The Best of Japanese Living Room for Your House Design

We know the Japanese home is very unique and iconic because several philosophic points attached in every part of the home. There are 7 base principal called Wabi Sabi philosophy consist of Shibumi (simple), Seijaku (quiet), Shizen (natural), kanso (homely), Yuugen (everlasting), Datsuzoku (free, untied), Fukinsei (asimmetric). The Japanese home design is about natural balancing and harmony, prioritize minimalizing and simplicity value. The architecture has a strong character which always uses simple style and natural material such as wood and bamboo. The Japanese is about how to show the closeness and bounding to the nature.

Japanese Living Room Design

One of the strategic part of the home is living room. This is the room the guest live, therefore we should give the comfortable place to meet and talk with them. For the Japanese people, they have the tea habit. It means the host need the supported room to have a tea with the guest, then they make a large, opened, and simple living room. This room identic with sitting on the floor around a large table. Just one table and without any chair. People can talk free and comprehensive because they have face to face position one to another. This concept developed in various style of sitting in living room, without lessen the basic concept of Japanese style.

Japanese living room well-known with an opened room and large window. It gives wide open image and give the loose look to every corner of the room, even everyone can enjoy the outside view through the large window. The large slide door is also iconic style of Japanese living room, especially in traditional home. Almost of the material and furniture in this room made by wood. Japanese living room only has some furniture to strengthen simple and pleasant value. They just need a table, some sofa (optional) or other sitting place, vas, and shelf. The large room supported by the bright coloring takes from the palette wood and stone, little touch of brown (proper to the wood material) and fusion of gray and black (from stone material), white and a bit of red brings the nice look.

Javanese interior takes a discipline, tradition, and balancing to the nature. Using wood material for every side of the room, floor, wall, door, window, and also furniture, it brings the soul of people in the room integrate to the natural spirit. Wood material is good for the healthy because our body is part of the nature will combine well with the other natural part. The lighting of the room is also the significant part of Japanese interior aesthetic which gives the determining for strong related parts to the nature. The large room, large window, and minimize the furniture take the well lighting in a living room.

There are several principles of Japan living room design commonly:


characteristics of a japanese living room
characteristics of a japanese living room Source

Japanese room is typically multi-functional rooms that maximize space. Sometimes a Japanese living room function as dining room or people can use this room to sleep. Japanese interior walls may be composed of paper screen can be rolled back to join the room, including the living room for different uses.


japanese concept home in olso city center modern
japanese concept home in olso city center modern Source

Traditional Japanese interior often using paper screen (shoji) to partition the rooms while people have their privacy for activities such as do the prayer, meditation or intimate social activity.

Natural materials

japanese living room ideas for total zen
japanese living room ideas for total zen Source

Basically, the traditional living room design using natural material such as wood, bamboo, silk, rice straw mats and paper. The modern design then, develops the traditional concept to increase aesthetic value, endurance, and modernity touch, by adding and change some materials. But the design never out of theme from the basic value of Japanese culture.

Japanese minimalist living room

How to design Japanese minimalist living room? The main reason to determine Javanese living room is combining room layout and coloring. The Japanese living room design typically requiring people to sit with folded and crossed legs. It signs the politeness between the people.

Sitting on the floor concept usually placed on carpet, therefore majority the Japanese living room designed without any chair. It needs the table and carpet to main furniture which match conform to room size and color, for a quite large living room needs a bigger table, conversely, for a small living room needs a small table.

Furniture in living room also lining with the size of the room. People can place various furniture such as shelf, vas, picture and custom lamp in a large room, but people only take some furniture, even don’t take anything in a small room. This is for maintaining the simple concept of the room. The lighting installation, Japanese living room applies task lighting which can function to general lighting. Decorative lighting like a lampion is one of iconic Japanese culture can be found almost in every home in Japan, and frequently installed in living room.

Japanese living room takes every unsure closing to the nature including using water to complete the natural value in the home. The living room has a large opened window, then there is a pond which appeared from the living room. This view gives the fresh, cool and comfort effect both outside or inside the room.

Another natural unsure in the living room is fresh houseplants in the vase. Everyone can change the houseplants every day with the fresher plant to make a good sense for everyone in the living room. Flower or houseplant can also have planted in outdoor which appear from the living room. A little garden combining with a pond will complete the freshness in living room especially, and also in entire home.

Here some style of Japanese living room based on color and lighting

  1. The modern Japanese living room in cream and light green with light woods. These fusion color bring the natural light from the coloring and the material.
  2. Japanese folk living room in shades of brown and beige. This style has ancient and dark image dominated in brown from natural wooden material.
  3. A wall art with peaceful tree. It feels fresh and calm dominated in cream fusses light green and white. This style gives loose and free image. Because of the smooth effect, this living room style feels large, then the more furniture can be placed such as big sofa, large table, and houseplants in some spots.
  4. Modern small living room with an extensive use of light wood and cream walls. This living room dominated in cream fusses dark brown which gives the narrow image, therefore there is just need a little bit furniture completing this room.
  5. A built in bench seat with floor cushion is an awesome addition to a living room. The lighting comes from the large window and white color dominated this living room fuses with light brown in table and floor. This color combining gives the large image to the room. Besides the table and carpet, some houseplant can be arranging in vase for several spots of living room
  6. The modern Japaness interior identics with several colors, such as cream, grey, and brown accents. It has basic color for the concept, that is white. White give good lighting, bright and vast. The furniture placed in the Japanese room turned with the basic concept of Japanese interior concept.
  7. Potted greenery is essential to bring more natural touches to the interior. This takes a natural modern living room concept. Bringing the white for base color fuses wooden brown for some furniture like rack, table and chair, and green from houseplants. It combines with very large glass window gives a perfect natural touch.

Japanese Furniture Set

The most important furniture in Japanese living room is table and the sitting set. Therefore, this thing has various style to pick up completing the pleasant living room. Here some table style usually used in Japanese living room:

  1. Tatami with floor chairs and a low table.
    The tradition sitting in one knee bent and feet behind makes the living room give the low table with floor chair. This furniture set intent to facilitate the having a tea tradition with ritual series in Japan.
  2. Minimalist Zen furniture of dark wood and grey cushion.
    This set is quite higher than floor chair with cushion matches with the table. In the corner of two chairs there is a little table with table lamp and house plant on it.
  3. Tea ceremony with a low wooden table and floor cushion.
    This is a pure Japanese living room. There are only low table, two cushion and carpet without another furniture. the color of the room dominated white for walls and wooden brown for floor with a quite big glass window near the sitting set.
  4. Small low wooden brown table without many kind of furniture. This combines to wooden brown floor chair with cushion in front of large glass window. This simple living room is the appropriate place to have the cups of tea.
  5. The table in Japanese living room themed teahouse. This table is artistic from high quality wood. Long and thick with four unique feet combines with two floor cushion and tea set on the table.
  6. Tea ceremony zone with a low rough wood table and floor cushion. The simple table design with natural wooden color and plain detailed brings the strong feel of Japanese interior design. Everyone can enjoy the cups of tea with the tradition touch.
  7. The simple floor table combines with floor carpet. The traditional style of table mix to modern concept bears an artistic and costly look table.
  8. Table with heater called kokatsu and floor cushion makes a unique image. This kind table is one of modern style of furniture and too high for tea ceremony
key characteristics living room
key characteristics living room Source
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