Also known as molding, kitchen cabinet trims are capable to customize your cooking space by adding more details on it.

Cabinet molding is also the ideal solution when you require spacing alignment and want to make sure that there are no obvious sharp edges or exposed wood after fitting.

1. The Best Possible Choices for You

No matter what your style is, there is always the right molding for yours as well. The following information will assist you to figure out the best choice.

Amazing Kitchen Design With Brown Kitchen Cabinet

Amazing Kitchen Design With Brown Kitchen CabinetSource

Now that you want to start trimming kitchen cabinets, picking the right material is another significant step to do.

The most common materials for molding include finger jointed, MDF, hardwood, and softwood. Costs as well as finishing choices often play a big role in how you determine the right objects to work with.

If you love to paint your kitchen cabinet trims and budget is still a factor to consider, finger jointed can be a good option.

This type of molding material has a small length that reduces waste as well. Meanwhile, in case you prefer staining the trims, hard or soft wood is highly recommended.

In conclusion, when you are looking for 7 kitchen cabinet designs to update the look of your home, applying molding or trim can be the best choice.

With a variety of styles and shapes available, there is always the right choice for your cabinets. Thus, you can easily turn a basic kitchen into something more personalized.

Consequently, simply choose your favorite kitchen cabinet trims and install them to have a more finished look while adding style to the entire interior.

Austin Painted White Cabinets

Austin Painted White CabinetsSource

After beautifying the kitchen cabinets edges with the right molding, you may also add an exceptional detail at the foot.

Just like floor molding, this base trim is common in today’s modern homes. The proliferated edge of it tends to face up, offering an architectural interest as well as a foundation to your cabinets.

It makes a perfect choice if you do not want to acquire a recessed toe kick as well. Applying this kind of kitchen cabinet trims makes yours look more finished.

Beatiful Kitchen Design With Outside Corner Molding

Beatiful Kitchen Design With Outside Corner MoldingSource

These kinds of kitchen cabinet trims coat the raw edges of your furniture with a decorative flair.

Ensure to adjust the corner pieces’ width and height to the molding that works to extend your cabinets measurement. This way, the two will look united.

Keep in mind that applying corner molding is not necessary. However, if your own is a more traditional one, this kind of trim can bring a sense of classiness.

Beautiful Kitchen Design With White Kitchen Cabinet

Beautiful Kitchen Design With White Kitchen CabinetSource

The first thing you may consider when remodeling with kitchen cabinet molding and trim is what color to paint it.

Although the ultimate decision will be yours, there are several design factors to take into account when determining how to paint your kitchen cabinet trims.

First, you should not paint crown molding in the identical color as the ceiling. Doing so will lose any impact the trim may make.

The reason is that the ceiling will appear bigger and make your crown-molding look insignificant. This kind of camouflaging effect is making your expensive addition invisible.

Second, you had better dye the crown molding to suit other trims like ones near the windows or doors. Use the same color to create an environment with polished and unified look.

This practice is ideal when you want to stain your kitchen cabinet trims as well. If the other is stained cherry, think of staining the molding to match them.

Third, if you prefer to stay with current trends such as utilizing dark-colored cabinets, painting the trim and molding in dark colors must be perfect too.

A dark-colored trim and molding in your kitchen will provide a room a depth while making the cabinets stand out.

Furthermore, dark molding and trim can also contrast with fashionable colors like soft white, gray, as well as powder blue.

Your dark-colored kitchen cabinet trims will look stunning with stainless steel appliances as well.

  • Select the Best Material for Molding

Beautiful Traditional Crown Design For Your Kitchen

Beautiful Traditional Crown Design For Your KitchenSource

This is the most standard kitchen cabinet trims out there. Despite being common, this style of molding is capable to make your space appear and feel more upscale.

However, you should remember that this molding style is not suitable for every home design to consider how traditional it is.

Most homeowners will love to have this kind of cabinet molding in their classic style home.

