Minimalist concepts such as corner shelf ideas have recently become an oasis in the field of interior and exterior design. Amid the narrow land problem, this method seems to be a new hope to create a comfortable atmosphere without worrying about running out of space.

Interestingly, this idea can be applied in various places, both indoors and outdoors. The corners that were initially left unused have now become storage areas and beautiful decorations in residences.

It is even more complete with the support of beautiful models prepared by the designers. The combination of value and aesthetics makes a luxurious feel with a minimalist style is now no longer impossible.

However, its implementation also requires various strategies, especially in different rooms. Therefore, in order not to make a misstep, you should first learn the concepts and tricks of corner shelf ideas discussed below.

1. The Benefit of Corner Shelf Ideas

Bathroom Corner Shelf Ideas

Bathroom Corner Shelf IdeasSource

The selection of kitchen and bathroom furniture both need more attention. If the kitchen is a location prone to heat, then things in the bathroom can be easily damaged by splashes of water. Therefore, do not forget to use materials that have strong resistance.

The bathroom it self has a wide selection of furniture that can be in a corner. You can use a corner bathroom vanity as alternative storage, but if you do not have that facility, then place the shelf in a safe spot.

Corner Bar Shelf Ideas As Part Of The Decoration

Corner Bar Shelf Ideas As Part Of The DecorationSource

The bar is a corner of the house that is identical to luxury and glamour. However, the arrangement might be boring with the same design. Therefore, to make it look more attractive, you can add corner shelf ideas as part of the decoration.

Its application in the bar may not be much different from the kitchen. You should choose materials that are safe from splashing water if they are located near a sink. The rest, you can pick the most attractive designs and styles.

These corners will also be additional space for artistically storing various items. You can put not only bottles or glasses but also other relevant decorations. Designing this piece will be a fun moment.

Corner Bookshelf Ideas Can Also Become Indoors Furnishings To Store Your Books

Corner Bookshelf Ideas Can Also Become Indoors Furnishings To Store Your BooksSource

These corner shelf ideas can also become indoors furnishings to store your books. Currently, many recommendations and shelf designs allow it to be in hard-to-reach locations. By making the best use of space, there will be more usable storage areas.

Although using the bookshelf concept, people also place various decorations, such as flowers or dolls. Even though books have now become part of the decor, a too monotonous arrangement will seem boring, so there is a need for variation.

Corner Cabinet Shelf Ideas Are Ready To Beautify Your Rooms At Homes

Corner Cabinet Shelf Ideas Are Ready To Beautify Your Rooms At HomesSource

The storage area, designed to be in a corner, is currently the target of many interior and exterior design creators. It is reasonable as the use is proven to make unused space a spot full of beauty.

Various attractive corner cabinet designs have now been widely circulated in stores and are ready to beautify your rooms at homes. With a variety of colors, models, and materials, you can do your best to make the room more attractive. Moreover, you can also get additional space for storage.

Corner Shelf Decorating Ideas Inspirations You

Corner Shelf Decorating Ideas Inspirations You Source

This concept is related to the principles of modern decoration that try to make the most of the space. However, you can still enter other styles to enhance your appearance. Here are some inspirations you can try.

Corner Shelf Ideas For Outdoor

Corner Shelf Ideas For OutdoorSource

The corner shelf ideas can even be use outdoors. You can place storage space at one point, to store various needs, such as shoe racks, wall hangings, flower decorations, and so on.

However, for outdoor decorations, you should choose materials that are safe from weather disturbances. You can use wood material as long as it have a waterproof design. Usually, waterproof material is more suitable for outdoors furnitures.

Each room has a different character. That is why there are distinct treatments you can apply in room arrangement, but for corner shelf ideas, the concepts and techniques are the same in general. It is just that you may need different materials and ways of placing them.

4. DIY Corner Shelf Ideas

Corner Shelving Ideas For Different Purposes

Corner Shelving Ideas For Different PurposesSource

After considering the benefits, you may start thinking about implementing corner shelf ideas at home. This furniture is practical and easy to use anywhere. However, you need to apply different strategies for each room. Here are some examples of using corner shelf ideas in various spots.

Corner Tv Shelf Ideas Hve A Variety Of Design Choices

Corner Tv Shelf Ideas Hve A Variety Of Design ChoicesSource

The corner storage concept can even be for the television placement arrangement. There are two kinds of designs to choose from: floating wall shelves or using some legs. Both will be equally attractive choices.

For the application of corner shelf ideas, you also have a variety of design choices. Try applying various styles, ranging from modern, rustic, gothic, and others to give an unusual touch to your TV viewing moments.

Corner Wall Shelf Ideas For Decoration

Corner Wall Shelf Ideas For DecorationSource

It is a multi-purpose storage room, which you can place in various corners of the room. The goal is to expand the room as well as to add beautiful decoration to your home. The view also looks different because you put the shelf on the wall.

You can install these corner shelf ideas by wall mounting. Some designs are using nails, but others require a more complex installation to maintain strength. Even so, you can still enjoy its beauty and benefits well.

Moreover, now there are many attractive designs of corner wall shelf for decoration. You have to choose the right material by considering the location of the room and corner conditions. You can even make your own to make it more efficient.

Diy Corner Shelf Ideas Your Own

Diy Corner Shelf Ideas Your OwnSource

Although there are many attractive corner shelf designs that you can find in stores, there are times when you are less interested and want to make your own. If so, now is the time for a show of skill. You can start to design and prepare equipment. Here are some steps that you will take.

