Coastal Kitchen Inspiration for Beach Homes

Having a beach house exactly next to a beach is everyone’s dream! What a bliss hearing the sounds of the waves and seagulls every morning! A good house must provide good facilities as well. One of the most important and crucial part of a house is the kitchen. The kitchen must be fully equipt with household things that suits your daily needs. Some people like a simple style, yet others prefer a more fun and colourful kitchen.

When decorating a beach house kitchen, or any kitchen in general you must make a theme plan. Make notes of what kind of bench, stove, cabinets, and kitchen counter that suits your home. Do some searching on the budget and price listing of each equipment. A well-planned financial list will give you a big hand in assembling your ideal kitchen. Have your kitchen layout sketch drawn on a piece of paper. This will guide you in the placements of your kitchen appliances.

Beach houses are very famous for their coastal kitchen. This style involves many white and light blue colours. The blue represents the ocean scenery and the sea breeze. Many people prefer a clean white coastal kitchen. The white color makes the kitchen look larger and it’s simple to achieve. Other than the blue and white, there must be a touch of raw wood somewhere in the kitchen. The wood features texture and a classic vintage touch. Commonly, a beach house kitchen features soft pastel colors. The function of this is to make the house feel like the flowing sea waves.

There are many different beach house kitchen ideas. From modern to a minimalist style you can choose however you like. The majority of coastal houses have a white kitchen. The iconic white colour is to provide enough light for the kitchen. Here are some beach house kitchen designs to give you some inspirations!

1. Tosca Blue Cabinet Set

tosca blue cabinet set

Shades of blue are a favourite for coastal kitchens. This tosca blue cabinet set gives the kitchen a sleek style. The counters are top with marbled white countertop. It is an excellent idea to place your cabinets next to a window. Lights coming from outside will give warmth on cold days.

Simple decoration like a rug can give more sweetness in the kitchen. Add hanging lamps to give that estetic feel. Keep the kitchen counter clean. Do not over decorate the counter with many flower vase or ceramic sculptures.

2. Navy Coastal Kitchen

navy coastal kitchen cabinet on beach house kitchen

Dark navy colour is both elegant and bold. If you like a fierce style try adding navy cabinet. The navy colour works well with light maple wood top. Place a plank of wooden board on top. This function as a minimalist shelf. Buy navy kitchen appliences to match this style inspiration.

Bored with just a usual white wall? Why not go for a brick wall layout? Brick patterns are simple yet gives texture for walls. Navy kitchen cabinets and white brick walls are just wonderful!

3. Sky Blue Kitchen Island

beach house kitchen with sky blue kitchen island

Sky blue is a light blue colour. Many loves this colour as an option for coastal houses. This colour also works well for kitchen sets. Another common kitchen style is the island layout. Island is a cabinet that stands in the middle of the kitchen. This cabinet usually function as a beach house kitchen table as well. The extra counter cabinets helps to give more room for creativity.

This sky blue kitchen island ia completed with 3 chairs on one side. Plant a sick to make it efficient to clean leftover mess. The island counter is topped with a unique mix wood tone. The two different wood tones suits you who likes unique combinations.

4. Rattan Bamboo Chairs

beach house kitchen with rattan bamboo chairs

All types of island cabinets are often paired with chairs on one side. This is common because the island cabinets also function as a dining table. This unique bistro counter is paired with rattan chairs. Rattan bamboo chairs give this light nature touch. A lovely pair for your island design.

If you have light wood floor, the rattan chair is the perfect match. It adds that open nature feel to your kitchen. Paint white the seats of your rattan chairs. By painting those chairs white it gives that extra expensive yet classy look.

5. Pattern Wall Tiles and Pattern Curtain

beach house kitchen with pattern wall tiles

Combining patterns is a great way to spice yout kitchen. Have a combination of blue colour shades tiles on the wall. Blue tiles in the kitchen are very authentic. When you choose to put colored tiles, it is better if you keep the rest of the kitchen in neutral shade. For example leave the rest of the kitchen white or grey.

To make the kitchen window more appealing, try putting on curtains. Pattern combination can work extremely well or go to a complete disaster. Therefore, you must be careful with picking the right one. The easiest way is to have the same colour tones as the wall tiles. It doesn’t matter if the patterns are slightly different. Giving a rolled up fabric curtain is a very beach like vibe!

6. Monochrome Modern Coastal Kitchen

monochrome modern coastal kitchen

Haven’t got much room in the house? No need to worry about that! There are still a lot of designs to complete your coastal dream kitchen. This monochrome kitchen can be a great place to cook and enjoy your meal. Simple good old black and white will always be someone’s go to style.

Black and white colors are minimalist and suit basically any kitchen type. You may add pot plants ornaments to give a slight color to your kitchen. Metallic appliances also go well with the monochrome colours. There are only two main kitchen counters in this minimalist style.

7. Marbled Walls

marbled walls

There is another smart way to decorate your coastal kitchen. Decorating your wall with marble wall decor. If you have a clean champagne or white kitchen set, you can pick a neutral or bright color marble art. Paired with wooden maple floors, the marble wall art compliments this kitchen style.

8. One Way Blue Kitchen

one way blue kitchen

This one way medium blue kitchen set makes the kitchen look neat. The one way style is a beautiful way to complete your kitchen. For one way kitchens, divide the counter and cabinets. Have your kitchen counter on the side where the windows are placed. The rest of the beach house kitchen cabinets on the other side of the room.

Since it is a one way kitchen, sunlight only comes from one side of the room. To add more lighting, there are many lamp and chandelier decors. Complete the look by adding beach house kitchen lighting on the ceiling of your kitchen. A rounded glass with a touch of gold chandelier would balance the medium colour cabinets.

9. Pastel Beach House Kitchen

pastel beach house kitchen

Loving rather a softer kitchen? This pastel blue is colorful yet still in line with the coastal theme. Beach house kitchen colors may vary but most are in touch of blue. The beautiful pastel color is not only beautiful but also makes the place harmonious.

On each sides of the window, you may add wood board planks as a display shelf. Put ceramic vases and bottles to decorate the walls. Open shelving creates texture and volume to the wall. Since the kitchen counter is already in colour, keep the top part white.

10. Rugs and Other Decors for Kitchen

rug decor for kitchen

Rugs in your kitchen can make a big difference. They not only keep your feet warm but also decorate the area. If you have a violet blue kitchen like this one, add a rustic rectangular red rug. The vintage Arabian rug gives details yet sophisticated look for the kitchen. Place a slightly more light color rug if you have dark walnut floor.

Above the cupboard, you can create a space to put an authentic Chinese vase. This vase comes in two colors that are usually blue and white. Above the ceiling, add a geometrical chandelier. On the window side you can spice up your sink. There are many colors and shapes for the basin. For the kitchen, most basins are implanted in the kitchen counter. Rather than having a usual silver tap, replace it with a golden tap. A bit of gold will give your kitchen funk and excitement!

window plants decor

On the kitchen counter below the window you may add some plants. Since there will be sufficient and direct sunlight it’s safe to put herb plants or succulent there. Having herb plants around your kitchen gives it a natural room scent. Not only that, it also produced freshness and more oxygen.

You can create a DIY hanging pot holder. This is very adorable yet easy to make. You will need a wood plank and some strings to attach them to the ceiling. Draw 6 equal circles and then cut them in shape with a wood cutter machine. Make 4 wholes, which includes 2 on each side of the wood. Then attach the strings on each whole and hang them near the window.

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