L shaped pergola can be an alternative you can apply when designing a garden. Instead of choosing a mediocre design, you can explore some unique decorations while enhancing its use-value. The beautiful touch in the park will make a great mood booster.

However, before deciding to build an L shaped pergola in your garden, you need to know a few things first. As every decoration should have careful planning, it is good to learn the ins and outs of this feature, as well as how to create beautiful nuances according to your needs and conditions.

Analyze The Situation By Considering All Potential

Analyze The Situation By Considering All PotentialSource

Planning is the first step to take before everything by considering all potential, aspects, and everything related. In this case, it referred to a survey activity. Through this process, you can confirm whether to continue the construction of the L shaped pergola.

Complete The Outline With Start Working On The Roof Frame

Complete The Outline With Start Working On The Roof FrameSource

After the foundation is ready and sturdy, you can start working on the roof frame. Lay the material horizontally on the foundation that you have built. After that, you can continue installing the hollow roof that will be the place for plants.

Diy L Shaped Pergola

Diy L Shaped PergolaSource

After setting your design, you can start working. Prepare everything needed, starting from materials, locations, tools, and others. However, you have to make sure that the design you are doing is under the existing conditions. These are the steps to take.

Draw The L Shaped Pergola Pictures

Draw The L Shaped Pergola PicturesSource

Even though it looks the same, this process is different from the design. After analyzing the condition of the area and its potential, it is time to plan what to do. One way is to make a rough sketch. You also have to plan how to use the L Shaped Pergola.

Now, you have found the right formula for your L shaped pergola. Based on all the considerations, you can start determining the design for your exterior. A complete explanation will be in the next section.

Finishing And Decorating Use Colors To Enhance Your Feature

Finishing And Decorating Use Colors To Enhance Your FeatureSource

After the skeleton is ready, then you can start to beautify the L shaped pergola. Use colors to enhance your feature. After that, place the desired plant. After that, you can provide suitable furniture.

L Shaped Pergola Attached To House

L Shaped Pergola Attached To HouseSource

This design is similar to the concept of L shaped pergola for a corner. The difference is, for this model, you do not need to put it in a corner. You can even build this exterior design by only relying on one side of the wall.

One leg of the pergola can be attached to the wall, while you can place the other leg without a back or adjust to the shape of the terrace. In essence, you are free to be creative with any design.

L Shaped Pergola For Corner

L Shaped Pergola For CornerSource

One easy way to build an exterior design is to follow the existing space. If you make it in the corner, you will automatically get an L Shaped Pergola. Because the shape already exists, then you have to determine the length and height.

This method will make the process easier. Since this pergola is attached to the wall, you only need to put the feet to the front and sides. The walls will act as the hind legs. This design also saves time and materials.

However, if you want this feature to be sturdier, you do not have to use the wall as a support. You can add another pole at the back to make sure the L shaped pergola does not collapse easily due to environmental influences or other causes.

Besides, if examined from the side of effectiveness, this design is also highly recommended because it will help use space. The corner that is usually difficult to use will become more useful and beautiful with a pergola.

L Shaped Pergola In A Greenhouse

L Shaped Pergola In A GreenhouseSource

You can also place a pergola in a greenhouse. The location is also quite flexible as you can choose which one is the best in terms of space effectiveness and aesthetics. It can be over a walkway, in front of an entrance, or even above a row of plants.

Some of the designs above are just some of the inspirations to make a beautiful L shaped pergola. However, you can still explore other, more ideas. You can place it anywhere according to location conditions.

L Shaped Pergola Over Patio And Bbq

One of the reasons people build a pergola is to provide a relaxing space under the lush greenery. You can build it anywhere, a terrace, a corner of a building, or any other location that you think is ideal for relaxing. You can even make it with various supporting gathering facilities.

L Shaped pergola over patio and BBQ would be ideal for spending time with loved ones. You can build it in the garden in front of or behind the house. You can add facilities for BBQ to make the atmosphere even livelier when you gather.

The L shape on the pergola will provide an advantage because it allows gathering participants to have closer interactions. Unlike the straight one, you can more easily greet people on other corners.

L Shaped Pergola What Makes It A Good Idea

L Shaped Pergola What Makes It A Good IdeaSource

As mentioned above, this feature is attached to the building, as well as the L shaped pergola. You will need a wall as a part of the foundation to make a roof of beautiful vines.

L shaped pergola is built based on the shape of the building so that it can provide overall protection and shade on the upper terrace in front of the wall. Thus, the hot sun does not immediately expose you when you leave the house.

Besides, this design will also expand the vine roof so that more shade and luscious nuance are created. Generally, here are the reasons why people build an L shaped pergola:

  • In terms of aesthetics, the L shaped pergola looks unique and beautiful.
  • Expanded roof space allows more vines to plant. It means more harvest.
  • It provides extra shade. The L shaped pergola allows more space for vines and plants to grow.
  • It provides more protection against direct sunlight when outdoors.
  • Allow a more comfortable space to gather.
  • Large spaces are easy to decorate.

