What is the appropriate Flooring for Stairs to Your House or Office?

vinyl flooring the rest of your home

Flooring is a part in our house which has a function to protect and cover our house from soil. There are part of flooring which applied in our house such as guest’s flooring, kitchen flooring, room’s flooring, bath flooring and stairs flooring. Now, I would like share about what is flooring for stairs, kind of flooring for stair and how to install it.

layout staircase side view outside frame

Flooring for stairs is a flooring which used to cover and protect stairs in your house. Flooring for stairs is not only protect of your stairs, but also it gives a gorgeous impression in part of house. The important thing before you create of flooring stairs you should decide what you should do in your flooring. First thing you should calculate and measure how many stage stairs what used of stairs. You can use calculator application to decide measurement of stringers. Then, after you decided it you can choose the best material and design which appropriate of your stairs.

In deciding of your material and design which appropriate of your stairs. There are ideas flooring for stairs that used to apply of your house are :

1. Vinyl

vinyl stair floor with hangers on the side

a. What is a vinyl flooring

Vinyl stairs is a material in covering of your stairs to be a gorgeous. This is a simple cover that can applied of stairs. This material is not durable like a ceramic, but it so easy to clean of flooring. This is a common material which used in several flooring of stairs.

b. Kind of vinyl flooring on stairs

There are kind of vinyl that can be used to cover flooring stairs in your house such as sheet, tiles and planks.

1) Sheet vinyl
This is a simple option that can used in applying in flooring stairs.

2) Tiles vinyl
Tiles vinyl is a common material which used in several place in flooring stairs. This a common use, because in applying this material is quick and easy to applied.

3) Planks vinyl.
This planks is need a more time applied, because we should precise to know the size of little part in planks vinyl.

c. Installing vinyl flooring in your stairs


In installing of vinyl stairs you should decide the material which used in applying in your flooring stairs. There are a step that as your reference when installing vinyl flooring of your stairs are :

1) Remove of your covering and clean the flooring using sandpaper. This a first step if your stairs has been built before.

2) Cutting the material which used in flooring for example planks vinyl. When you apply planks vinyl, do not forget to use gloves. This gloves to protect you when cutting of planks vinyl.

3) Put a aluminum to apply in your adage stairs. It is used to help you in cutting vinyl flooring.

4) Applying vinyl flooring can be start after you done in cutting. Then you can apply glue to stick your vinyl flooring of your stairs. Be careful and precise when you apply this vinyl.

5) Repeat to stick vinyl in every part of your stairs.

2. Rubber

rubber flooring for Stairs

a. What is a rubber flooring

Rubber flooring is a kind of material that more long time when it is applied in your flooring stairs. Sometimes, this material is used in flooring stair of industrial sector such as sport center, hospital, school, laboratories, factory and etc.

b. Kind of rubber flooring

There are four kinds of rubber flooring of stairs which used in your stairs are:

1) Sheeting
It is a type of rubber flooring that has a shape roll flooring. This type is so simply to apply in your flooring, because it adapts with obstacle in every stage. It is appropriate of your stairs, because the thickness of rubber is suitable of the use.

2) Tiles
Tiles is a type of rubber that difficult and multicolor. It is not suitable to apply if the stairs is around of water. The cause if you tiles rubber in around of waters, the tiles rubber will perk. Tiles rubber is so appropriate of playing place or sport center.

3) Mats
This type is comfortable to use and cover of flooring in your stairs. It is also easy to apply in flooring, because the shape of mats depend of your flooring stairs. The mats rubber is easy to move in one place to other place. If you decide to use this rubber in to use in long standing period, so you can use thick mats. Then, if the activity of stair is so simply, you can use thin mats in your flooring stairs.

4) Recycled
Recycled is material that take a useful the material before. You can modify the rubber flooring stair using the recycle of thing in around you. For example the material of recycle such as car or motorcycle tires .Then, you can modified this cycle by coloring or cutting to be several part.

c. How to install rubber flooring

 install rubber flooring of stairs

If you choose rubber flooring in your stairs. There are steps as your reference to install rubber flooring of stairs are:

1) Measure and cut of rubber which used in your cover in stairs.
2) Be careful in cutting process, because it is so need a hard work to spell the rubbers. Then, you can apply glue to cover rubber of the stairs.
3) Cutting of rubber apply one by one to get the strong stick in every stage of stairs.
4) Wait a glue of rubber to be drying. You can press rubber in every stage, so it will be tough.

3. Laminate

installing laminate flooring on stairs

a. What is laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is a kind of flooring that common used in part of house such as guest house, kitchen, hallways, stairs and etc. The laminate is made from a wood particle or imitate wood which contain a texture or image layer. This is more effective, because this a type of flooring is easy to find and the cost is inexpensive.

b.Kind of laminate flooring

There are two types of laminate flooring for stairs are:

1) Engineered Wood

engineered wood flooring stair treads

Engineered wood is some type of material made from origin wood. This type is usually used to person who likes a natural atmosphere. Engineered wood is expensive to apply in your flooring stairs. Then, this material is also protect for dent, scratches, and stain.

2) Plastic laminate

wood grid with laminate plastic flooring

Plastic laminate is a material is made from plastic. It is inexpensive if the material will be applied in your flooring stairs. This material is available to apply in place which around of water

c. How to install laminate in your flooring stairs

replacing carpeted stairs with laminate flooring

There are steps of install or apply laminate in your flooring stairs are:

1) Clean up your first covering has applied in your flooring stairs. Do not forget to use gloves to protect your hand.

2) If the flooring has over hang, let’s to remove it.

3) Cut the laminate to apply in your flooring stairs. If you cut laminate, do not forget to cut two plank that has a same size. This technique to help you cover all of them of plank.

4) Stick laminate using wood glue in your flooring stairs.

4. Cork

floating cork stairs with comfort floors

a. What is cork flooring for stairs ?

Cork flooring is a material which soft and comfort to applied in flooring. Sometime, people choose this material to prevent the sound when they pass the flooring. It gives a warm feeling when people walk on flooring stairs. This flooring is not prevent from stain and water. So if you want to use it, you do not forget to keep a cleaning this flooring.

b. Kind of cork flooring

You can decide to use type of cork flooring in your stairs are :

1) Cork tile flooring

cork tile flooring wall

This type cork flooring which need a more time and attention if you decide to apply in your flooring stairs. To apply this type you can use glue and sealant to stick cork in your stairs. Your guest can attack warmness of your flooring when they pass of your stairs. I suggest that if you really want to apply this cork, you should ask to manufactur. It is important for you to know what should you do if you use it.

2) Floating cork flooring

floating cork floor for your home

This type is suitable to applied in your flooring stairs, beacuse it can cover your flooring without glue. If you apply it, you can cover by yourselt without manufactor to help you. The cost of this type is inexpensive.

c. How to install cork in your flooring stairs

There are steps is used if you apply cork flooring to your stairs are :

1) Decide your planning to choose a type of cork which used in your flooring stairs.

2) Cut the cork related to size and shape of your flooring start. Lets to cover it on your flooring before.

3) Flatt the cork on flooring. Then, you has finished to apply it.

Based on explanation above about flooring stairs. I hope there are as your reference before you decide cover your flooring stairs.

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