  • Stepped Crown

Bottom Molding Is Perfect Choce For Kitchen Cabinet Floor Trim

Bottom Molding Is Perfect Choce For Kitchen Cabinet Floor TrimSource

When it comes to a kitchen cabinet floor trim, bottom molding can be your perfect choice. This type is typically utilized between the bottom of the base of your cabinetry doors and above the toe kick.

To make them look more like furniture, many homeowners apply this molding type on the kitchen island.

Crown Molding White Antique Kitchen Cabinet Trims

Crown Molding White Antique Kitchen Cabinet TrimsSource

One of the most well-known kitchen cabinet trims is crown molding. This type is very favorable for its decorative properties.

You will typically apply this decorative trim to the top of the cabinets. For drawing the eye upward and display the beauty of your cabinets, crown molding can be the best solution.

When installing this trim for kitchen cabinets, you can pick either allowing for space above the furniture or connecting it with the ceiling.

For high ceilings, leaving space above your cabinets is more recommended since you will not need to install the furniture out of reach.

  • Traditional Crown

Dentil Crown Molding As A Decorative Eleement

Dentil Crown Molding As A Decorative EleementSource

For cabinets, these kitchen cabinet trims are commonly employed as a decorative element on top of the furniture.

Besides, this style of kitchen cabinet top trim is often seen around ceilings and doors too. You need to cut each block utilizing exact measurements to make sure the spacing is identical.

That is why before ordering the molding, it is important to double-check the dimensions.

Great Stepped Crown Design In Kitchen

Great Stepped Crown Design In KitchenSource

Also called as staggered, you typically find this molding style above the cabinets in a variety of heights.

It is a famous custom redesigning technique, which can emphasize and refine your cabinet arrangement seamlessly.

To accentuate this stepped crown trim, you may consider combining it with stacked molding on higher cabinet boxes.

  • Stacked Crown

Kitchen Cabinet With Light Rail Molding

Kitchen Cabinet With Light Rail MoldingSource

For those who install lighting fixtures under the cabinet should consider adding light rail molding at the base of their upper cabinets.

This kind of kitchen cabinets moldings is perfect for functionality and decorative purposes. While it can deflect the light glare, the same will add an attractive touch in your room.

Ensure to pick a molding of light rail, which suits your kitchen cabinet trims to establish a unified appearance.

Kitchen Cabinets Match Trims Scaled

Kitchen Cabinets Match Trims ScaledSource

If you find a skinny piece of trim that covers any gaps between the wall and your cabinet, this one is called scribe molding.

Scribe molding is a popular way to deal with any visible irregularities once you have completed the cabinet installation.

As inconsistent installation for ceilings and walls is common, especially when you are remodeling a traditional kitchen, scribe molding can manage the issue perfectly.

Kitchen Design With Riser Molding

Kitchen Design With Riser MoldingSource

If you want to raise your crown molding, this kind of trim is the solution. It helps to lift the same for bonding with the ceiling.

Some homeowners tend to let some space be exposed above the cabinets so that they can display decorative items.

However, if you prefer to cover the space and prevent the buildup of dust, riser molding is going to help close them off.

Riser molding is also of much help when your kitchen cabinet trims are not thick enough to bond with the ceiling.

Kitchen Mudroom Cabinet In Stall

Kitchen Mudroom Cabinet In StallSource

These styles of kitchen cabinet trims can be incorporated to prevent the edge of your cabinet drawers or doors hitting the valued wall when opened.

Otherwise, you can install the filler molding simply to seal unplanned space where the cabinetry meets the wall.

Compared to the above molding types, this one probably seems minor. However, it can help you to employ every cabinet appropriately.

Modern Kitchen Design With Square Crown Style

Modern Kitchen Design With Square Crown StyleSource

For a simple molding, you may love to incorporate this crown style. It has a square and clean design that works with modern cabinets or shakers.

However, if you prefer something softer than the square, the curved cove crown style is probably of interest. It typically makes a perfect transitional effect on your cabinetry.

