Some garden arbor plans would help you to present your garden space in an attractive way. Therefore, this statement piece for your yard will welcome the guests into the garden. Moreover, you can also use it as a guide to get into the walkway.

Of course, you can just choose one garden arbor plans with a simple structure and design to provide a few shades to space. On the other hand, you can make it the highlight of your garden. Subsequently, there are many concepts to choose from choosing an arbor plan.

It’s as same as gazebo and pergola but the roof is smaller. The arbor designs in this article would have a different way of presenting the garden. So, it can help you having lattice to let the vines and crawling plants grow over.

Besides a welcoming piece for a garden or yard, the arbor can also be a great wedding decoration. It would set up a perfect stage where the bride and groom exchange their vows. Without further ado, here are 22 plans for you to build starting today.

1. White Elmwood Garden Arbor Kit

Amazing Outdoor Arbor Plans

Amazing Outdoor Arbor PlansSource

Check out this fantastic wood arbor plans. The decorative look of the rosewood cedar wood become very obvious during the day. While this wooden arbor has a trellis lattice design that offers a space to grow crawling flowers or plants.

The cedar wood materials used for this kit are pre-stained. It’s available on many online stores and free of maintenance. Moreover, the elegant look is the reason why people love having it as the gate for their garden.

Furthermore, there’s no need to question its durability, this quality material will surely last for years to come.

3. Gardman Gothic Steel Arbor

Arbor Design For Deck Garden

Arbor Design For Deck GardenSource

This garden arbor plan is placed on the deck. It functions as a pergola for space. As you might notice, the big size is the reason why it’s the statement-making element in this area.

From this arbor, the patio deck gets an enhancement and drama. Also, it gives some consistency to the rest of the architectural design. Meanwhile, the wood stain is an essential part of this space. So, make sure the arbor is in the same tone as the others.

20. Rustic Garden Arbor with Minimal Look

Arbor Design With Two Columns

Arbor Design With Two ColumnsSource

With three simple elements, two elegant columns and a wide arch, you can build a simple but attractive arbor design. Unlike the other structure, this one doesn’t provide an area for climbing plants.

This stand-alone piece is as attractive as it is. So, it doesn’t need any other additional elements such as vines or plants. As part of the structure, the low picket fence becomes an extra element to support the separation of the garden.

19. Arbor Design for Deck Garden

Beautiful Octagonal Eye Catching Design

Beautiful Octagonal Eye Catching DesignSource

The exact size of this eye-catching garden element is 10.5 feet. If you are trying to make a big statement at the entryway of your yard, this is one thing to try. Besides an arbor, this statement piece could be a great gazebo space.

It would be an instant gathering point for everyone. Whether you’re setting up a place for having a chit-chat with friends or even a party, this grand and elegant piece would make the time seems sweeter.

If you just want to make it as the arbor of your garden, set the garden or fabric aside. Also, you can use it as a gate to welcome them.

7. Steel Garden Arch Climbing Plants

Beautiful Wood Arbor Plans

Beautiful Wood Arbor PlansSource

This garden arbor plans free can be a perfect idea for your DIY project. Besides Elmwood, the main material of this structure is a white PVC Vinyl. So, it gives a little protection from all the outdoor elements. For your information, this product is available on Amazon.

Even though it’s made using PVC Vinyl, the manufacture guaranteed that it won’t crack, fade, discolor, or peel. The durability is great. All the pieces are pre-cut and pre-drilled holes. So, it’s gonna be easy to install and build.

The white color gives a sleek look to the structure. Therefore, it becomes more inviting. Grow some vines to give natural effects to the body.

2. New England Arbor Plan

Build A Garden Arbor Plans

Build A Garden Arbor PlansSource

This arbor design is perfect for both garden or wedding decoration. It’s made using sturdy metal and ready to support vines or other climbing plants. In the picture, the lightweight metal arch is decorated with faux flowers and plants.

