Kitchen cabinets with glass doors are gorgeous for any cooking space. These kinds of furniture can get along with almost any style. In this article, you’ll be exploring a lot of stunning ideas about how to deal with such things.

As we know, storage is very important to the kitchen. The existence of a cabinet is just what the room needs. It will be helpful to keep the food, groceries, and all the essentials safely. A cabinet will also add character to space.

Without the cabinet, people will probably have a messy kitchen that has no place to store all the things. The structure and design of this furniture could create a proper landscape for a cooking flow.

Mostly, kitchen cabinets have a wooden material. Some of them are all closed, the others are open. Well, the one with a glass door is the semi-open option you can consider. So, have a look at these outstanding ideas.

1. Frosted Glass Doors Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinets With Glass Panel Doors

 Kitchen Cabinets With Glass Panel DoorsSource

This modern narrow kitchen has some interesting features that increase the value and look. Even though the walkway is pretty limited, but some elements are so impactful to make people don’t mind about the floor space.

Check out all the upper side cabinet. All the doors are using glass panels. It’s fully frosting, you can’t see what’s inside. Also, there’s an LED light fixture on each cabinet.

As you see, this kitchen doesn’t have a window. So, the only element the provides the lights are the upper cabinets. It’s a smart move to highlight that furniture.

10. Stained Glass Doors for Kitchen Cabinets

Arranging Kitchen Cabinets With Glass Doors

Arranging Kitchen Cabinets With Glass DoorsSource

Each glass door on the kitchen cabinet is stained clear. It provides the modern look to the finished space. The cherry wood material becomes the highlight of course. Of course, it’s already taking over the majority of space on the wall.

The metallic surface you can get from the appliances is being recognized in the kitchen. The gray-colored kitchen island finds its way to take the silver-colored elements to blend with the center of the space.

13. Black and White Kitchen Wall Cabinets With Glass Doors

Black Kitchen Cabinets With Glass Doors

Black Kitchen Cabinets With Glass DoorsSource

Take a look at this stylish black kitchen cabinet. The whole surface is in dark shade without any other color that gave accent to the element. It’s furniture made by Taylor Craft Door. It’s a combination frame doors in Beech and flat panel.

At the very top of the cabinet, you can see that there’re some compartments with glass-paneled doors. You can use the inside space for displaying or keeping some plates or other utensils that are not used for a long time.

12. Flat Panel Cabinet Doors

Corner Kitchen Cabinets With Glass Doors

Corner Kitchen Cabinets With Glass DoorsSource

This black and white kitchen is using a display cabinet concept on the upper part of the element. It’s a clever way to lighten up a dark condition of the space.

It’s an interesting way to decorate the kitchen wall cabinets with glass doors in style.

Some pretty tableware and interesting collectibles related to cooking would be worth to be part of the scene. The glass element in this kitchen also makes space feel more open and spacious. The inside color is still in line with the color scheme.

14. Porthole Style Glass Door

Custom Kitchen Cabinets With Glass Doors

Custom Kitchen Cabinets With Glass DoorsSource

Stained glass adds details and character to the cabinet door differently. This one has a dash of color to put interest in the element. The color matches the mosaic tile of backsplash and the wood tone of the kitchen island.

The blue accent on the glass doors is also in line with the kitchen’s color scheme. As you can see, all the countertops are in blue. The mosaic tile also blends the entire combination.

11. Black Kitchen Cabinets with Glass Doors

Glamorous Kitchen With Patterned Glass

Glamorous Kitchen With Patterned GlassSource

This fancy kitchen contains a great amount of elegance that comes from almost all elements. One tall kitchen cabinets with glass doors are patterned. It gives a significant impact on the whole scene of this picture.

The pattern seems to be disguising the glass. It becomes one with the other parts of the kitchen. You need to choose the right design that matches the style. The glass won’t let people see what’s inside. However, you will be able to see it when it’s close enough.

That chandelier looks so glamorous. Its textures and design reflect the pattern on the glass doors.

17. LED Lights to Highlight What’s Inside

Kitchen Cabinet Glass Door Frame

Kitchen Cabinet Glass Door FrameSource

One of the fanciful touches you need to take a look is that detail on the glass of cabinet doors. The texture gives an interesting personality to the kitchen especially the upper side. This idea shows you that a glass element can also be impressive even without a trim.

The texture on corner kitchen cabinets with glass doors has a slightly frosted look. So, this piece also gives you the privacy feature. It complements the entire element nearby.

Meanwhile, the white slate scheme gets into the next level because of the fabulous spherical pendant, the patterned floor, and the glass design.

6. Orange Modern Kitchen Idea

Kitchen Cabinets With Glass Doors Above

Kitchen Cabinets With Glass Doors AboveSource

This monochromatic kitchen has successfully infused an interesting feature. I’m not talking about the patterned floor tile. That’s quite impressive though but here we’re focusing on the glass doors. The design looks like a french style door or window.

Additionally, the frame structure is similar to the room’s door. It’s a tall paned glass frame to secure the things inside the storage. However, you can see through it quite clear.

This structure is made of black colored steel which offers a durable base for the glass material. It’s one of the best white kitchen cabinets with glass doors available.

4. Impressive Trim on Glass Fronts

Kitchen Cabinets With Glass Doors And Shelves

Kitchen Cabinets With Glass Doors And ShelvesSource

There are some different types of glass to incorporate on your cabinet doors. A mirrored glass is one of them. If you think the frosted glass is not impactful enough. You can go with the one that can reflect the light and what’s in front of it.

This one is not just stylish but also able to reflect the light. The dark kitchen like this one can brighten up your dark space. It’s a nice option to try.


