A horizontal deck railing design can give your porch a brand new look. From a variety of materials and styles to choose from, you can easily pick the most suitable one.

Your deck railing itself is not merely an outdoor element to improve the visual interest of the home. It also works to keep the little ones safe while giving some support and privacy to the space.

Considering the importance of a backyard deck for a home, you better prepare and pick everything carefully. The following information will help to make the most of your horizontal deck railing design.

1. A Variety of Deck Railing Materials

A Variety Of Deck Railing Materials

A Variety Of Deck Railing MaterialsSource

From metal to wood, you have various choices of deck railing materials to suit your home’s style. Depending on the budget, there must always be a good choice available.

Once fully assembled, aluminum deck railing will turn out pretty. Nevertheless, this material is a kind of soft metal that can corrode, chip, dent, and scratch easily although it has been painted.

For these reasons, many people do not recommend aluminum as the right materials for horizontal deck railing.

Alternatively, you can opt for the following materials when building a deck railing in your outdoor spaces.

Built-in Deck Seating For Their Visual Interest

Built-in Deck Seating For Their Visual InterestSource

While most horizontal deck railing designs are primarily selected for their visual interest, this one also offers a practical purpose.

Rather than the common vertical slats, this wooden railing takes advantage of horizontal ones to form a useful backrest for a built-in bench.

With towering trees around the deck, this outdoor space should become the most favorite spots for all family members to hang out thanks to the comfortable seating.

Complete Your Deck Railing With Furniture And Plants

Complete Your Deck Railing With Furniture And PlantsSource

To complete your horizontal deck railing system, selecting the right furniture to complement the space is indeed significant.

The outdoor furniture you choose provides a chance to express creativity and display sophistication. Make sure to pick any furnishing based on your personality.

Then, you should focus on choosing furniture that will make your backyard deck feel more comfortable.

Something like sofas, loveseats, lounge chairs, tables, and shade umbrellas make a great option to begin with.

Besides, you will want to include some planters around the horizontal deck railing designs. With decorative containers, your outdoor space will become more sophisticated.

You can opt for deck railing flower planters that are on-trend right now. Planting fruits, veggies, and herbs around the porch work well too.

In conclusion, you should take any necessary measurements before installing horizontal deck railing. Make sure to pick the right materials, infill choices, and designs beforehand. Happy decorating!

Deck Railing Hardware And Accessories

Deck Railing Hardware And AccessoriesSource

Now that you have already known what kind of horizontal deck railing systems to purchase, it is time to complete the design with necessary hardware and accessories.

Either online or offline, it is important to always order your deck railing components from trusted manufacturers. This way, you will get a product that fits the existing fencing system.

Furthermore, you need to be aware of potential fraud from other manufacturers. Irresponsible parties may try to offer original-like products with a reduced quality.

Therefore, whether you want to get lag terminal, deck toggle, or others, make sure to get them from reliable providers.

When it comes to accessories for your horizontal deck railing, lighting is one of the best options to make the design stand out.

For outdoor uses, consider getting deck railing lighting with solar power. This way, you can simply let the sun illuminate your night through the fixture.

You can integrate string or post lights on your deck railing to make this outdoor element look spectacular at night.

5. Complete Your Deck Railing with Furniture and Plants

Deck Railing Ideas With Long-lasting Appeal

Deck Railing Ideas With Long-lasting AppealSource

For a more practical inspiration, you will need a few examples from the currently existing horizontal deck railing designs out there.

Generally, you should look to your home’s surroundings when determining the best railing design for the deck or porch.

In case the backyard is filled with lush leafy trees and landscaping, you may prefer a horizontal wood deck railing that blends well in the natural setting.

Moreover, you may like to pick an exterior stain with a somewhat red or orange tone to emphasize the deck railing design against all the greenery.

Deck Railings In Dissimilar Heights For More Visual Screening

Deck Railings In Dissimilar Heights For More Visual ScreeningSource

The setup of your backyard deck tends to affect the railing design. For instance, in a shared side yard, you may require more visual screening.

Extra privacy is the main reason why there is a tall trellis wall in this deck railing system. Then, a more traditional one provides separation between the seating area and the rest of the backyard.

Furthermore, you can also add a long container to display appealing blossoms.

Deck Stair Railing Of Your Outdoor Spaces

Deck Stair Railing Of Your Outdoor SpacesSource

This deck railing design can improve the safety of your outdoor spaces without sacrificing any chance of adding style to the system.

Combining opulently stained wood with horizontal metal rods and bronze finish, this deck stair railing makes the staircase a focal point of the backyard.

For additional dimensions, you can trim the tinier vertical support posts in an angular shape rather than straight down.

Glass And Metal Deck Railing With Other Unconventional Materials

Glass And Metal Deck Railing With Other Unconventional MaterialsSource

To create a unique, custom-style deck railing, you should not hesitate to mix metal with other unconventional materials.

This modern-styled home has an appealing deck railing with a combination of metal and opaque glass panes to update the outdoor area.

These materials provide extra privacy to the horizontal deck railing while letting more light come through.

Horizontal Deck Railing Infill Choices

Horizontal Deck Railing Infill ChoicesSource

When it comes to deck railing systems, understanding the selection of infill to choose from will be another important step.

You may consider one that is made of stainless steel for a horizontal wire deck railing look. It should be a stunning yet inexpensive option for a porch fencing system.

Besides, deck-railing cables are famous for its ability to preserve a view while giving an illusion of space. One made of stainless steel, in particular, is very popular in today’s construction industry.

You can opt for electropolished stainless steel cables instead of wires for a more affordable solution without a feeling of a cheap deck.

More interestingly, a stainless steel horizontal cable deck railing is more durable compared to other alternatives since it defies corrosion and needs little upkeep in terms of cleaning.