Moreover, it is a shortcut to make it more decorative to get ready for the wedding ceremony. Additionally for the garden, it’s recommended to wait until the plants you have been set growing over the structure.

11. Roman Arch Arbor Plan

Coral Coast Halstead Wood Design

Coral Coast Halstead Wood DesignSource

If you have a wider walkway, a wider arbor should also be one of the considerations. This attractive pergola style element has a 60 inch wide of the interior. Moreover, the material is a solid fir wood that has a warm stain. Therefore, it manages a beautiful appearance and cinnamon finish.

In addition, the lattice sides are one major feature to let the plants or flowers climbing up the arbor. As a result, this product can make a decorative addition to any garden or outdoor space. People would enjoy a walk through an imposing entryway with this trellis arch.

6. Octagonal Eye-Catching Outdoor Arbor Plans

Free Garden Arbor Trellis Plans

Free Garden Arbor Trellis PlansSource

This is a quite popular design when it comes to the garden arbor. It has a lovely design that would set up a great mood right before entering the space. This simple addition will add so much character to space.

As seen, the lattice sides and curvy pergola on top make a great combination as well as a gate to heaven, a garden full of flowers.

9. Weather-Resistant White Vinyl Arbor

Garded Arbor With Gate Plans

Garded Arbor With Gate PlansSource

If you’re looking for an idea to build your arbor from scratch, this might be the one. It has a farmhouse style that you can easily achieve by using the right materials and techniques. Also, you can start by building the mainframe.

Then, add the decorative sides. Next, you must attach all the materials using drill bits. The last structural element is the roof. After that, painting is the last thing to do. Additionally, white could be a great choice but feel free to choose any color you want.

14. Simple but Classic Garden Arch

Garden Arbor For Grapevines

Garden Arbor For GrapevinesSource

Usually, this well-designed wooden arbor has grapevines crawling all over the pergola. It covers the entire space acting as a roof. So, when using this plan, make sure you have the right plants to grow.

Anyway, this is a huge arbor with 8 inches tall and 12 inches wide. Therefore, you can get garden arbor woodworking plans to build this pergola arbor from A Piece of Rainbow website.

Moreover, if you want the look exactly like the one in the picture, you have to find the distressed lumber for the same rustic vibe.

5. Coral Coast Halstead Wood Garden Arbor Designs

Garden Arbor Seat Plans

Garden Arbor Seat PlansSource

The seating becomes a part of this arbor because of the same color. Red is such a bold color that’s ideal to make a statement at any space. Aside from its simple structural design, red is big enough to add interests.

Also, it becomes an eye-appeal addition to create a focal point. The color so contrasts with green plants. It might seem out of place but it’s what makes it special.

22. Asian-Inspired Arbor Design

Garden Arbor With Swing Plans

Garden Arbor With Swing PlansSource

This focal point gives the eyes a place to go up visually in the garden. While this piece nestles in a lush perennial border.

Furthermore, the height and structure are features you add to space with this arbor. Since it has a minimal look and simple construction, it doesn’t detract from the flowers below.

21. Red-Painted Arbor with Seating

Gardman Gothic Steel Arbor

Gardman Gothic Steel ArborSource

If you just don’t believe in the durability of wood and PVC vinyl, this material could be the most trusted one. As most people know, a steel garden arbor could last for many years. You can’t question its quality and strength.

Besides, it also offers a stylish minimal look to the front gate of the garden. You can buy this arbor plan and kit at Walmart or other online stores.

As seen, this steel is so thin and it looks so delicate. That’s what makes it so special. Even more, you don’t need experience in building the arbor structure.

4. Garden Arbor for Grapevines

Ornate Arbor With Standard Lattice Sides

Ornate Arbor With Standard Lattice SidesSource

The lattice sides seem to be the favorite feature of the garden arbor. It’s because that concept is ideal for growing the vines and other climbing plants.

Meanwhile, the roof part of this garden arbor looks like a crown. That what brings interest to the structure. Moreover, climbing vines seem to be ready to cover the whole thing.

