bathroom.

Tiny Narrow Bathroom Ideas

Tiny Narrow Bathroom IdeasSource

This narrow bathroom has a great space-saving feature. It has a shower space and a bathtub in one area. Combining two main elements give more space for other essential things. Right beside the white tub, the toilet and vanity with sink are lined.

It seems all the elements come from one source since it’s white. Probably, it’s something to let the yellow tiles shine brighter. This contrast element adds pizzazz to the bathroom.
In the shower area, there’s also a frameless glass panel to separate the space. The wall mirror above the vanity and toilet is a storage cabinet. You can keep all the bathroom necessities inside out of sight.

Trendy Master Bathroom With Marble Floor

Trendy Master Bathroom With Marble FloorSource

Just by seeing at the limited walkway area in this room, you can describe it as a narrow bathroom. There are three elements included inside the space.

Each of them has its own special space, the bathtub, the shower area, and the vanity. This trendy narrow bathroom has a marble floor that adds a natural pattern to the white scheme. The flat-panel cabinets improve the modern texture.

Additionally, the light-wood cabinets of narrow bathroom vanity ideas give accent colors to balance the brightness. It comes with under-mount sinks and a black countertop.

Trendy Minimalist Narrow Bathroom Plans

Trendy Minimalist Narrow Bathroom PlansSource

This trendy bathroom design looks so elegant and comfortable. Even though the room is narrow but it still looks big. As you can see, it’s a long way to go to the walk-in shower area.

The wall-to-floor gray tile gets a contrast wooden structure for the towel holder.
It’s an attractive way to decorate the wall in a minimalist way. As a result, the designer successfully creates a harmony between the decor and the layout of the space.

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