Modern Kitchen Designs With Stop Molding

Modern Kitchen Designs With Stop MoldingSource

Stop molding or freeze board is often utilized in modern kitchen designs. It is a flat type, which lengthens the cabinetry to the ceiling.

If you want kitchen cabinet trims that look simple and have a less decorative look, the stop molding should be the right choice.

2. How to Pick the Best Kitchen Cabinet Molding and Trim

Ornamental Molding Or Decorative Molding For Your Kitchen

Ornamental Molding Or Decorative Molding For Your KitchenSource

Also called decorative molding, the ornamental trim comes in a wide variety of designs. You can opt for geometric ones, a braided rope look, or other carved styles.

To get the best style, you can consult with a cabinet company and find what designs they have that meet your style.

Perfect Corner Round Molding In Kitchen

Perfect Corner Round Molding In KitchenSource

This is another type of kitchen cabinet trims that is installed to the perimeter of the cabinetry’s base. It connects the same to the flooring while hiding imperfections on the floor.

In some cases, your floor may not meet exactly at the bottom of the cabinets, so you need the right molding to conceal the issue.

It becomes a more inexpensive choice than placing the cabinets on top of the flooring and saves you some money too.

To make it look perfect, make sure to pick a stain that matches your cabinets or chose a contrasting paint color, which suits the molding of the upper cabinetry.

Skin Panels Design For New Look In Your Space

Skin Panels Design For New Look In Your SpaceSource

If you are looking for a type of kitchen cabinet trims that bring a new look in your space, skin panels can be the one.

For instance, oak cabinetry often comes with an end where the side panels have deeper grain. Incorporating a skin is capable to smooth out the appearance and support it to match the new enameled furniture.

Stacked Crown Design For Kitchen

Stacked Crown Design For KitchenSource

This crown style is made up of numerous molding pieces that are stacked on top of one and another to create a uniformed look.

If your ceilings are higher than 2.4 or 2.7 meters, installing these kitchen cabinet trims should be a good idea.

The good news is that stacked crown molding can work as both functional and decorative elements in your kitchen.

It will fill the gap between the ceiling and cabinets while adding character to your kitchen.

Considering its style, stacked crown molding is one of the most expensive types of trims and typically requires an experienced installer to get the job done perfectly.

  • Interior Crown

Stacked Crown Molding For Kitchen

Stacked Crown Molding For KitchenSource

Of course, you can simply pick one among the types of kitchen cabinet trims mentioned above. However, doing so without considering the existing design may not create the expected effect.

Keep in mind that the right molding is capable to change the way your kitchen feels and looks. Besides, it will also improve the perceived room size as well as shape when picked appropriately.

Cabinet molding can emphasize appealing architectural points, define proportions, bring balance, and set character in the kitchen.

The kitchen cabinet trims themselves come in a variety of wood types, including oak, alder, maple, and cherry. With many options, it should be easy to match yours for a personalized design as well as style.

  • Pick the Right Molding Paint Colors

Toe Kick Molding For Covers Up The Toe Space Of Your Cabinets

Toe Kick Molding For Covers Up The Toe Space Of Your CabinetsSource

As the name suggests, this kind of molding covers up the toe space of your cabinets. The purpose of applying the same is to envelop the exposed wood and let your feet stand nearby the workspace.

Toe kick molding doubles as functional and decorative elements in your space. Its clean design can make the cabinets look more stylish.

You can either take advantage of the same wood as the rest of the cabinets or utilize another material and color to contrast the others.

Traditional Kitchen Design Interior With Crown

Traditional Kitchen Design Interior With CrownSource

Placing around the perimeter of your room’s ceiling, this style of molding is commonly found above a kitchen’s cabinetry.

Interior crown trims can fill the gap between your ceiling and cabinets while making it possible to let crown molding last for a long time.

  • Square Crown Style

White Kitchen Cabinet With Applied Molding

White Kitchen Cabinet With Applied MoldingSource

You will typically install this type of kitchen cabinet trims on the surface of cabinetry or walls. In a cooking area, it can be utilized around the range hood to synchronize the styles of the door all over your room or even home.

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