Finishing Add Various Decorations To Sweeten The Appearance Of Your Corner Shelf

Finishing Add Various Decorations To Sweeten The Appearance Of Your Corner ShelfSource

After you finish making the assemblies according to the design, you can continue the rest. Do painting or some other way to make it look more beautiful. You can even add various decorations to sweeten the appearance of your corner shelf.

Install And Use Start Using It

Install And Use Start Using ItSource

If everything is ready, then all you have to do is attach it to the place you want. You can put it on the floor or attach it to the wall through wall mounting. After everything is ready, you can start using it.

You have to take these simple steps systematically so that everything runs smoothly. The advantage of DIY is that you can get furniture that suits your needs, tastes, and room conditions. Good luck!

Applying corner shelf ideas is easy and fun. Besides being able to save space, you can also be free to beautify the room creatively. You can even make your furniture to suit your needs and tastes. Why don’t you start doing it now?

Kitchen Corner Shelf Ideas

Kitchen Corner Shelf IdeasSource

The kitchen is one of the locations that need special treatment, but considering the many items stored there, you do need a concise arrangement system. Therefore, corner shelf ideas can be an option.

You can put storage in the corner for cooking spices, kitchen utensils, and so on. However, pay attention to the material and placement. If the location is close to the stove or water, choose a heavy-duty material so that it is not easy to damage due to hot temperatures or splashes of liquid.

L Corner Shelf It Adapts To The Corner Shape

L Corner Shelf It Adapts To The Corner ShapeSource

The L shape is one of the features that you can find easily on corner shelf ideas because it adapts to the corner shape. For a simple storage area, designers only use a flexible display rack in the spot.

In fact, for more storage purposes, a large wardrobe in the corner could be brought into the house. Not only the shelf, but you can also even use it for other storage media, from bathroom vans, cabinets, and even a place to put a television.

This L-shaped furniture is practical and makes the room even more beautiful with beautiful designs. Therefore, most people use it not only for storage but also as a perfect decoration.

The decorating ideas reviewed above are probably only a small part that you can adopt. However, do not forget to continue to explore more beautiful styles and concepts because you can find much inspiration from many sources.

Many other models out there might help you find the best design, for example, by checking corner shelf ideas Pinterest shown on the page. There are many great ideas in interior design you can bring into your home.

3. Corner Shelving Ideas for Different Purposes

Material Preparation And Tools Preparation

Material Preparation And Tools PreparationSource

Right after planning, the next step is to prepare materials and tools. If you use wood, then provide it as needed. If you use other ingredients, then make sure everything is under control.

When buying ingredients, it is a good idea to prepare a little excess. The reason is you never know what things await. Even if you have designed it well, there is the possibility of defective materials or incorrect calculations.

Modern Corner Shelf Ideas With Explores Color

Modern Corner Shelf Ideas With Explores ColorSource

As previously mentioned, corner shelf ideas were born from the concept of space efficiency initiated in the modern architectural design concept. The original purpose was to take advantage of space but later evolved into decorations.

In general, the design displayed must be minimalistic, appropriate, and not taking up space. Therefore, most furniture with this concept explores color more than shape and aesthetics.

Planning O Make A Corner Shelf Yourself

Planning O Make A Corner Shelf YourselfSource

To make a corner shelf yourself, you need to recognize the condition of your room first. Each room certainly has different needs so that you have to start preparing the design, the appropriate materials, and the size of the furniture to make.

You must do this stage carefully to minimize mistakes that make the work in vain. Take careful measurements, choose your design carefully, and choose the suitable material according to your needs. After arranging everything, then you can proceed to the next step.

Rustic Corner Shelf Ideas Natural Theme Into Your Interior

Rustic Corner Shelf Ideas Natural Theme Into Your InteriorSource

Talking about the rustic concept means that you are ready to adopt a natural theme into your interior and exterior design. It is identical to natural colors, such as brown, but other spectrums such as green, blue, yellow, and pastel colors included.

The rustic style is contrary to the modern concept because it has the principle of eliminating everything other than nature. However, you can still combine the two through materials and colors. Fortunately, the current does not mind using natural elements in their designs.

The use of wood or natural colors will be enough to show a rustic impression in your corner shelf ideas. You may use a full aesthetic design with lots of decorations, but you still have to support the principle of saving space.

Start Building Realize The Design Made

Start Building Realize The Design MadeSource

If the material is ready, then you have to realize the design made. Do it carefully to avoid unwanted things. If you are not custom to this kind of activity, you should ask for help from an expert.

The Benefit Of Corner Shelf Ideas

The Benefit Of Corner Shelf IdeasSource

It is not without reason that corner shelf ideas are now a popular concept. In addition to many attractive designs, this method is also a breakthrough in the spatial arrangement system. 

The corner spots that were initially considered useless became the most sought-after storage alternatives. In general, here are some of the benefits of implementing corner shelf ideas in room decor:

  • Having high aesthetic value because it has a different concept from the ordinary shelf
  • Turning the unused space into a useful one
  • Supporting the efficient use of space
  • Having various designs with attractive models and colors
  • Multifunction, it can be for storing anything
  • Helping you to beautify the room
  • It can be made or modified

Based on those reasons, you should start implementing corner shelf ideas from now on. Apart from the benefits mentioned above, there are many more advantages to this furniture compared to ordinary ones. For further application, you can study the next section.

2. Corner Shelf Decorating Ideas

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