You might be surprised that there are a lot of things you can do when dealing with industrial living room. The key to designing that room is to make it comfortable for everyone. So, make sure any elements you incorporate inside the house supports the coziness of the space.

People love having an industrial-style living room because it’s easy to deal with. You can maintain the cool look easily. Many signature elements offer an industrial vibe.

The combination of typographic prints with exposed brick walls and concrete walls with light fixtures are some of them.

This article will cover all the possible combinations to make in designing the industrial living room. Here are some of the ideas.

1. Rustic Industrial Living Room Ideas

Beautiful Industrial Living Room

Beautiful Industrial Living RoomSource

The natural concrete color on the wall and floor tile are like the main attraction of the house. As you can see, the other furniture also gets into the same page with the wall. Some elements are added to the space to give comfort to the atmosphere.

Take a look at the beige hessian pendants and lamps that are connected to the other pieces of furniture. The coffee table and cabinet beside the living space are also in beige shade. Besides, it also contains some potted trees, steel bookshelf, and three framed photos.

6. Urban Steel and Glass Architecture

Black Industrial Living Room

Black Industrial Living RoomSource

A concrete floor and an exposed brick wall are such a great element for the industrial room. However, if your interior doesn’t have those elements, you’re probably pretty lucky. Why? Because you can introduce new things that close to your personality or charm.

It’s even better if you have some DIY skills. You can make your own rustic industrial living room. You can search for inspiration from local home improvement centers. In this case, you can just take an example from this space. Learn some techniques for creating a faux finish. S

12. Small Industrial Room with Minimal Furniture

Brick Industrial Living Room

Brick Industrial Living RoomSource

Some industrial elements also have an artistic vibe. In this room full of antiques, the red bricks play an important role as a background. The wall conveys the nostalgic and hardworking atmosphere for the interior.

Also, some parts of the wall in the living room are left unexposed. It gives an outstanding dramatic effect on space. Even though those wall combinations are the adequate industrial elements, some artworks make the vibe stronger.

18. Small Industrial Room with Large Couch

Design An Industrial Living Room

Design An Industrial Living RoomSource

It’s another minimalist inspiration to take a look. This industrial living room is perfect for houses with limited space. Add minimalism into the design concept. As you can see, all the furniture has a minimal look, a little bit Scandinavian.

This idea got some mechanical details to express the beautiful charm. The white painted wood beam works perfectly in adding a lot of lights through the windows and sheers. The furniture pieces don’t take a lot of space visually.

13. French Industrial Modern Living Room

Industrial Bohemian Living Room

Industrial Bohemian Living RoomSource

This modern interior has a lot of stylish elements. Most of them come with elegance and some others are mixed. You can see this space has more than one style, vintage, rustic, industrial, and modern.

That inspirational loft from Paris can be a great inspiration to design your living room. Furthermore, a combination of vintage elements and industrial decor makes the room full of contrast and color. Take a look at that floor lamp. That industrial object illuminates the setting perfectly.

14. Farmhouse Brick Brown Wall

Industrial Glam Living Room

Industrial Glam Living RoomSource

This chic living room has a great industrial vibe that takes over the interior. This space contains lots of wooden materials, especially the ceiling. The wooden beam becomes the main scene of the area while other elements complete it.

Check out the textured concrete wall on the background. That’s such a strong element to emphasize the style. Both rustic and industrial has taken over the entire space. Some furniture with a black steel structure stays in the center to give a focusing area.

17. Fancy Industrial Room Full of Artworks

Industrial Home Living Room

Industrial Home Living RoomSource

Looking at this living room, the first thing we would see is that wooden pallet storage. It’s a bold piece of DIY material that everyone can have. Including them as part of industrial space is the right thing to do. However, don’t be too much.

20. Living Room with Mix Materials and Textures

Industrial Living Room Accessories

Industrial Living Room AccessoriesSource

If don’t want to include bold industrial decor in your apartment, you can still have the style with some light elements. The simple steel frame on the large window is enough to make a statement inside the living room.

The dark hardwood flooring is what delivers the black steel frame. From the glass windows, you can obtain some lights from the outside and a busy scene of the street. Take a look at the ceiling. It’s got wood beams that don’t take much attention.

That seamless texture on the ceiling gives its charm while trying to dominate the space. The minimalist concept of the industrial living room furniture makes the room becomes more spacious.

9. Eclectic Industrial Living Room Design

Industrial Living Room Apartment

Industrial Living Room ApartmentSource

If you describe yourself as a hipster, you might wanna consider taking a look at this living room. The most unique element of this space is that boke on that exposed brick wall. Mostly, the color you see is grey. That fabulous print of female figure on the wall looks stand-out being alone on that wall.

The original brick wall becomes an astonishing feature of this living room. Right in front of it, you can see the Scandinavian shelving design. It recommends some open storage for all the books and decorations.

This room also has glass-jar lighting to provide character or personality right from the center of the living space.

3. Modern Rustic Design of Living Room

Industrial Living Room Colors

Industrial Living Room ColorsSource

There’s only one main element of the living room in this image. It’s enough to accommodate the need of comfortable space to be with someone else.

Well, there’s one large comfy couch in the middle. It’s as big as a bed in your bedroom. That unique lamp with a wooden tripod is such a nice industrial touch to enjoy.

