19 Gorgeous Kitchen Dining Room Combinations Ideas for You

Many homeowners start to show some interest in kitchen dining room. The reason is that there are lots of benefits they can receive. 

Having a combination between a little kitchen and dining room allows you to have open space with no walls separating both areas. 

Therefore, you will own one large multi-purpose room instead of a tiny dining room or a small kitchen. 

Besides, a small kitchen dining room combo will make entertaining more effortless as well. Moreover, it allows the cook to entertain the guests while preparing their meals. 

Aside from becoming a great way to connect, this combo is very flexible to design too. Additionally, you can separate the dining room from the kitchen by utilizing dissimilar decorating schemes.

Otherwise, you can go for a seamless approach by designing the rooms the same way. To start, you better read on the following information first.

1. Main Options for Kitchen Dining Room Combinations

main options for kitchen dining room combinations

Luckily, there are many different ways to execute your kitchen and dining room combo. Therefore, when it comes to the layout of the cooking area, you can opt for L-shaped, U-shaped, galley, or one-wall designs.

As for the dining table, the main choices include wood, wall-mounted, glass-topped, drop leaf, and granite-topped.

Above all, if you are interested in a wooden dining table, butcher block, planked, and solid wood are the more popular options today.

Meanwhile, clear, bronze, and back-painted can be your primary choice for glass-topped dining tables. They will make your kitchen dining room combinations look airier. 

For instance, to store your things, kitchen cabinets are the most common furniture to choose from. From glass to wood cabinetry, there is a variety of options to pick.

Even more, drawers, wine racks, open shelves, cupboards, display cabinets, storage chests, and sideboards are the other choices available. 

Also, your kitchen dining room combinations can feature something like a peninsula, LED strip lights, skylight, barn door, eat-in islands, and breakfast bar.

2. Top Kitchen Dining Room Combo Design Ideas

top kitchen dining room combo design ideas

Fabric patterns, special decorations, colors, walls, floorings, countertops, and accents are what you will need to tie the above features and furniture together. 

So, if you wanna make the most of your open-space area, the following kitchen dining room combo design ideas may help. Then, without further ado, let us check them out!

1. All-White Beauties

all white beauties that matches the peninsula base

This modern kitchen has an L-shaped dark-colored countertop with white cabinetry that matches the peninsula base.

As you can see, the wall-mounted peninsula itself has a dark brown granite top to match the worktop. Moreover, for extra storage, you can consider building this feature with built-in open shelves.

Meanwhile, several wooden stools are put around the peninsula so that you can utilize the space while enjoying your quick meals. 

Furthermore, adding an accent to the kitchen dining room combinations is the patterned rug and a few decorative displays on the floating wall shelves.

2. Simple Breakfast Bar

simple breakfast bar with hite flowers in a glass vase

Turn your peninsula into a functional breakfast bar by bringing in a few stools around it. Firstly, you can complete the space with a pair of pendant lighting to keep you illuminated in the early morning.

Meanwhile, the solid wood round dining table in satin finish is incorporated into the space along with the matching chairs. 

Next, you can add the white flowers in a glass vase, patterned area rug, and a classic metal chandelier to complete the look.

On the other hand, natural light-colored wooden flooring ties the design together. For additional colors, the backsplash is in gray tiles. 

3.White and Wood

white and wood with unique-shaped countertop

Despite being put in the awkward corner, this one of kitchen dining room combinations looks very enchanting.

As you can see, the unique-shaped countertop has a glossy white finish that matches the base cabinets. Meanwhile, if you wanna get an additional storage room, wall-mounted wooden shelves are there. 

A wall-mounted wooden dining table works well in this small space with its extendable feature. Furthermore, completing the look is the pendant light installed over the furniture.

4. Kitchen Dining Living Room Combo

kitchen dining living room combo

For a more versatile open space, you may consider including your living area into the layout. Moreover, this idea is perfect for a long narrow home like shown above.

In addition, to maximize the available area, this home has kitchen dining room combinations with a small living area. 