To conclude, incorporating glass elements can elevate the entire design and landscape of rooms. That includes cooking space. Those outstanding kitchen cabinets with glass doors are deserved to be in your house.

Kitchen Cabinets With Glass Doors At Top

Kitchen Cabinets With Glass Doors At TopSource

That upper part of cabinets with glass doors gets separated from the bottom part. It’s a unique way to present a fresh concept to your kitchen. This cabinet with glass doors gets mounted to the wall. So, there is going to be space under it.

Although, some of the parts are still attached to the countertop of the kitchen. The locker style kitchen cabinet display some of the kitchen hardware you can use whenever you want. For now, they all are decorating the wall space.

19. Mirrored Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Kitchen Cabinets With Glass Doors Ideas

Kitchen Cabinets With Glass Doors IdeasSource

This kitchen cabinet scene features a smoky white granite that blends really well with the entire structure of the furniture. One thing to focus on is the frame style of the upper part. The glass panels in the center get a decent frame.

The cross style with thing wood frame over the glass doors improve the interest in the cabinet design. It has the design to separate the element with that french-style window. Right under the window, a kitchen counter with double sinks taking control of the situation.

3. French Style Glass Door Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinets With Glass Front Doors

Kitchen Cabinets With Glass Front DoorsSource

If cross style trim looks ordinary to you, try having a more impressive one like this cabinet. It’s such a stylish kitchen design. All the elements seem to fit in this limited space. The oversize countertop on the island plays a big part to maximize the center area.

Looking back at the cabinet with the glass doors on the upper store, you will what’s so special about this space beside that kitchen island. It has an impressive trim with some kind of geometric design. It adds character and interest to the front look without paying attention to what’s inside.

5. Fanciful Touches in Narrow Kitchen

Kitchen Glass Door Cabinets

Kitchen Glass Door CabinetsSource

In this modern kitchen, the orange cabinet seems to take over the entire space with its color. It’s the only furniture in the house with that color.

That’s why it must be so special. This furniture features some stylish glass doors.

The glass cabinets only take a small part of the upper cabinet. Meanwhile, the frosted feature provides an astonishing look at the entire furniture. It’s in line with the white backsplash and gray background.

7. Glass Material Part of Cabinet Structure

Modern Kitchen Cabinets With Glass Doors

Modern Kitchen Cabinets With Glass DoorsSource

For a more fancy look in the kitchen, try having some of the cabinets with glass on the back and front side.

It is a great idea if you have the cooking space linked to the living room. This glass cabinet style will give more light to the space that comes from the living space with windows.

It also becomes a great space to decor some of the antique pieces or your favorite collection related to kitchen use.

8. Sliding Glass Door without Blocking the View

Modern Orange Top Kitchen With Glass Doors

Modern Orange Top Kitchen With Glass DoorsSource

Take a look at this impressive kitchen landscape. The color of the cabinet amps up the entire space. While the white wall and ceiling provide the brightness that the room needs. The brown floor tile complements the wooden material on the island’s countertop.

That orange cabinet is really what this kitchen is all about. The shade is still in line with the brown and wood color. That combination creates a fantastic ambiance for this space. There’s also a patterned backsplash that keeps everything down a bit.

For the glass door concept, the design is quite different than the ordinary. As you can see, the amount of glass element is not as much. The wooden frames are bigger. It eliminates the number of dark elements from the scene.

16. Glamorous Kitchen with Patterned Glass Doors

Oak Kitchen Cabinets With Glass Doors

Oak Kitchen Cabinets With Glass DoorsSource

If the previous idea is not enough for you, you can have the upper cabinet like this one. It features sliding glass doors that have a shelf to display your collections. This kind of cabinet won’t block the view right beside the area.

Check out the soapstone laminate countertop. The chosen color gives a nice contrast to the rich wood cabinet. The white element become a great balance with the natural brown color.

9. Frosted Glass Doors with LED lights

Traditional Style Wardrobe Doors With Glass Panels In The Middle

Traditional Style Wardrobe Doors With Glass Panels In The MiddleSource

In this cooking space, It’s got the upper kitchen cabinets with glass doors. The rest of the part is left closed. Unlike the traditional design, it doesn’t have a frame.

As we know, the traditional style of cabinet doors would have a wood frame with a glass panel in the center. This kitchen furniture is quite different. It offers a more modern look with a classic vibe from that wood grain.

The frosted glass-front cabinet has no frame. The special treatment that’s applied to the material gives a bit of privacy to the storage. People can’t clear what’s inside.

2. Glass Doors with Cross Frame

Wall Mounted Kitchen Cabinets With Glass Doors

Wall Mounted Kitchen Cabinets With Glass DoorsSource

This is such a unique way to include glass elements in the kitchen cabinet. As you can see, it doesn’t even take a lot of space on the door. There are only two portholes for the entire structure. Those things are quite functional to show a glance at what’s inside.

The theme of this kitchen itself is a beach house. Those holes resemble what you see on a ship. This little whimsy emphasizes the nautical decor that this kitchen tries to achieve. It should be named as one of the kitchen cabinets with glass doors on top.

15. Orange Cabinet with Glass Doors

White Kitchen With Dark Island And Lights

White Kitchen With Dark Island And LightsSource

Check out this kitchen cabinet with glass doors. It’s got some LED lights installed inside the cabinet with glass doors. So, it can lit the space and highlight the hardware. You can decide the amount of power to light up the interior of the storage.

In this case, you can see there’s only a minimal amount of light power behind that glass doors. It’s done on purpose to add dramatic purpose to the scene. It’s giving the gray background a bigger impact on setting up the calm atmosphere.

18. Wall Kitchen Cabinets With Glass Doors

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