Deck railing bars are typically available both horizontal and vertical. You can check out the gallery of your fencing system providers for the recent deigns.

If you want to keep things simple, a horizontal metal deck railing is ideal. The most famous design will be the one with a brushed finish.

However, you can also find a railing system that comes with a mirror finish and powder coating on its posts or top rails since they are becoming more popular recently.

3. Deck Railing Ideas with Long-Lasting Appeal

Matching Deck Railing Design For Your Landscape Instead

Matching Deck Railing Design For Your Landscape InsteadSource

If you want to emphasize your landscape instead of the railing design, create one that is matching with the other building elements instead of making it stand out.

Just like this white horizontal deck railing, that matches the exterior accents of the house both in scale and in color.

To add character in your deck railing, you can consider incorporating balusters spaced as an accent across the design.

Metal Deck Railing Design For A Simple Deck Railing System

Metal Deck Railing Design For A Simple Deck Railing SystemSource

It is no secret that metal, a perfect option for a simple deck railing system, blends in the space’s background.

Compared to wood, a horizontal deck railing that is made of metal is sturdier and requires less maintenance. Besides, it tends to present support, protection, as well as structure when being mixed with more slender material pieces.

For additional visual interest, you can add lovely end caps and a simple top rail on the deck railing designs.

Mixed-material Deck Railing To Your Outdoor Space

Mixed-material Deck Railing To Your Outdoor SpaceSource

Even the simplest horizontal deck railing system can add character to your outdoor space, particularly if you infuse a bit of creativity.

In this deck railing design, metal rods are utilized rather than the traditional wood slats to present a color and material complement.

Besides, a horizontal metal deck railing typically requires less-frequent refinishing compared to one made of wood.

Monochromatic Deck Railing For Your Outdoor Furniture

Monochromatic Deck Railing For Your Outdoor FurnitureSource

Many mixed-material decks utilize numerous colors as part of their design. However, if your outdoor furniture already offers plenty of shades, consider toning down the railings.

This way, your deck railing will work as a supportive backdrop instead of a focal point. Just like this design, that lets the creative selection of furniture, plants, and sculptural containers as the main character of the show.

Plastic For Deck Railing Materials

Plastic For Deck Railing MaterialsSource

At first glance, a vinyl deck railing system probably sounds perfect. However, you had better know that this term is just a fancy way of identifying plastic.

That is why such deck railing kits are prone to crack. If your goal is to have an upscale look, this material is indeed not the right choice.

Horizontal deck railing systems that are made of plastic or vinyl tend to be cheap. They will be able to withstand rot as well.

Composite deck railings can be a better alternative if you want something less expensive than wood. Besides, they are not prone to rot as wooden materials do.

Combining plastic, natural wood, and colorants, most people do not consider this composite horizontal deck railing elegant.

Moreover, you should also note that changing the colors means getting rid of the entire railing since many composites will not be able to accept paint.

2. Horizontal Deck Railing Infill Choices

Stainless Steel For Deck Railing Materials

Stainless Steel For Deck Railing MaterialsSource

If you are looking for a low-maintenance deck railing system, using stainless steel can be the best solution.

This material has a clean look and offers the best long-term value. You can even find a horizontal deck railing kit in stainless steel for a DIY installation.

Many homeowners even combine stainless steel with glass to create a beautiful, contemporary deck railing system.

Stylish Deck Railing For Stylish Horizontal Deck Railing Designs

Stylish Deck Railing For Stylish Horizontal Deck Railing DesignsSource

Indeed, every homeowner will want to install the most stylish horizontal deck railing designs in their space. However, you need to consider the local building codes, especially when determining the placement and spacing of the same.

Once understanding the code requirements, feel free to be creative in designing your deck railing. Just like this contemporary outdoor space, that utilizes a mix of materials.

There are thinner horizontal metal deck railings, chunkier vertical supports, and stylish wood rail-top pieces for a modern look.

4. Deck Railing Hardware and Accessories

Transitional Deck Railing To Make A Contemporary Statement

Transitional Deck Railing To Make A Contemporary StatementSource

Slender metal deck railing designs will be able to make a contemporary statement. However, adding traditional wooden elements can generate an interesting transitional style.

In this backyard, metal slats complete the wood railings. They run between their top and bottom along with wide wooden posts every few inches.

As a result, you can get a horizontal deck railing installation that balances modern minimalism and classic styles.

Wood For Deck Railing Materials

Wood For Deck Railing MaterialsSource

Compared to a horizontal aluminum deck railing design, wood should be a more common material to consider.

Wood, on the other hand, is prone to rot, making it less recommended if you are not planning to treat the material.

However, no one can deny that wooden horizontal deck railing is a familiar choice due to the natural beauty it offers.

When using this material, just make sure to avoid rot since the same can result in very dangerous circumstances, particularly for an elevated deck.

For deck railing, cedar is considered as the finest wood kind because of its beauty and durability. Pine, fir, or spruce is much more affordable alternatives that appear identical when a colorant is applied in addition to anti-rot chemicals.

If maintenance is not a problem, wooden horizontal deck railing is a nice choice. However, if the surface is not refinished occasionally, you should note that warpage, fading, and splinters may spoil the look.

Wrought Iron For Deck Railing Materials

Wrought Iron For Deck Railing MaterialsSource

For a deck railing with an old-fashioned look, you can consider wrought iron. This material is ideal for traditional home designs as well.

Typically, people use wrought iron to make a black backyard deck railing. Then, you can use a coat of paint to cover the fencing system.

Wrought iron is a more powerful material than aluminum. However, it calls for more upkeep than stainless steel. Painting is one of the additional maintenances for this horizontal deck railing, particularly to prevent rust.

When you decide on creating wrought iron railing, note that an increased cost of ownership may apply.

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