16. Delicate Arbor with a Fence-like Section

Plans For Garden Arbor

Plans For Garden ArborSource

Some parts of this arbor are covered with climbing vines. Additionally, the small fence-like section becomes a nice feature to set up a perfect garden entrance.

The lattice-style fence is ready to accommodate any kinds of climbing plants. As seen, white seems to be the perfect pick for the arbor. So, it will provide a nice canvas for the plants to shine.

17. Wooden Garden Arbor With Gate Plans

Plans For Garden Arbor Bench

Plans For Garden Arbor BenchSource

This one is a different version of the garden arbor. It’s not functioned as the element to welcome the guests. On the contrary, it is the one that provides a comfortable seating area.

As you can see, the bench design is for two people to enjoy the food and drink together while having a beautiful view of the garden.

Moreover, it got a roof that looks like a little house. While the white-painted seating has a contrast look to balance the charm.

13. DIY Arbor Plan for Beautiful Garden Entrance

Roman Arch Arbor Plan

Roman Arch Arbor PlanSource

This arbor has a special material, the pressure-treated pine. The gate has a similar treatment that completes the entire architecture design.

Even more, this element will also add a finished look to your garden entryway. Let nature embellish with the vines or climbing roses. It gives a rustic and farmhouse vibe to your outdoor space.

But don’t take an option to paint the arbor because the natural texture and color are the main attraction.

12. Garden Arbor Bench Plans

Simple And Classic Garden Arbor Plans

Simple And Classic Garden Arbor PlansSource

This arch is made from six parts. Therefore, you can build this in a DIY project in less than a day.

It’s gonna be a small job that can make a big impression in the outdoor space. Moreover, adding an arbor to your garden is an easy way to give a striking focal point to space.

But, do not worry because the plan of this classic garden arbor is not only for professionals. If you describe yourself as a rookie carpenter, then this one is not hard to build.

To achieve a rustic look, you can stain the entire structure. Besides, you can also choose a formal appearance by painting it with colors.

15. Ornate Arbor with Standard Lattice Sides

Small Garden Arbor Plans

Small Garden Arbor PlansSource

If you like the Zen that an Asian-style design can bring, this arbor is probably the best recommendation.

It would set up a unique garden entrance for your house. Moreover, the clean, simple lines are enough to give a good impression.


Getting some garden arbor plans are very easy. You just have to find the right sources. Or, simply buy it from the trusted stores.

Steel Garden Arch Climbing Plants

Steel Garden Arch Climbing PlantsSource

This black steel garden arbor is not so hard to assemble. If you’re new to this, it’s still gonna be easy. It offers an effective way to revamp the garden space. While its structure design is great for roses and climbing plants.

Moreover, the sleek and simple black design is constructed from a durable coated steel frame. But, to get the plants fully cover the structure, you need to choose the right vines. Remember, it needs time to grow. So, if you want it to be instant, you probably need to buy them separately.

8. Popular Mechanic’s Arche Arbor Plan

Weather Resistant White Vinyl Arbor

Weather Resistant White Vinyl ArborSource

Setting up as a garden pathway, this white vinyl arbor offers a gentle accent for space. This structure is designed with stunning detail. Even more, it is probably the most authentic architectural design can get.

Some people called it as Athens or Vienna arbor. Most importantly, this white vinyl arbor is quaint and charming. With this kit, you don’t need to stain, maintain, or paint it anymore.

10. Amon Tech Garden Arch

Wooden Garden Arbor With Gate Plans

Wooden Garden Arbor With Gate PlansSource

This wooden arbor has all the favorite elements including as part of the structure. All parts of this element seem to have their lattice design. Therefore, it’s so friendly to grow vines. Moreover, the natural wood color makes a perfect scene to welcome the guests into the garden space.

After having this gate arbor stand in your garden entrance, plant the vines and climbing flowers. From time to time, they will cover the structure. It’s not only on the lattice part but the whole thing.

18. Simple Arbor Design with Two Columns

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