Having a DIY fire pit table would give you the cozy feeling that comes from the flames crackling in a backyard. It can be the best place to gather with family and friends roasting hot dogs and enjoying the outdoor’s view day and night.

It’s going to be a perfect addition for your backyard in the cool summer nights. It’s multifunctional furniture to use as both a natural heater and a table. You would get the heat you need in the middle of the cold weather of the outdoors.

You can get a relaxing atmosphere in your outdoor area using inexpensive materials. The DIY ideas in this article will show you how. But first, we’ll show you a tutorial on how to build a fire pit table.

How to Build a Fire Pit Table Easily

Build A Fire Pit Table

Build A Fire Pit TableSource

In this part of the article, you see the DIY fire pit table plans for your next project. The one in this patio has a stainless-steel fire pan for the flames. For the record, the DIYer didn’t build it from scratch. It’s a combination of four elements.

First of all, decide the pan size you want for the tabletop space. You can find some products to support the DIY propane fire pit table. In this case, the DIYer uses a 12 x 36 inches pan from Amazon.

As part of the DIY fire pit table kit, you will have a propane tank hook-up kit, battery-operated electronic igniter, hoses, and shut-off valve.

The second thing to prepare is the 2×4-inch table base with lumber legs, wooden frames, plywood, cedar boards, and reclaimed scrap wood for the side panels.

For the DIY fire pit table top, it’s made of 3×5-inch granite that you can buy from a local store. The fourth element is the adjustable feet. It makes the furniture more flexible.

If you need more detailed plans in building the DIY fire pit, you may contact the local home improvement stores or professionals to help out. Besides, there are tons of sources online to find the detail for you.

Well, it’s not going to be that hard to build this kind of furniture. The ideas you are about to see in this article will show you how friendly it is for your DIY project.

1. Modern Concrete Bowl-Shaped Fire Pit

Diy Cement Table Top Fire Pit

Diy Cement Table Top Fire PitSource

Pavers are a great addition as the floor or base for the lumber to light up the fire. It would keep the land safe from black dirt left by the burned woods. It’s a perfect starter masonry project because you don’t have to use mortar, concrete, or grout to build the structure.

Just arrange all the base pavers and laid a ring of cinder blocks. You won’t spend more than 50 dollars for the materials. Set the diameter about 33 inches. One challenging aspect of building this DIY fire pit is the pavers paring down to create a circle. Use a hammer and masonry chisel.

6. Round Dining Height Fire Pit Table

Diy Concrete Tabletop Fire Pit

Diy Concrete Tabletop Fire PitSource

It’s a striking faux stone that’s made using concrete. The cast iron and reinforced cement material become a perfect combination in making this fire pit table. Burning wood and charcoal are what this table should handle.

Get ready to enjoy the burned marshmallow from natural materials. The flames that come from natural lumber would give a different smoky taste to the food you burn.

9. Centerpiece DIY Fire Pit Table

Diy Fire Pit Dining Table

Diy Fire Pit Dining TableSource

This fire pit would be a nice element to place on top of the low coffee table. It’s a great addition to outdoor living space. The modern design and a combination of glass and metal are so extraordinary. Some pebbles become a nice addition to stylishly set up the flames.

Build this idea with less than 25 bucks. The compact and sleek design is perfect for your contemporary space. While the glass frame coverings have some supports from the metal grate and planter. Use marine silicone to stick the sheets of glass together to form a box.

You will need some gel canisters to lit up the fire. As an alternative, use the terracotta planter instead of the metal one because it will equally work.

3. Fire Pit Table from Roth Retaining Wall Blocks

Diy Fire Pit Patio Table

Diy Fire Pit Patio TableSource

Set up a round hole in the middle of a wooden table. Make sure the fire pit fits into it. With some woodworking in building the ordinary table, you can easily achieve this simple DIY idea. All the structure of this furniture is made of wood except the pit.

Make sure you pick the right quality of wood, the one that can handle the heat from the metal pit. Overall, you will feel a great experience with this DIY fire pit table. However, the smoke would be a little bit bothering. You can handle it by using the right materials to lit up the fire.

14. Natural Stone Slab Table with Fire Pit

Diy Fire Pit Table Outdoor

Diy Fire Pit Table OutdoorSource

The astonishing outdoor landscape contains a swimming pool and a seating area with a fire pit table. It has stone flooring all over the outdoor space. The coffee table consists of a concrete structure with a wooden top.

On one side of the table, it contains a fire pit area with pebbles. When the weather is cold, just lit up the fire and enjoy the warm condition during summer cool nights. This farmhouse pool backyard doesn’t have many decorative elements. Well, that is what your calming atmosphere needs.

8. Colton DIY Concrete Fire Pit Table

Diy Outdoor Table With Fire Pit In The Middle

Diy Outdoor Table With Fire Pit In The MiddleSource

Check out this hexagonal fire pit table which is made using wood material for the frame and structure. It gets surrounded by the Adirondack chairs to make the style more stand-out. The covering becomes an interesting centerpiece to spice up the furniture.

Choose the type of wood that can handle the heat from the fire pit. So, consider the durability before making the table.

5. Fire Pit Table with Pavers

Diy Pallet Fire Pit Table

Diy Pallet Fire Pit TableSource

It’s one of the best DIY fire pit tables we have on the list. Warm-up your cool summer nights with this furniture. It has the heat you need around the space of your outdoors. Besides, the piece also adds a modern touch to space.

