Amazing Interior Transom Windows to look Beautiful View of Your House or Office

transom window with furniture inside

Design interior is a creativity which build from someone to apply in some place. This creativity needs a plan and process to get the best creating of place. Everyone should prepare about interior to fulfill their house. It is important to get the best functional in every spot in their house.

Transom is technique to create a windows which across a door. This technique also separates door frame from the windows. To understand of transom, you should know about the elements and frame to cons truce your windows in above of the door. In architecture, transom as a part that important to give a beautiful aspect and atmosphere in your house.

Interior Transom windows is a windows which applied in above of the door. Sometimes, you ever see them it in several place had been visited from you. The transom windows apply depend of size of door. The purpose of transom windows is to get the air or ventilation from outside the room. In applying transom windows, the door is still closed to keep privation in every room. The most people apply transom windows are not only to get the ventilation, but also to create decoration.

A. Design Interior Transom Windows

There are a type of design interior transom windows which you can create in part of room in your house are:

1. Interior Wall Transom Windows

interior transom window in wall beetwen room

Wall Transom windows is windows which applied in above the wall in to get a light and ventilation from outside the room. Sometime, people choose this interior to give a ventilation in two rooms. So, it installed in room with another room which border of it.

There are some room which you can apply using interior wall transom windows are:

a. Basement room

basement is a room from outside

Basement is a room is less of ventilation and air from outside the room. The installation of interior wall transom windows to this room is to get a light and ventilation from outside. In basement room, you can apply it in part that border with the light of outside room. Although you have used AC in this room, you should using wall transom windows to give the light and beautiful atmosphere in every part of room.

b. Bedroom

transom window with badroom inside

Bedroom is a comfortable place to lose your tired and take a rest. This is a privacy room of owner house. This function of wall of your bedroom to get the light and ventilation in another room. This is not so darkness when you do not turn on the lamp. To install transom, you can take in back, right, or left of bed to get the best interior.

c. Kitchen room

transom window in kitchen room

Kitchen is a place that has a function to create a food and drink. This place is also as your quality time to eat together. You can add a wall transom windows in above of cooking place. It is help you to out the pollution come from your stove. This transom also has function to give the light of your kitchen.

d. Bathroom

the window above the bathroom with wood

Bathroom is a place that a function to clean our body. The installation of transom windows in above your bath does not to know about what do you do in bathroom. The function of this transom windows is to get the circulation and lighting from outside the bathroom. Sometime, people install it with a small size. It purpose that to keep a privation, but we still get a circulation from outside.

2. Interior Doors with Transom Windows

home working transom window over door

Door with a transom windows is a windows that located in above the door. Sometime, people is not only apply transom in the door of guest, but also in several door in every room. Guest room’s transom installation gives an extra ventilation from outside the room. Then, the installation transom in door of each room to help them caught the circulation from other room. There are kind of door which can applied door transom windows are:

a. Doorways transom windows

rustic doorways transom windows

Doorways is a part that located on around of ways in house or office. When people move from one room to another room passed it. This function of installation transom windows of doorways is to give a circulation from one room to other room. You can apply it to get a beautiful spot in part of your ways. Sometime, you ever find this style in several place of house or office.

b. Taller wall in dining room

taller wall in dinning room

Dining room is the beautiful place to collect your family or guest in eat together. You can give transom windows in above a door to go to your dining room. It give a relax of person when enjoy the dinning. It also get a circulation from another room.

c. Airflow between hall and bedroom

airflow between hall and bedroom

This door is located between hall and bedroom. To install of open transom windows above door to get extra sirculation that need to your bedroom. You can rilex to enjoy your rest in bedroom because the air which come from outside the room

d. Pantry trasom

pivot hinged operating transom into a pantry

Pantry is a small part which beautiful to do eat together with your small family or your partner. While you enjoy the eating with your partner, you can get fresh circulation from outside the room. You can also look a beautiful view from outside the room.

e. Adjacent door transom

trim around a door and transom in perfect balance

In designing a part of room, sometime people create a room beside another room with adjacent door. To get more circulation from outside the room, you can install transom windows above the door.

f. Uncasing door transom

taller mull with non flat casing

Uncasing door is usually use in house to spell one room to another room. Sometime, it is created to open room without a privation. So, everyone know what a people do in beside the room. In this door, you can install transom window to give a beautiful impression and circulation from one place to another place.

g. Pocket door connector

pocket door where the transom helps connect the two rooms together

Pocket door connector is installed to connect one room in another room. You can find this design in kitchen has connected with dining room. It creates to help a person to give a food and drink from kitchen. If you need a helping while a cooking, this transom will help you to caught some material you need from other by transom.

B. Type Shape of Transom Windows

To install a transom windows, you should decide a material of transom windows which suitable of part in your room. There are three type of shape which can used in your room are:

1. Paneled Glass

modern clear stained glass

Paneled glass transom is made from glass. This material can be install in above the door, bathroom or bedroom. There are many style which can take from paneled glass. In part of panel glass, there are a panel frame to keep windows.

2. Fanned Window

fanned windows is a transom windows has a shape

Fanned windows is a transom windows has a shape like a fan. This type is not only to get a circulation from outside the room, but also a beautiful impression come from it. You can find it such as in hotel room or house. It applied in above the door.

3. Solid Window

solid wooden window

Solid window is a common shape of transom which can find in several place such as house, office hotel, and hospital. It easy to install solid window such as in above a door and each room in your house. This shape has a frame and panel in right, left, up and button of windows.

C. Benefit to Install Transom Windows in each room of your house or office

To install a transom windows in each part of room is not only as interior, but also it has many function and benefit. The benefit to install them are:

1. Beauty

The main reason why you should install transom windows is to give a beautiful impression in each your room. The easthetic of transom can be enjoyed by person who come to your room. There are many style and shape which can use to get a beautiful impression of your room.

2. Ventilation

Ventilation is the important thing what should people get from installing a transom windows. You know that everyone need an oxygen and air. The simple way to get it in your room, you can install transom windows. So, prepare well to creating best position of transom windows in your room. Sometime, I find a room which has not a windows. So, it makes us feel do not enjoyable of the room.

3. Extra Natural Light

In building a house or office, I think you have prepare to use a lighting by lamp. The function of lamp is to give a light in dark room. Although you has used a lamp to give a light in your house, but you can use transom windows to get a natural light. Extra natural light from outside a room help us to create our room is not so dark when the lamp is turn off.

Based on the article above about transom windows as your reference in deciding where is a appropriate part to install transom windows.

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