Get Inspired by These Amazing DIY Built in Cabinets Ideas for Your Home

Cabinet has multi-function in a home besides for storage of personal stuff it is function as easthetic worth of the home. There are three basic types of cabinetry: stock, semi-custom and custom cabinet. Each type provides different advantages depending of the home style, the need and budget. Stock cabinet is the cheapest, which gives the limited option. Semi-custom cabinet gives more style and feature with higher price. The custom cabinet offers the highest quality of good. To determine and make cabinet, someone should understand several aspects such as the materials, price, style and size of cabinet, style of home, what the best, better and worse steps to get the desired product.

The DIY might change the mood the better by redesign, repaint, remake or rearrange the cabinets in your home proper to the current desired style in low budget. DIY requires knowledge, skill and effort to make a dream comes true of the home design.

Some common materials of diy built in cabinets are solid wood, plywood, particleboard, metal, laminate, and metal. The most important factors of diy built in cabinets material are endurance, streng, moothproof, and moistureproof.

Solid wood

diy built in cabinets with solid wood

Solid wood is a solid piece of wood. The most popular wood are maple, cherry, pine and oak. Many diy built in cabinets have some components made of solid wood, such as the face frame for framed cabinet and the cabinet door.


diy built in cabinets with plywood

Plywood has many uses in the home. It consists of thin slices of wood has the solid surface, then plywood becomes one of favorite material for cabinet. It has good endurance, almost as strong as solid wood with the lower price.


diy built in cabinets from metal

Metal cabinet, mainly stainless steel are available from some cabinet as a complete set of cabinet and drawer. This is proper to for modern style. In some cases, the maker will offer wood based cabinet with stainless steel doors.


diy built in cabinets makeover with laminate

Laminate is plastic product serves as the surface of wood based cabinet boxes and doors to make them easier to clean.

After understanding the materials for cabinet, the maker shold know the kinds of cabinet style.

Base cabinet

based diy built in cabinets

Based cabinet often called lower cabinet, it is strong providing a base for heavy burden.

Wall cabinet

wall diy built in cabinets

Wall cabinet or upper cabinet refers to cabinet hang on wall. It adds beauty and functionality in some rooms in the home

Tall cabinet

tall diy built in cabinets

Tall cabinet creates bountiful storage and vertical look in a space.

Cabinet doors

cabinet doors make a big impression in a room

Cabinet doors make a big impression in a room, taking up a significant part of aestethic visual of the space.

Cabinet drawer

cabinet drawer is constructed in many different types to suit the need of your desire

This cabinet style is constructed in many different types to suit the need of your desire

A. Diy built in office cabinet

diy built in office cabinet

Storage is a very importand part in an office. The officers will end up with so many different files and documents and will store them in an efficient and systematic way in a safe site, both for soft file, printed out file, and other office stuff. Soft files usually stored in computer and the printed out documents stored in office storage cabinet, whice have space available in the office.

Here some types of cabinet in a office :

Vertical file diy built in cabinets.

Vertical file cabinet is a standard file system will find in most office. It is sturdy and take up very little space, therefore it is proper to a smaller office or alimited space.

Diy built in cabinets Lateral file .

Lateral cabinet gives similar need as vertical file cabinet, but it is significantly wider and take up more space.

Diy built int cabinets Pedestal file .

This cabinet is made to fit underneath a desk, often sitting as part of an office cubic set up.

Diy Built in Cabinets Rolling file

Rolling file cabinet is similar to pedestal file cabinet, as it is smaller in size and can fitunderneath a desk, but it is on wheels. Files can easily move around the office or re-arranged.

Diy built in Storage cabinet.

Storage cabinet is designed with wide open shelving for a wide variety of items to keep safein the office. This is great for storage as it is easily customized to fit a wide range of object sizes.

Fireproof file cabinet.

Fireproof file cabinet is built thicker and stronger to save any documents inside from fire and flood.

The material of office cabinet is appropriate using metal for the cabinet body, solid wood for the door and folded by laminate material to get the many benefit all in.

