6 Ways to Implement Light Blue House Design!

Lots of house designs are available today. To be able to get your house designed the way you want to would be great. It would give you the sense of satisfaction. You will also get comfort from your desired design. If you are interested, you can try to have the light blue house design. Light blue house focuses on the colour blue. The colour stands out as the main theme that surrounds the house. The tone of the design will allow you to have this feeling of comfort. Blue is also associated with the colour of water. It will create this illusion of leaving around the water. Therefore, giving you the vibe of freshwater breeze.

For this article, it will help you on the design. The structure of the design revolves around the house. This guide will provide an image of the light blue house blueprint. Hence, providing with information that you need for the house.

Preparation is needed to implement the light blue house design. You need take a lot of things into consideration. This is because of the cost management that you need to think about. For instance, the cost of paints for the whole house. You need to budget out your expenses beforehand. Also, you might not want to go full paint on your house. Sometimes, there are cases where you still want to have the old touch of your house. Take things into your moderation. This guide can be fully customized according to your needs.

Blue Light Outside House

blue light outsite house with garden ideas

The outside part of the house is a good way to start the design. This theme is heavily reliant on the atmosphere that the colour blue provides. Start by decorating the outside of your house with colour light blue. You can start by painting the colour of your house light blue. Remember to choose the right type of paint for the colour of your house. Make sure to have the same colour set for walls.

Start painting from the areas that are in your reach. After that focus on your way up towards the roof. From there, you can cover the blind spot that you have not reached. The paint is only focused on the walls. Make sure to stock enough paint. Add a little bit of thinner so that it does not waste the paint. There are multiple tools to help you with the painting process. You can use a normal brush for areas that are reachable. For the ones that are out of reach, use a roller. Once you have done painting the house, coat it with several layers. It is always good to layer your paint so that the colour shines.After it is finished, leave it until it is dry, and you are done. Your house should have a light blue house exterior by now.

Blue Light House Front

house decorate the front of your house

Moving on, it is time to decorate the front of your house. To match up with the light blue paint, you can get some furniture with the same colour. Usually the furniture will come I sets. If not, use the left-over paint that you have and paint them. Adding a pair of chairs and a table would be nice to have. The idea is to increase the light blue theme along with its decoration. Another addition that you can have is blue ornaments.

Blue flowers are also a good addition to your front porch. Getting a blue welcome mat could stir up your doorway. Therefore, enhancing the feel of light blue surrounding your house. You can also get some blue lamps for your porch. The surrounding light blue theme around your front porch will be a good addition. There are many things that you can customize. Make sure to pour your creativity in.

Light Blue Siding House

light blue house with green garden design

Next, it is time to work on your sidings. Sidings are panels that you stick on the sides of your house. They stick with the exterior of your house. The panels function as an addition to your wall decoration. You can use wood panels for the sidings. Usually, the panels are attached on the walls of your house. This could add that wooden textures to your walls. The panels are measured according to the size of your walls. The size of the panels depends on how much coverage that you want to have.

For example, you can cover the front porch of your house. If not, you can just cover the parts that are below the window. There are many options to have with the sidings. Make sure to balance it with the painted walls. Extra coating is also needed. This would prevent the sun from ruining the colour of your panels. It would fade the colours out. Therefore, getting it coated is necessary.

Light Blue House Interior

light blue house with green garden design

After you are finished with the exterior part of the house, it is time to move inside. The interior of the house it almost as important as the exterior. To fully have the light blue theme maximized, make sure to match the colours well. However, you do not have to go fully blue on your furniture. The idea is similar, to have your walls painted light blue. Make sure to get the same colour code as the previous one. Since it is the interior, there are many places to get the paint job.

Starting from your living room. Prepare the room to have it painted. Cover spaces that you do not want it painted. Usually, paint splashes are a pain to deal with. Get a thinner ready if such matter does come. Take your electronics away from the living room and get it started. If you have finished, move on to next available rooms. Do the same procedure of the preparation. Once every room has been painted, your house should have the light blue feel. It would give out the calming charm and extra comfort for your house.

Light Blue House with White Trim

home design with the beauty of white and green gardens

The exterior and the interior of your house should be done by now. It is time to move into the little details to enhance the colour. Since the wall of your house has been finished, you can now focus on the trims. Trims are casing that enables the house to look fancier. They are moulding that holds up windows and doors. Usually also held near the roof. Apart from serving as a foundation, they serve as a panel liner. Basically, it helps your house look better. The colour of your trims should complement the main theme.

In this case the colour is light blue. The colour that complements well with light blue is white. Hence, you should have white paint to cover the trims on your house. Even so, painting trims might be a little tricky. Sometimes they are out of reach. For example, the trims on the roof top can be a bit difficult. You may need a ladder to support your painting. If you have a one storey, it might be easier to reach. Apart from that, you should not have a problem with the rest of the trims. Paint them slow and steady and you will get a good result. Finally, you are done with the paint jobs, it is time to add other decorations.

Light Blue House with White Shutters

light blue house with white shutters

The decorations that you can start is by adding shutters. Shutters functions as a blind for your windows. If you happened to have your usual curtain, you can replace them. The shutters will a nice aesthetic feeling to your light blue house. They are usually not that expensive to get. Shutters are a better replacement to curtains because of how they are designed. They might not serve completely as a blind, but you can always add a layer. However, if it is seen from outside your house, it looks neat.

The reason for that is its simplicity. Shutters have this unique vintage design. That is why the shutters will blend well with the light blue colour. Nevertheless, make sure to get the white ones. Similar to the trims, white shutters will add a nice compliment to your theme. Make sure to have them on all your windows to have the same match up.

Those are the 6 ways you can implement the light blue house design. The design is solely based around the light blue theme. There are other options where you can go with other tone. For example, deep purple house of blue light. The concept is quite similar. Nevertheless, it focuses on getting that purple tone. The tone is set to darken the light blue tone. The purple tone will contrast the light blue colour. The colour will then create an illusion. Colours will blend and have the mesmerizing visual. Pretty good if you would like to experiment. However, do not over do it if you are not sure. Remember to take the process into your required perspective. Happy decorating!

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