Admit it, no one likes to have a dirty laundry just sitting in the corner of their room. Once you let this bad habit grow, your dirty laundry will pile up into a mountain. Maybe this time is not just in the corner of your room. It may add up to the sofa, bed, or any empty spaces in your room.

The simplest solution to this problem is to have a hamper or laundry basket. We know that now you can just order your laundry basket, and voila your problem is solved. But, where’s the fun in that? Why don’t you make your own DIY laundry basket? At least this way you can customise the hamper to match your bathroom decor!

As you might know laundry hampers are pretty expensive for what they are. With this following DIY, it will also cost less than order a new laundry basket. You just need some basic materials around your home, even if it’s just a pillow case until you can afford a nicer one.

As we all know, laundry hampers are not really that modish or dashing decor item that can change your interior design level. But if you DIY your laundry basket, you can decor it as you like. You can make the laundry hamper to match your aesthetic. Then put it on your preferred place, such as the laundry room or bathroom.

Here we’re gonna show you easy DIY laundry hamper ideas that won’t spoil the interior.

1. DIY Laundry Hamper Cabinet

If you don’t want your laundry hampers to be out where everyone can see them, try this DIY Laundry Hamper Cabinet. Hide the laundry hamper in a small cabinet that would look right at home anywhere in the house. You can build a whole new cabinet from scratch, but why don’t you use an existing cabinet that you already have?

First, you have to decide which cabinet you want to modify. It can be from your old side table drawers or one of the drawers in your bathroom. Basically it could be any drawer, as long as it has enough space. The drawers have to be placed in a convenient place too, so you can easily reach them.

It’s possible to not even require any changes in the drawer if the dimensions are right. Just make sure your drawers have enough space to fit the laundry basket or hamper. Clear the space of the cabinet. Then, you just place the laundry basket inside and you’re good to go.

Diy Canvas Laundry Hamper Hanging At White Wall

Diy Canvas Laundry Hamper Hanging At White WallSource

If you prefer a non-hanging canvas laundry hamper, you can try this method. Use a fun patterned canvas fabric that you like. Then choose a solid-colored canvas that lined with the pattern. Other items that you need are scissors, matching thread, and pins.

You have to sew these two fabrics together and create a tube shape. From the remaining solid canvas fabric, cut two strips to make handles for the laundry hamper. Don’t forget to sew it to the hamper. You can look at Momtastic for the measuring details.

Diy Hanging Laundry Hamper Hanging In White Wall

Diy Hanging Laundry Hamper Hanging In White WallSource

For the second one, you also need a choice of fabric. You only need one yard to make one hamper, unless you want it to be bigger. Then you need a sewing machine, thread, and scissors.

Cut two pieces of fabric the same size as you want your hamper. Sew a double hem on the top two edges of each piece of fabric. This will be the part where it opens. Line up your two pieces of fabric with the right sides facing each other. Sew around the three sides, keeping the top part open. Finish it by making a little loop out of fabric and sewing the bottom of the loop to the inner sides or back of the hamper. Now flip it right side out.

Diy Laundry Hamper Cabinet With White Plactic Basket

Diy Laundry Hamper Cabinet With White Plactic BasketSource

2. DIY Pull Out Laundry Hamper

If you have a smaller drawer in your cabinet, you can try this DIY Pull Out Laundry Hamper. In this case, you’d only have to make a few small changes to the drawer, which you have to attach the drawer sliders.

You have to assemble your base cabinets, screw in your tabletop, attach drawer sliders, and shelf to the cabinet. Assemble the cabinet fronts as the door. Attach the cabinet fronts to the sliding shelf. Then attach the drawer pulls in the cabinet fronts. Lastly, add your laundry hampers. You can find some inspiration on Kayla Simone Home. Like any great appliance, this type of hamper cabinet will hide your dirty laundry too!

Diy Laundry Liner Hamper Above Wooden Floor

Diy Laundry Liner Hamper Above Wooden FloorSource

To make this, all you need is a piece of very large fabric. Make sure it fits to cover up the basket from the bottom to the sides. Don’t forget to have an extra fabric on all sides for the seams. In addition to the fabric, you can also use bias tape, notions, & sewing machines.

First fold the fabric of your choice in half to form a tube, & stitch in place. Next sew across the bottom, making what’s essentially a giant pillowcase. Here’s where the part about it being a shopping bag comes in.

Take both corners of the bottom of the bag & fold them down, like when you wrap a present. Then stitch across the points. This gives the bag more dimension & creates a flat bottom.

To make the fabric always stay in place, fold the top of the liner, and sew it. After that, cut open a little fabric for the handles of the basket. Pin & sewed 1/2 inch bias tape around the cut openings as built-in handles!

Choosing What Kind of Laundry Hamper You Need

When it comes to choosing what kind of laundry hamper you like you have to consider what material to use. Then think about where you want to place the laundry hamper. Because not all materials of laundry hampers can go anywhere. Some of them you have to place it on the floor, but some of them can’t even stand if it’s not hanging.

There are a lot of materials that can be used to make a laundry hamper.