Rather than having an identical gray and white color schemes, the living space has a more earthy tone on its palette with brown individual couches as well as a wooden coffee table.

As seen, the floor-to-ceiling bookcase steals the show with the displayed collections. Thus, the open shelves under the window are also utilized for storing books and it is signifying the homeowner’s love toward reading.

5. Natural Light Beauties

kitchen dining room combinations with natural light beauties is perfect for a wider layout

This is another stunning idea of a kitchen dining living room combo out there. Different from the previous space, the above is perfect for a wider layout.

In addition, thanks to the glass-paneled walls, this open-floor space receives an abundance source of natural light that brightens up all the areas.

Furthermore, the dark gray rug areas are used to signify the function of each space. Thus, to keep the look unified, the walls and ceilings are in white.

6. Classy Retreat

kitchen dining room combinations with classy retreat looks perfectly impressive

None could deny that this is one of the classiest kitchen dining room combinations out there. Much less rich in wooden materials, the combo looks perfectly impressive.

As seen, the picture is taken from the small coking area with green and cream cabinetry. In addition, the greenery is extended to the dining as well as the living area for a harmonized look.

Also, a wide variety of storage systems is available in this open-floor space. Adequate natural light comes to this room combo through the glass windows and doors.

Above all, the kitchen dining room color schemes should be the most appreciated quality here since they offer such an elegant as well as a soothing mood in the area.

7. Cushioned Benches

kitchen dining room combinations with cushioned benches to provide the most comfort

Located against the wide window, the wooden bench comes with tufted cushions to provide the most comfort.

Moreover, to match the cushioned bench, the dining tables are wrapped in golden-colored fabric and it’s offering subtle decorative elements to the broken-white schemes. 

In addition to the nook dining area, the kitchen island doubles as a breakfast bar for a quick meal in the morning. 

Furthermore, this one of kitchen dining room combinations has white painted shaker cabinets that fill up the entire area for extra storage.

8. Lovely Kitchen and Dining Combo

lovely kitchen and dining combo

In an open-floor space with lovely pastel color palette, black chairs and bar stools offer a beautiful contrast in the design.

Moreover, for another hint of color, a few small potted indoor plants are incorporated into the kitchen dining room combinations. 

In addition, to avoid overwhelming the space with creamy colors, you can paint the ceilings and additional wall-mounted storage systems in white.

9. Clear Glass Table 

clear glass table with the exposed wood plank beams

With a clear glass-topped table, your kitchen dining room combo remodel will not make the space feel cramped. 

Subsequently, those three industrial-styled bar stools with slender brushed steel legs and polished chrome seats complete the small kitchen island that doubles as a dine-in area. 

But for an accent, frosted glass lift-up paneled upper cabinets are decorated with stainless steel frame. Meanwhile, the whitewashed sloped ceiling makes the most of the design along with the exposed wood plank beams.

10. Electric Blue and Wood

electric blue and wood use of solid wood materials

Do you want to go for exceptional kitchen dining room paint colors? This idea is probably of interest, especially if creating a bold scheme is your ultimate goal.

Furthermore, thanks to the adequate infuse of bright blue colors; this kitchen does not look too traditional despite the use of solid wood materials here and there.

From the backsplash, window treatment, to the couches and dining chairs, there are the matching blue colors on these elements.

Meanwhile, to provide a neutral backdrop for the bold wooden materials and blue accents, white is incorporated in the ceilings as well as some walls.

11. Black Countertops

black countertops makes the design perfect

Something is interesting about these kitchen dining room combinations. Although it has an open-floor layout, this space using a different flooring style to separate its functions.

The cooking area has light-colored flooring that matches the white walls, backsplashes, and bar stools. 

When the dining area also comes with the matching wall and ceiling colors, the wooden flooring looks similar to the cabinetry’s finishes. 

Moreover, the black granite countertop makes the design perfect without overwhelming the rest of the space.

12. Exceptional Vaulted Ceiling

exceptional vaulted ceiling make this space appear extraordinary

This is one of the rustic kitchen dining room combinations with welcoming and luxurious vibes for happy cooking time.

