The Simply to Create Farmhouse Door Trim

the simply to create farmhouse door trim

Farmhouse door trim is a trim that cover your door to be a good. To apply trim of your door is simply and easy. You can apply by yourself. The budgeting to create it is unexpansive. Sometime people recharge the door to be farmhouse trim, because shape of trim is bad. What do you feel if your door is untidy and fall to pieces. I think you feel afraid you do not have a door to cover your house. Now, you do not be afraid about it, because you can remove of old your door with farmhouse door trim.

Trim has napes of your old door is disturb of viewing in your house. It make a people who come to your house has a bad feel when they in front of the door. You know that door is a beautiful part that should be keep from napes. In this article, there are some process that you can follow before do the action in changing trim of door. In this processing you do not need a more time and minimal budgeting to prepare the material. It also can do by yourself.

A. Style of trim is used to Farmhouse door

In creating farmhouse door trim, there are style of door that can be used. Sometime people create a style of their house depend of their character. Everyone has a different style to create their trim of the door. There are style of trim that is used of farmhouse door are:

1. Modern Farmhouse

the trim of modern farmhouse door is tune with aesthetic and clean

In this style is removers from classic country to show the appearance that clean. In modern style you can modified with a traditional furniture to combine with the door. The trim of modern farmhouse door is tune with aesthetic and clean. It always covered by white painting in around of the door. You can also give a white paint of all part like a trim. It will give a good lighting and beautiful view.

2. New Traditional

the style of new traditional has a high ceiling

The style of new traditional has a high ceiling, wide prints and paneled walls. The traditional style of farmhouse has a natural accent and classic. You can cover the trim with a dark or brown painting. This purpose to keep a natural of wood inside of trim and door.

3. Vintage industrial

vintage industrial farmhouse door trim is the style looks elegant

Vintage industrial farmhouse door trim is the style looks elegant and warmness impression. The using of trim of this style is not need more, because you can chose what is the part that will be applied trim and stick above the door or around the door. In this picture use a trim that stick above the door. To open the door you can pull to left or right line.

B. How to create a farmhouse door trim DIY

To create a door, you need a several material is used to applied it. The material is used unexpansive and easy to find it. So, you can find it and practice by yourself. There are step of farmhouse door trim DIY that can you follows as:

1. Clean old trim of your door

In processing cleaning, you can use utility knife to take a old rim. You can use hammer and mounting to take off from the wall. To prevent of your wall, let’s put a thin board between the lever and wall. Be careful in this first process, do not forget to use gloves to prevent your hand.

clean old trim of your door

2. Measure and cut your new trim

In deciding to remove your old trim of the door, you should prepare what the kind of material that you need. If you have a boar, let’s to measure and cut it depend of your size door. In measuring the board you can spent to be three or more part related to your door. You can divide what is the thick and thin board.

measure and cut your new trim

3. Paint trim

Now, you have a spell of board to be a trim. Then, you can take a paint to cover all of them part in trim. Wait the trim to be drying.

you can take a paint to cover all of them part in trim

4. Fasten and stick trim on the door.

This is a process of stick trim. You can use brad nail gun to give a hole of trim. Then, stick out trim on the door one by one. It applied in several part of door such as right, left and top the door. To stick the trim use hammer to pull a nail. Be careful in this process.

fasten and stick trim on the door

Remove a Rough Part

This is the last section after your trim has applied in your door. Remove a rough part of trim using sandpaper. You should be patient and slowly to do it. Use painter putty to cover a hole of trim. Take wet cloth event out the trim. Then, the last you can give a little painting if it needed. Now, your new style of farmhouse door trim has applied in your door. Give appreciation of yourself, because you can do it by yourself.

remove a rough part of trim using sandpaper

C. The Molding Farmhouse Door Trim

Molding is a part of interior of your house. This is help you to create a style in part of your interior. To create interior using molding is easy because you can choose appropriate of molding trim with your interior. In farmhouse door, you can use several molding that combine with usual trim.
Let’s to prepare of the material and trim that appropriate with your house. Think more in applying trim of your part in house. There are several kind of molding that can used of the door are:

1. Crown Molding Trim

Crown molding trim is a trim is used to decor and complete your door. You can use this trim in farmhouse door and window trim. This trim contain a beautiful impression when we see in first time to come the house. This is also give a luxury atmosphere in every side of your house especially in door.
The combination of crown molding trim in your door as the way to create a new style that different with other. In farmhouse door can apply in above the door using a window to give a elegant and luxury side.
To install crown molding trim is easy, because you do not to make it. Just buy this type of crown trim with usual trim before you apply it in the door.

casing molding is a trim which cover awareness of part

3. Casing Molding

casing molding is a trim which cover awareness

Casing molding is a trim which cover awareness of part. Sometime people who has create a door has awareness between gap and door. You can use this trim to cover it. This a simple trim, but it give a calm impression when people knock of your door.

4. Decorative Molding

decorative molding is a type of trim that has a good view

Decorative molding is a type of trim that has a good view. You can apply this decorative to your farmhouse door. The decoration of this trim can use in above the door. Then, the right and left the door can use usual trim or square trim. The installation of this molding give a unique accent in space of your door.

4. Molding and Millwork Trim

farmhouse door trim with lamp decoration

Molding and millwork trim is a trim that contain a line of trim. This type can apply with windows and door farmhouse. It will give a luxury style of your house. If you like a unique decoration this trim is suitable to apply of your door.

5. Chair Rail Molding

farmhouse door trim with window panels

Chair rail molding is a simple trim that can applied in your interior of house. The shape of trim is curve as the trim is used in frame. If you choose this type, you will find a simple view of stage in door. The installation of chair rail molding is not only you get a style of your door, but also you get a value of your house. To get a best atmosphere of your door, you do not forget to install it not more a high of your door.

6. Cove Molding

cove molding has a shape like a tooth

Dentil molding trim is a molding which made from a wood. This trim has a shape like a tooth. To install dentil molding is not easy to apply, because you need a more time and be careful. The wood beam is measure one by one depend of you needed in your door. If you decide to choose dentil molding trim of your door, it will give a good accent and natural. Then, you also should need a more money to buy this molding trim, because the price of it is expensive.

7. Batten Molding Trim

batten molding trim is a thinn strip of trim

Batten molding trim is a thinn strip of trim. The shape of this trim is rectangular. It is simply to install of your door. To create this molding, you can create by your self. This accent gives a good and calm impression when people come to your house

I hope the explanation about farmhouse door trim can be your reference before you decide to change your old trim door has cracked and broke or you need a new style of your house.

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