Furthermore, it is easy to assemble. The protective cover would be very helpful to protect the surroundings. The flames would be so enjoyable and there’s a space for you to put the plate or drink.

11. Tavon Concrete Fire Pit Table

Diy Propane Fire Pit Coffee Table

Diy Propane Fire Pit Coffee TableSource

It’s such a smooth DIY backyard fire pit that you can make in less than $100. This huge bowl is made using a concrete casting technique. If you’re not familiar with it, you might wanna find out about it before. It’s a simple project. You will get used to it.

You can achieve those bright yet gentle flames using gel fuel cans. Before that, fill up the concrete bowl pit with chunky black Mexican beach pebbles. Get them at the local home improvement store. It would be a nice fire pit to place in the middle of the outdoor living space.

2. DIY Metal and Glass Box of Fire Pit

Diy Round Fire Pit Table

Diy Round Fire Pit TableSource

On top of the table, there’s a tiny fire pit bowl as a centerpiece. This compact piece of decor would be functional to provide the heat for the nearby area. It could be a nice idea for your simple DIY project since it only needs a few ingredients to make.

This fire bowl is made of concrete with great durability. Inside the bowl, it has a BTU stainless steel burner to set up the flame using propane. This piece of decor is available on Amazon for 289 dollars. It’s quite expensive but you can put it on any table available at home.

10. Austin Steel Fire Pit Table

Diy Tabletop Fire Pit

Diy Tabletop Fire PitSource

This traditional deck has a DIY-friendly fire pit table in the middle of the living space. For an outdoor space that’s not on the ground or concrete base, lighting up fire can be risky. So, it’s a must to have this kind of furniture.

It has a cedar soaking tub with a durable steel structure to cover the head from ruining the wooden flooring. This pit will provide the heat you need without burning the elements close by.

7. Farmhouse Pool Landscape with Fire Pit Table

Do It Yourself Diy Fire Pit Table

Do It Yourself Diy Fire Pit TableSource

If you don’t have the skills and tools, there’s no need to make the DIY gas fire pit table entirely from scratch. This idea allows you to build it from ready-made pieces. Moreover, the design of this element showcases the DIY look.

Those Roth retaining wall blocks emphasize the rustic appearance. It covers the metal fire pit kit and makes it a whole new thing. The cozy, natural-stone look would be ready to heat your farmhouse living space at the backyard.

4. DIY Adirondack Style Fire Pit

Fire Pit Table Diy

Fire Pit Table DiySource

It’s another option that involves concrete material. It’s one of the best to deal with fire and heat. This table looks like made of stone. With a little it of artistic skill, you can achieve the texture of this product in the DIY project.

This Tavon concrete table is read to accommodate your need to throwing more outdoor barbecues. The materials are weather resistant. You can decide how this pit lighting up the fire, using wood-burning or natural gas.

12. Portable Steel Pit with Hardwood Top

Inviting Dining Table

Inviting Dining Table Source

Check out this fancy dining table. It’s perfect patio furniture for a complete outdoor setup. The stone texture on the side structure gives character to the furniture piece. Right on top of it, the oversize concrete tabletop with its white paint dominates the scene.

The glass-covered fire pit right in the middle of the tabletop creates an amazing centerpiece to the table. You can feel the warm and inviting atmosphere while having dinner with your loved ones.


A DIY fire pit table is not a common furniture piece that people have in their houses. However, it’s going to be a perfect addition to your backyard space. It provides the heat you need during cool summer nights.

Modern Table With Big Hole

Modern Table With Big HoleSource

If you have such a pool area in your backyard, this fire pit can be an idea for your next DIY project. The outdoor landscape in this picture has a crescent-shaped pool to showcase its luxury. It becomes a relaxing lounge space to light up a fire.

On every edge of the fire pit, there’s a spacious area to accommodate some goods such as plates and drinks. You can have some fun gathering with family and friends while enjoying the warm food in front of the pleasing heat.

17. Inviting Dining Table with Glass-Covered Fire Pit

Natural Stone Slab Table

Natural Stone Slab TableSource

The custom design of this outdoor table is something to look on. Moreover, the natural texture and color set up an amazing scene for the seating area. It’s two separate elements combined.

As seen, the wood and steel accents create a stunning natural look with a rustic vibe. Furthermore, the fire pit is fully-functioning when you set it up. This table design allows you to have a top space away from the fire but still getting ideal heat during the cold weather.

15. Sleek Fire Pit Table All-Seating Area

Portable Steel Pit With Hardwood Top

Portable Steel Pit With Hardwood TopSource

The main concept of this modern fire pit is to use it as a functional table whenever the flames are off. This portable steel product has a solid base revolver steel. When the hardwood top is on, it looks like an ordinary table.

If you remove the hardwood tabletop, you can see the non-stick cooking steel grill rack. It would be ready for all to enjoy barbecues. The lightweight body gives this product great portability. So, you can move it to another place anytime. Don’t forget to remove the top before lighting up the fire.

13. Outdoor Fire Pit on Table

Sleek Table All-seating Area

Sleek Table All-seating AreaSource

Take a look at this fire pit, it’s surrounded by many seatings, benches, and chairs. It becomes the focal point for this area. Similar to the built-in benches, the structure of the fireplace use some brick blocks.

On top of the bricks, a steel tabletop is installed with rectangular holes for the fire pit. The material used for building the table offers great durability. The cold weather of the outdoors won’t be a problem when you have a seat in this pergola space.

16. Modern Fire Pit Table with Big Hole

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