If you choose plastic the pros are it’s convenient and you can get it anywhere. If you have a lot of space and cabinets, you can hide them too. But if you have a tiny space, it can take up your floor space, and it’s not so pleasing to see.

If you have a tiny space like if you’re living in a dorm, canvas bags is the most convenient way to store your laundry. You can hang them anywhere, in the back of your door, you can hang it on the wall with a hook.

Using wooden material as your laundry hamper can add up to your decor game. Especially if you have a rustic theme going on, it can be an accessory that is also functional in your house. It’s a win-win if you have a large house. But if you have small space, you might want to avoid using wood material.

Wire material is more lightweight than plastic and wood. It also looks more stylish than plastic when you put a fun fabric all around it. You can place anywhere and it can still be pleasing to look at.

After all it doesn’t matter what kind of laundry hamper you choose. The most important thing is getting the jobs done. Because as adults, life is too complicated to avoid organizing and finding solutions to deal with your dirty laundry.

We hope this article will help you find ideas to store your laundry. Or at least your dirty laundry won’t balled up on the floor and you feel more organized.

Diy Pull Out Laundry Hamper Made From Wooden

Diy Pull Out Laundry Hamper Made From WoodenSource

If you need more baskets to sort out your laundry you can try this laundry basket slide in organizer too. If you have this tall organizer with a bunch of sections, this is a perfect DIY for your laundry basket.

The first thing you should be doing is to remove the wood section that separates them. After that, you will only see two large pieces of wood that has rectangle shape structure. You also left with the smaller horizontal wood that fit between the two of them.

Laundry Basket Slide Organizer With Small Plastic Basket

Laundry Basket Slide Organizer With Small Plastic BasketSource

Add little strips of wood, that will act as the ledges to hold each basket. Make sure to cut it wide, this way the baskets will still fit in. And there’s enough space at the edge for the basket to sit on. You can check out Make It and Love It for more details of the DIY process.

After that, you can paint up the organizer as you like. Then after it is dry, you can place your baskets and organize it according to your laundry color or material.

3. DIY Hanging Laundry Hamper

Another easy laundry hamper idea is the DIY hanging laundry hamper. This hanging laundry hamper comes in various styles but we’ll show you some of our favorites!

First, the embroidery hoop hanging hamper. To make this hanging laundry hamper you only need a large embroidery hoop and a big pillowcase or just some fabric.

Assembled the hanging hamper by sandwiching the ends of the pillowcase in between the embroidery hoop parts. Then looped some twine around the hoop’s screw mount, and knotted it securely. If you don’t have a big pillowcase, you can do it with fabric with just a bit of sewing required.

Lastly, you can hang the laundry hamper on the backside of your bedroom door or inside the closet door. This type of laundry hamper is perfect if you live in a small house or if you are in a dorm, you can hang it anywhere. So once your laundry day comes, you just carry the hamper easily to the laundry room.

Non Hanging Canvas Laundry Basket Besides Round Chair

Non Hanging Canvas Laundry Basket Besides Round ChairSource

At this size, you can stand the laundry hamper anywhere. Just make sure you’ve used a stiff enough canvas fabric. Fold over the top, or pick it up by the handle to drag it away to the laundry room. Then, you can clean the dirty laundry and even the laundry hamper with it!

5. DIY Wooden Laundry Hamper

If you’re looking forward to steadier material for your laundry hamper, you can try to use wooden material.

The design for this laundry hamper is very flexible. You can paint or stain the laundry hamper as you like. To make it easier to use, add handle to the lid. You can also screw a hook inside so you can easily hang your laundry bag. So, whenever you have to do your laundry, you can easily take out the laundry bag inside.

Specification To Make Wooden Laundry Bag

Specification To Make Wooden Laundry BagSource

Too lazy to build the wooden laundry hamper from scratch? Just use wooden pallets to make a double hamper or turn a side table upside down.

Adding wheels to your laundry hampers will totally change the game. It might use a little more effort than just turn a side table upside down. With this type of laundry hamper you can easily move them around with very little effort. You can place the laundry hamper anywhere or hide it to save floor space.

Two Pieces Of Fabric Can Make Hanging Laundry Hamper

Two Pieces Of Fabric Can Make Hanging Laundry HamperSource

If you like to sort your laundry, you can make more of this. You can hang them with wall hooks and label each hamper. If you make a hanging hamper you can save the floor space too!

4. DIY Canvas Laundry Hamper

For the DIY canvas laundry hamper, of course, we need canvas bags. This material is convenient because it could be thrown in the wash if needed. Also, it has various sizes, you can choose any size that feels good for manageable laundry loads. This DIY only took 10 minutes to make!

After choosing your canvas bags, create a circle near the top of the canvas. You only need two circles on one side of the canvas. Then sew the curtain grommets so it can hold the fabric in place. Lastly, you can hang the canvas laundry hamper anywhere!

Wooden Laundry Hamper With Wheel Make Eaty To Move

Wooden Laundry Hamper With Wheel Make Eaty To MoveSource

6. DIY Laundry Liner Hamper

Plain boring wire basket laying around in your house? Making it cuter with an old colorful and bold fabric, so you can store your laundry in it!

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