How to Choose Your Deck Color Schemes

During this quarantine period, have you thought about changing your deck color schemes? Today people have been doing projects to spend their time at home. One of the most popular one is building a deck or renovating their old deck. Maybe the reason is because they can’t hang out outside their home, so instead they build a deck in their backyard. Because having a deck can be quite entertaining this time around. You can use it as quiet places to read, work, or dine. Basically, deck is a great way to increase the value of your home.

Reasons Adding a Deck to Your Home

adding a deck to your home
adding a deck to your home Source

Here are some great reasons why you should consider adding a deck to your home now.

  • If you have a big family or you like to host parties, the deck can be additional space where people can gather. You can add an outdoor grill to have a fun barbeque night with your family and friends. It’s a great outdoor entertaining space to have.
  • Especially this time around, you might feel a little overwhelmed and stressed, having a new outdoor space can lift up your mood a bit. You can enjoy the wood under your feet, the greenery around your house. The breeze of the wind and the open sky to create a peaceful moment.
  • A deck can add more functional possibilities such as a comfortable seating area. You can also use it to do gardening, it can enhance your living space with natural beauty from plants.

Tips for Choosing Deck Colors Schemes

The reasons above convince you to build a new deck or replace your old one? Maybe now you wonder how to fit the color scheme of the deck with your home. Picking a house deck color schemes can be challenging because there are so many options. But you can use these tricks and ideas to pick deck colors that are perfect for your house.

Consider the color of your home’s exterior

To help guide you to choose the color scheme of your deck, you can consider the existing shades of your home’s exterior. Choose a complementary tone, it shouldn’t be the exact match color. Take color-cues from the exterior of your home. Ensure the deck has enough contrast, so it will set apart from your home.

Start with the basics colors

Basic color never goes wrong. Because people tend to like a particular group of colors, especially the basics. Here are some basic colors that you probably love; grays, golden browns, classic browns, and reddish brown.

basic deck color design elements
basic deck color design elements Source

Use Color Wheel Rules

Using color wheels for picking the right color for your deck means that you have to decide the dominant, the secondary, and the accent color for it. This can create the best house and deck color combinations. Decide which part of your deck will have the dominant, the secondary, and the accent color.

Consider Your Deck’s Surrounding

If you have a green surrounding in your deck area, you can pick such as red or orange to complement the look. But, if your deck connects to your home directly you can also take hints from your indoor flooring. It helps to suggest the perfect color choice for your deck.

Test Deck Colors First

Before you paint your deck, test the color by try out the color on a small area of your deck. Wait until it’s dry, and view the color from different angles.

Deck Color Combinations

Painting your deck with the right color combinations can transform the aesthetic and instantly upgrade the space. To avoid choosing the wrong color that can make your eyesore, we’ve gathered some deck color combinations for you.

Monochromatic Schemes

Try to stain or paint your deck with the same color on every wooden surface. It’s including the floor boards, the spindles and the railings. This is great for smaller decks, because you don’t want the color contrast to draw attention to just how small the space may be. For these monochromatic schemes, you can choose reddish brown, golden brown, and brown color.

monochromatic color schemes
monochromatic color schemes Source

Look at this deck color schemes pictures. They use a monochromatic color, which is the reddish brown color. It’s a good choice of color, especially if you have a green surrounding. It will make a good contrast, and the color gives a sense of warmth.

Two-Toned Decks

Using two colors for decks is a way to give it a more decorative and finished look. You can duplicate the same color scheme for your deck that you’re using on your home’s exterior. But you can try something new, but still compatible. The color combination that you can try is white for the spindles and brown or gray for the floorboards. Another color combination is to use forest green for the spindles and brown or cedar tone for the boards or the railings.

Get Creative!

We’ve already said some of the classic deck colors, but it doesn’t mean you can get creative with your choice of colors too. You can try some of the trends like the dark blue, seafoam greens or even smoky purples. Don’t be afraid to play with color if you have a good eye for your deck color combinations, go for it.

Painting vs. Staining the Deck

painting vs staining the deck
painting vs staining the deck Source

There are two popular finishes for your deck. First by painting it, and second by staining it. Both of these finishes can protect your deck from moisture and weather related damage for a long time. But these two methods have different way of application, cost, appearance, and many more. So let’s compare, and at the end you can decide which method you want to try.

Stain is more budget-friendly than paint

If you choose stain, it will only cost between $20 and $35 per gallon. Stain already contains a preservative and therefore doesn’t require a primer to adhere. But paint costs around $30-$60 per gallon, excluding the wood preservative and the primer.

Paint affords more variety of color.

Because wood stain is designed to accentuate the native qualities of wood, deck stain color schemes are limited to clear varieties or shades of brown. Meanwhile, deck paint color schemes have a wider range, it’s available in a host of hues, from neutral to a bold bright color.

Stain is easier to apply.

Stain can be applied only in a single coat. The transparency of the stain reduces the appearance of the unevenness in the finish. But with painting, your deck should be treated with wood preservative and finished it with a primer. You’ll need two coats of latex minimum. Once painted, the surface must be sealed with a clear sealer.

Paint lasts longer.

Through the more complicated process of painting the deck, of course painting it would last longer. It can last for about 10 years or even longer. It’s different from stain finishes. It can last less longer, it will take one to eight years, depending on how you maintain it.

Wood Deck Color Schemes

When choosing your wood deck color schemes you have to consider the overall look of your deck. Since the railing is basically the material that surrounds your deck, it will affect the overall look of your deck. The deck railing color schemes have to be considered because it can affect the setting and surroundings of your deck.

There are no best and worst colors for your wood deck color schemes. It’s about the overall feeling of it. Here we show you some of the wood deck color schemes that you can duplicate.


wood deck color schemes
wood deck color schemes Source

Brown is the perfect color that fits in with natural surroundings. So if your deck is placed in the green scenery, brown color will be the perfect match for you. Light brown color is also perfect for casual areas as it adds light and openness. Brown floor boards will go with the same railing and spindle color. But if you want to create a contrast, paint the railing and spindle with white. Take a look at this picture as the inspiration.


blue wood deck color
blue wood deck color Source

Blue decks have surprisingly become a trend lately. They come in many shades. If you want to have a coastal theme that is calm and soothing, why not go with the blue? Blue has active energy and will make you feel like you’re on the beach.


gray tones deck color schemes
gray tones deck color schemes Source

Gray will no longer mean dull as long as you can work with other contrasting colors. Take a look at this picture, the grey is mixed with black and white railing. It provides a sophisticated palette for your deck. This deck is also matched perfectly with the exterior of the home.


natural wood stain color
natural wood stain color Source

If you want your deck to have that country and rustic theme, you can choose the natural wood stain colors. This color will bring a clean and minimal design to the deck. You can also easily find the furniture that can go along with color.Take a look at how calming and cozy this natural color deck is!


red wood deck color scheme
red wood deck color scheme Source

Last but not least, red. If you have a plain white home, or bright beige color, red deck can make a perfect contrast. Reds in deck stain colors bring a unique sense that other colors just can’t do. Since red typically invites people to eat and makes for a great color for entertaining as it sets the mood for a busy party.

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