Designing with a very wide center, this space has a wooden table along with several rattan chairs for a fully functional dining area.

Moreover, vaulted ceilings and globe pendants lights make this space appear extraordinary. Thus, the wooden trim offers matching quality with the countertop and furniture.

Meanwhile, the herringbone wooden flooring makes the space homier and more inviting. It also works well with the navy cabinetry.

13. Half-Round Kitchen Island

half round kitchen island

If you prefer such a simple kitchen dining room combo design ideas, then the above picture shows a compact space with highly versatile qualities.

As seen, this corner kitchen has adequate storage space that comes in the form of drawers, cabinets, and a glass-paneled system.

Additionally, a white granite top island is dedicated as the center with its dark-colored base and unique half-round design. 

Meanwhile, for the dining area, this one of kitchen dining room combinations takes advantage of a traditional wooden table with white legs.

14. Ample Cabinet Storage

ample cabinet storage that cover almost the entire of this kitchens walls

No guest can resist noticing the dark cabinets that cover almost the entire of this kitchen’s walls. Coming with a matte finish, the furniture seems so outstanding due to its size.

To add function to the space, there is an industrial-style dining table along with matching light gray chairs. Clear globe pendant lights complete the look of this kitchen.

The kitchen dining room combinations are also connected with a living space, making it easy for you to entertain the guests while preparing their coffee or meals.

15. Basement Kitchenette

basement kitchenette appears so much luxurious

Despite being situated underground, this basement kitchenette appears so much luxurious with the creamy color palette and tie-in decorations.

Its unique range hood steals the show with the sculptured style. Not to mention the patterned green and cream backsplash that looks eye-catching. 

A pair of chairs to double as a small dining area completes a central island. It also has built-in storage to display your favorite ceramic wares. 

To make these kitchen dining room combinations work, a wide variety of lighting fixtures has been incorporated into the space.

16. Traditional Dining Room and Kitchen Combo

traditional dining room and kitchen combo

This kitchen dining room combo has the vibe of traditional American open-floor design. With the combination of pastel colors and natural wood grains, the space appears simple yet elegant.

You can add two wooden chairs around the large island for having a quick breakfast. Install a pair of pendant lighting over the unit for additional illumination.

Instead of leaving the space above the upper cabinets empty, displaying some decorative items like a basket of indoor plants will boost the style of your kitchen dining room combinations.

17. Compact Kitchen 

compact kitchen save some legroom for others

It is no secret that narrow space makes the best place for kitchen dining room combinations. By combining two functions in one area, you save some legroom for others.

A one-wall kitchen occupies this open-floor space with glossy black base cabinets. Meanwhile, the white upper cabinetry offers additional storage space without making the room seem cramped.

Then, a glass-topped dining table is paired with transparent red chairs to keep the small space more open and airier. 

For a balance, you can add a line of red tiles on the walls as an accent.

18. Corner Kitchen

corner kitchen its flexibility and versatility

These kitchen dining room color combinations are popular for open-floor space due to its flexibility and versatility.

Featuring manufactured natural hickory floor, this kitchen and dining room combo appears so much elegant. 

The light brown granite countertop matches the flooring very well, adding another touch of elegance in the space. 

To add a pop of color into this space, the window treatment is in gray and green.

19. Gray Curtains 

gray curtains make your space feel wider despite its actual size

Thanks to the wide windows, these kitchen dining room combinations do not require any artificial lighting during the day.

Besides, the abundant natural light coming to this narrow kitchen also helps to make your space feel wider despite its actual size. 

When you want to add privacy to your space, there is a floor-to-ceiling gray curtain to block the view from outside.

Final Thoughts

final thoughts having combined cooking and dining area is perfect

To conclude, having combined cooking and dining area is perfect, especially if you do not have much space for dedicated rooms. 

The mentioned ideas of kitchen dining room combinations come with their point of interest to suit your taste and style. Hope the above inspiring and happy decorating!

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