4 Tips on Designing a Stylish Kitchen

If you want your kitchen to be one of the most stylish, chic rooms in your home, there are a few simple ways to achieve your design goals. To discover a handy guide on designing a stylish kitchen that is jam-packed with helpful design tips, simply continue reading.

Opt for a cream colored kitchen over a white kitchen:

If you love minimalism and considered opting for a classic, white kitchen, it’s well worth considering opting for a cream kitchen instead. There are numerous reasons why you can’t go wrong opting for a cream kitchen. For example, a cream kitchen doesn’t show dirt or spills as much as white kitchens. So cream kitchens are easier to keep clean than traditional white kitchens.

There are numerous ways to use cream in your kitchen design. For example, you may want to invest in cream color kitchen cabinets that feature wood countertops or marble countertops. Both of which look stunning with cream kitchen cabinets. Alternatively, you may want to use cream tiles to create a stunning backsplash for your kitchen. The options are endless!

Consider installing a red oak kitchen island:

If you would love for your kitchen to have a traditional look and feel, you can’t go wrong opting for red oak kitchen cabinets and a matching red oak kitchen island. Especially if your kitchen already boasts solid wood floors, which compliment red oak cabinets.

If your kitchen doesn’t already offer a kitchen island, once you have one installed, you’ll wonder how you managed to cope without one. As kitchen islands serve numerous purposes and can be used for informal dining, as extra counter space, and as extra storage space. If you have an open-plan kitchen and living area, you can also cook at your kitchen island while you’re socializing with friends. As they’ll be able to sit at stools which you can place next to your new kitchen island.

Replace your light fixtures to quickly and effortlessly transform your kitchen:

If you’re not ready to replace your kitchen cabinets or to install a custom kitchen island, you can still effortlessly change the look of your kitchen, by choosing to replace your light fixtures. For example, you may want to install stainless steel light fixtures that will give your kitchen an up-to-date contemporary feel or you may want to have overhead lights embedded over your kitchen cabinets. In order to choose the right light fixtures for your home, it’s a wise idea to browse all of the different styles of lighting that are available.

Replace your flooring:

If you have hardwood floors, there is no reason to replace your kitchen floor, simply use a wood polish in order to buff out any scratches or dents and to give your hardwood floors a brand new lease on life. Alternatively, if your kitchen flooring has seen better days you may want to replace it with vinyl. Especially as you can purchase vinyl flooring which looks just like wood, stone, or marble flooring.

In conclusion, if you want your kitchen to be one of the most stylish, chic areas in your home, consider opting for cream kitchen cabinets, a red oak kitchen island, new flooring, and brand new light fixtures.

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