19. Classic Industrial Chic with Wooden Pallets

Industrial Living Room Cushions

Industrial Living Room CushionsSource

Incorporating some wrought iron and other rustic metal metals in a room will spark the rustic vibe. In this industrial living space, they come in the form of light pendants. It has a simple concept that could really give a significant impact on the whole space.

Besides the light fixture with its rustic vibe, this living room also has a coffee table on wheels. It’s an interesting addition to living room furniture. Even more, it also improves the portability of the flooring space. You can move them away to get more area to do some activities.

11. Minimalist Industrial Element

Industrial Living Room Decor Ideas

Industrial Living Room Decor IdeasSource

This small living room has some great elements to impress. As you can see, wood material is all over the space. It’s on a coffee table, storage bench, side table, and many others. Some antique pieces become a nice industrial decor living room to complete the scene.

One industrial element that draws attention is that lamp in the corner. It’s such a significant addition to filling up space in style.

16. Industrial Chic Living Room Design

Industrial Living Room House

Industrial Living Room HouseSource

Take a look at this living room. It’s full of materials and textures. In industrial design, you don’t have to always deal with stone, steel, and concrete. Just incorporate other materials and feel free to do experiments.

It’s great to be brave in deciding the elements you want to put in. Industrial space will work well with some raw and distressed elements.


There tons of ideas that can come up when dealing with the industrial living room. Find out what fits your taste to incorporate such unique styles.

Industrial Living Room On A Budget

Industrial Living Room On A BudgetSource

This beautiful living space has all the industrial charm you need for your house. The natural colors of all elements spark stunningly all around. It’s got wooden flooring, exposed brick wall, concrete wall, black steel structure, grey couches, and many other pieces.

All of them seem to deliver their industrial charm to set an amazing atmosphere of the living room. The lighting fixture for this interior seems to highlight the elegance of the space. That’s why it’s got its amazing eclectic look as a whole.

10. Rustic Vibe in Industrial Living Room

Industrial Living Room Set

Industrial Living Room SetSource

This industrial living room design gives you the vibe of a relaxing warehouse. It contains some whitewashed rafters, exposed brick, and rustic wallpaper. The faded pattern looks so natural. It emphasizes the rustic feeling all over the space.

On the wall, the framed prints are leaning to the wall instead of hanging. It maximizes the charm for both faded wallpaper and brick wall. There’s also a scratched rug that separates the special living space in the center with two grey leather couches.

2. Industrial Style Living Room for Hipster

Industrial Living Room With Brick Wall

Industrial Living Room With Brick WallSource

This industrial farmhouse living room has one huge window that dominates the whole space. It provides lots of brightness inside the space. During the day, you will feel the fresh and energetic feeling in such a bright area.

In the evening, the windows won’t be giving any lights. So, the lightings are ready to set a nice and calm atmosphere all over. This industrial room looks so cozy with that big-sized couch and coffee table. That steel staircase creates a decent background from this view.

15. Cozy Living Room with Antique Touch

Industrial Style Living Room Furniture

Industrial Style Living Room FurnitureSource

In such a sleek living room design, there’s an unfinished ceiling for all space. This is a quite uncommon approach to incorporate industrial style. It seems to be the only element that offers the vibe you need.

The ceiling is left unfinished just for the sake of design architecture. However, it won’t be called an industrial living room without the element. It changes the mood inside the space.

8. Light Apartment Design

Modern And Industrial Living Room

Modern And Industrial Living RoomSource

Idea number four is all about the exposed brick wall. This significant element gives such a great impact on the living room. One giant element right on that vertical surface is an attention stealer. That huge piece of artwork fan gives a great exposure to the center panel.

The giant piece of the element up there makes the living room feels like a time machine. Meanwhile, the color of brown and orange come from the comfy rug and couch.

There’s also a unique floor lamp to decorate the cherry picker table. Right behind the couch, you can get a bench with a lot of texture.

5. Industrial Living Room Filled with Concrete

Modern Industrial Living Room Design

Modern Industrial Living Room DesignSource

This industrial steel architecture is all over the house’s interior design. The two-story glass wall is also part of the material combination of making this house. The concrete color on the other wall emphasizes the style of the entire concept.

Right in the middle of the living space, there’s a floating fireplace with a steel chimney that connects straight to the roof. That single fan hanging from the very top of the ceiling. It’s a little bit awkward having only one piece of fixture hanging from there.

Well, it creates special effects for other floating elements in this space, including the inner balcony. This living room is a total industrial modern style of an interior.

7. Industrial Living Room with Unfinished Ceiling

Rustic Industrial Living Room

Rustic Industrial Living RoomSource

The industrial vibe becomes so obvious because of the concrete inner balcony up there. It is an interesting element to appears beside the exposed brick wall. As you can see, the fireplace chimney in the only gray paint on the wall.

It creates a special touch to the wall accent of this modern industrial living room. Right above the fireplace, there’s a red deer head that is mounted on the surface. The pops of red color become one with the centered furniture on the floor.

As you can see, the nesting coffee table has the same shade as the deer. The obvious architectural design of this space is the high ceiling. The ceiling height is like having a two-story building. It gets the room to become so spacious and airy.

4. Giant Artwork on Wall Panel

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