B. Diy built in storage cabinet

diy built in storage cabinet

Storage cabinet comes with various different types of handels. The most common types handles that are available in the market are the standart turn up and pull handels having built-in keylocks, padlock hasp handles and flush mounted handles.

The storage cabinet is very flexible in terms of storage ability. We can accommodate different type of item by using the adjustable shelves according to our needs and requirements.

Storage cabinet comes in a number of aesthetic design not only provide the worthy storage space but also make the office look elegant.

Here kinds of considering storage cabinet :

  1. Roll out drawers. A roll out drawer is asimply pull-out interior drawer. This will not only help you with organization but it will also give you a complete overview of the things in the cabinet.
  2. Slide out waste. This cabinet recommends a slide out waste which gives one type of storage solution. It is convenient, and perfectly conceals the waste.
  3. Spice racks. Spice rack can sit inside the cabinet door, or even be placed in a drawer.
  4. Pull out pantry base cabinet. A pull-out pantry has multifunction for many different things. For example, you can store cooking oil and spices when this cabinet placed in the kitchen.

Everyone can design the desired cabinet for home and office. It can be ordered proper to your design, or you can make it by yourself.

C. Fireplace cabinet

fireplace diy cabinet ideas

Indoor fireplace typically uses stone, wood or metal. The fireplace should adjust to the fireplace material. The interior design determines what the model of fireplace cabinet should be.

There are several model of fireplace diy built in cabinets you can make the design. The fireplace cabinet made by rustic wood and glass tall stand for TV equipped with shelves in two sides. It suitable stands in family room. Another style is fireplace surroundwith shelving and cabinet. This also part of family room stuff. You can store the personal items in a eyecatching fireplace cabinet to simplify layout of indoor decoration.

The cabinet around fireplace has some function; aesthetic to make a precious image in the room and function of layout to simplify the storing actifity of the stuff in that room.

D. Bedroom cabinet

a bedroom includes some functions besides the bed to sleep

A bedroom includes some functions besides the bed to sleep, you need wardrobe to store the clothes, dresser to keepo your make up stuff, and also often we arrange the books collection in this room. So, you should make a design all the diy built in cabinets in a bedroom well. It needs the artistic touch to get the harmony. Considering the materials to make the cabinet, then determining the colour make you comfortable in the room, locating of every cabinet affects the efficiency and pleasantness of the bedroom.

If the wardrobe or dresser are not matching with the concept of the room, you can redesign and repaint by yourself the both cabinets. This way surely less of budget and you can determine yourown style of your cabinet. You can decorate the bedroom cabinet by attaching some paintable vinyl wallpaper.

E. Living room cabinet

living room diy cabinet

Living room is likely the most public and communal space in the house. You can redesign livingroom to refreshment of the room, change the cabinets the this room or repaint the cabinets of the wall colour.

You can place a buffet entryway bar cabinet storage near the house plant to store the books or antique goods. For modern living room, you can put a standing accent cabinet with doors, which has the same colour with the wall or floor. You may put planthouse on it or table lamp for decoration. You also can put a frame of family picture and you can store books in the cabinet. Choose the desired style and material, then start to make it as well as possible.

F. Family room cabinet

family room diy cabinet

You can design cabinet for family room by considering the fitness of family type. A family often enjoy family time in this room. You usually place many family stuffs here; such as shelf for books, table for telephone, and TV therefore you should make cabinet to take it. You can take all stuff in one big cabinet, or make one little cabinet for one good.

You should adjust the room with the cabinet design. The size, material, style, theme, colour, and also effectiveness cabinet.

G. Cabinet around the window

cabinet around the window

The space around the window opening is often not used, therefore fitted wardrobe around the window is practical solution. Under the window still can be equipped with sofa or desk.

Wardrobe window will help to make a cozy room. The main advantage is lack of mobility; therefore, the structure can’t be moved to another location. In bedroom or family room, the cabinet around the window is to store the books or room decoration or plant house, toys or other stuff.

Cabinet around window often placed in a kitchen to store so manythings, such as the bottles of dried spices, ketchup, etc for save the space in the room. Worktop still can be provided with a sink and under it all the wiring and water filters.

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