Apart from the benefits above, of course, there are many more reasons why you should choose an L shaped pergola for your garden. Later, you can place not only plants but also various beautiful decorations that make you feel at home.

L Shaped Pergola With Fireplace

L Shaped Pergola With FireplaceSource

Even though the weather is cold, there may be times when you still want to enjoy the natural atmosphere. It will be easier to do if you have a comfortable spot that allows you to relax without fear of being cold. One solution is to use the L shape pergola with fireplace.

Placing a fireplace outside the home is not impossible. The most common method is to put in a corner so that the warmth evenly reaches all parts of the pergola. You will get it easily since nowadays many electric fireplaces are designed to be in the corner.

However, to anticipate unwanted things, you should install a protector over the pergola so that the water or snow content does not interfere with the relaxing moment. Choose a transparent layer so you can still enjoy the sky without worrying about getting wet.

Do not forget to add light decorations to make the atmosphere more romantic and warmer when the dark comes. It is a simple way to create unforgettable memories.

Place The Foundation With Several Poles

After all the materials are ready, the next step is to prepare the foundation. Place several poles 3–5 meters each. The amount depends on the needs. These legs will be the foundation so that they should be in the proper position.

Prepare Materials Will Depend On The Materials You Use

Prepare Materials Will Depend On The Materials You UseSource

The preparation will depend on the materials you use. Most people prefer to use wood as a base material, but you can also use other materials that are considered sturdier. Besides that, you also need supporting equipment.

Some Notes To Build The L Shaped Pergola

Some Notes To Build The L Shaped PergolaSource

Even though it is simple, building an L shape pergola does require careful planning. You still have to take detailed measurements so that no one miscalculates. Besides, several things may need attention.

  • Pergola is a material that is placed as the exterior of the room and will receive direct exposure to the outdoor weather. Make sure you use the best goods as a framework.
  • Since they generally have a hollow roof for hanging plants, the underside may be left unprotected from heat and rain. Therefore, you have to adjust the furniture used.
  • This feature is only for light tendrils. You can hang a few potted plants, but do not overdo it.
  • Pay attention to electrical installations and will not short circuit when it rains.
  • You always have to check the conditions. If any part is fragile or damaged, make an immediate repair.
  • When doing decorations, you also have to take into account the plants you choose. Choose plants according to the season.
  • You also do not need to hesitate to beautify the area around the L shaped pergola built. Green grass and ornamental plants will make your home more beautiful.

When the L shaped pergola has stood nicely as part of your exterior arrangement, you can make good use of it. Grow some germinated plants to make them look even more charming. but do not forget to take care of it well for long-lasting beauty.

Some Small L Shaped Pergola Designs To Choose

Some Small L Shaped Pergola Designs To ChooseSource

The next step is designing the L shaped pergola. You can choose any model that suits your taste, but do not forget to consider the condition of the area where this feature is built. There are several ideas to consider:

Starting Your L Shaped Pergola Plans

Starting Your L Shaped Pergola PlansSource

After studying the explanation above, now is the time to realize the dream of having a fun gathering corner under the pergola. However, before we start, it is a good idea to start with a good and well-planned concept.

In general, there are four steps you must take to build a beautiful L shaped pergola, namely: planning, designing, building, and decorating. For this section, we will start with the first step. You might do several things before moving on.

Take Measurements Carefully And Thoroughly

Take Measurements Carefully And ThoroughlySource

For your L shaped pergola to match your expectations, you need to determine how big the size will be. Therefore, you must measure the area carefully and thoroughly. Repeat several times to make sure the data is accurate and avoid mistakes

What You Should Know About Pergola

What You Should Know About PergolaSource

Pergola is the exterior part of the room that is in the form of a roof but is not closed. The function is to place the vines so that they allow them to flourish in a stretched position from top to bottom. This feature is built only as a shade, instead of protecting against rain.

If you have a pergola at home, then you can place useful plants, such as grapes, grass jelly trees, bitter melon trees, and many more. Apart from the peaceful green color, you can also pick and enjoy the fruit produced.

Apart from gardening, the pergola has a dual function. This feature is a choice for exterior decoration because it can provide a beautiful and beautiful feel outside the room. This beauty is what makes many people use the pergola as a gathering place and spend romantic moments.

However, not all vine roofs can be called pergolas. Several garden decorations have similar forms, functions, and structures, but have different names. Do not get it wrong because they are not the same in many ways. One that we know is the arbor.

Unlike the pergola that is usually attached to the building, the arbor is the roof of the vines that generally stand-alone. The top is mostly concave. Because of freestanding, many people use it as a sort of welcome gate to a garden area.

However, some people still build a pergola without attaching it to the building. The difference with the arbor is that this independent pergola has a gazebo-like shape, but the top is not closed. You can also place it in the middle of the park or any other location you want.

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