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Out of all countries in Asia, Japan is probably one of the most unique countries. From the distinctive cultural aspect, the incredible modernization, the architecture, to the interior design aspect.

japanese bedroom design

When we talk about Japanese bedroom design, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Maybe, the simple and minimalist aspect of it. Or maybe the uniqueness of their cultural decor that involves around the room.

The Japanese people are more focused on the functional aspect of their bedroom than the decoration. There’s rarely a heavy arrangement that you can find in their bedroom. The point is, everything that exists in the bedroom has its purpose. Also, there will be a lot of specific patterns and uncommon objects that you can find in their bedroom, which sparks the cultural aspect of their country.

Turning Your Bedroom to The Japanese Bedroom Style

Are you interested in turning your room to the Japanese Bedroom style? Here are a few things that typical Japanese bedrooms have. You should consider getting one for your bedroom too.

  • Lighting

You can’t call it Japanese if your room doesn’t have much natural light. Large windows are important in this room. Why is it important? Because natural lighting from the sun will make the room more welcoming. If you don’t have the big window as a resource for the natural lighting, you can still use lamps. Use lamps that are made of natural silk, wood, porcelain, or glass.

  • Low Furniture
japanese low table decoration

The next thing is to find a low suitable furniture for your room. All furnishings used in Japanese bedrooms come with a low floor clearance. So you’ll need to find a lower table, tv stand, bedside table, floor chair, etc. Almost all the furniture is very low and has no space to the floor, this is standard in most traditional Japanese homes.

  • Decoration

When it comes to decoration, it must be unique and carefully chosen. Though the Japanese room doesn’t involve heavy decorations. Some of the classic decorations that you can choose are bamboo painting, Japanese symbols or “Kanji” painting, or painting with a cherry branch. Another decoration that you can add is bonsai – a dwarf tree, planted in a low pot.

  • Screen

Another iconic decoration from Japanese Bedroom design is screens. Japanese use screens to create isolated bedroom zones, and to give them some privacy. There are two types of screen dividers that you can find, they are shoji and byobu screens. Shoji are used in Japanese interiors as sliding or hanging doors for rooms and built-in closets, as window coverings, and as room dividers. Shoji is more modern than Byobu. Byobu is usually decorated with art, Kanji or other forms of calligraphy. Byobu can be considered a kind of portable Shoji.

  • Colors

The Japanese Bedroom rarely uses a vibrant color. It usually has earthy colors and takes advantage of the greenery plant for a contrast. You can also use black, white, grey, brown, cream, and beige colors too. Just avoid pastel colors, and bright bold colors in your room. It won’t fit the style.

  • Bed

Just like the rest of the furniture, Japanese bedroom also has a lower bed. They usually sleep on mattresses placed on the floor or floor beds. The bed usually has minimalist design, with very simple headboards.

  • Tatami Mat

This type of mat is popular in Japanese traditional homes. It’s designed using rice straw for the core, it’s really comfortable for bare feet. The core of the mat is covered by waving a soft rush straw.

Traditional Japanese Bedroom Design

traditional japanese bedroom design

If you are fully committed to this Japanese bedroom design, you can go with the traditional japanese bedrooms. But if you’re more into the modern one, we’ll also show you some inspiration in the next section.

The old-style Japanese room is known as ‘washitsu’. This room is only used for bedrooms at night, and in the day they use it for other purposes. The room can be the dining or living room during the day. It is designed to be multi-functional.

In this traditional bedroom, they use a bedding that is laid out directly on the floor mats. This japanese bed is known as futon. Futon consists of three things; shikibuton (bottom mattress), makura (pillow), and kakebuton (comforter). When the morning comes, the entire futon will be folded and stacked into one of the built-in closets.

If you have a smaller bedroom, this method can work really well. During the day you can use your space for other stuff. This also prevents you from laying around in your bed all day.

traditional japanese bedroom with double bed

Another thing that makes a traditional Japanese Bedroom stand out is you can find a lot more cultural details in the decoration. Such as painting the birds, Kanji, and Haiku. Take a look at the picture of rustic japanese bedrooms above. They used Kanji wall decor that’s neutral and can go with the theme of the bedroom. So, when you take out the futon, and change the purpose of the room, the decor still fits the style.

Other traditional Japanese bedrooms with really great natural lighting. It’s simple, low, and almost all the furniture made from natural materials.

Modern Japanese Bedroom Ideas

luxury modern japanese style

Modern Japanese bedrooms usually have normal furnishing, but some people still really like to apply the low to the floor furniture, especially the bed. But the one that people embrace in the modern japanese bedroom is the minimalistic aspect. There are still the cultural elements of the country that people include in their room.

japanese bedroom minilamist

Japanese bedroom minimalist is suited for this room style. This room still sparks a lot of japanese style to it. It still has a lower bed, but it’s a permanent bed, which means that you can’t fold it, just like the traditional room has. The Shoji and the floor mat is what sparks Japanese style of the room.

With neutral colors such as whites, creams, and beiges this room sparks a country japanese bedrooms vibe. There is a mix of normal furniture and low furniture in this room. The Japanese style still shows on the wall painting, and the shoji. There is still so much light, both from natural sunlight and the lamps.


Another country Japanese bedrooms that look really stunning. It’s quite different from the previous one, all the furniture is not low. But the wall art and the rustic elements really show the Japanese style. The balance of the wooden material and the color of the room is just perfect.

japanese bedroom with city view

With the spectacular view of the city and the proper amount of light, this looks like Japanese bedroom luxury! The light behind the bed and under it, makes the bed look popping. It also makes the wall painting more alive and luxurious.

Tips to Decorating Bedrooms with Japanese Style

Those Japanese bedroom pictures already get you excited about transforming your room? Hang on there, because there are some tips to make your decorating process easier. These tips will give you a clear idea about how the Japanese Bedroom is supposed to look like. Bare with us.

  • Choose Which Japanese Style You Like

Decide whether you like the more traditional one or modern one before you’re about to redo your room. The traditional one is about the functionality and the cultural things. But with the modern one you can freely combine the Japanese style with the style you like.

  • Celebrate Space
room with minimalist japanese influences

If you’re into maximalism, then this style won’t fit you at all. Because Japanese bedroom style is all about minimalism. Don’t be afraid of empty spaces that you’ll have. If you want to get any decoration, go for a clean, uncluttered one.

  • Balanced Textures and Colours

It’s all about balance. Since this style is about minimalism, give a well-balanced mixture of fabrics, textures, and colours to the room. The perfect Japanese bedroom will look like everything belongs together naturally, and nothing stands out on it’s own.

  • Adding Elements of Wood and Bamboo

Japanese are known for using wood elements and bamboo inside their home. Whether it’s on the ceiling, the wall, or the floor. It’s basically all over their home. It’s the same as bamboo, the texture of wood can be seen everywhere in a Japanese home. Adding these elements will bring a calming effect to your home!


The key of Japanese bedroom is declutter. In this bedroom you won’t find unnecessary things, everything is packed nicely, and has its own purpose. So, whenever you choose to use this style, think through about all the stuff you’ll get. Things that you need are neutral walls, lower furniture, screens, natural lighting, and lower furniture. You need to avoid using harsh lighting in your room. If it is possible it is good for the room to have a lot of natural lighting. Do not use too many wall prints or unnecessary knickknacks. They say, less is more.

blue japanese room design

Even though there is so much to explore in this Japanese style, we think we already come to an end. We really hope this article is helpful enough if you want to have a japanese bedroom design.

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