Who don’t need table? Table is a must furniture nearly for everyone. In USA, table is one of furniture that can be functioned as canvas to cast a patriotism spirit. Particularly in welcoming Independence Day, many American are excited to bring in American flag coffee table into their home. Though it is kind of seasonal trend, there are highly numerous designs you can browse to buy or remake it with some modification as you imagined it. American flag coffee table is a never-drained trend anyway.

As nearly any other furniture, American flag coffee table can be constructed using broad range of wood material, from recycled wood plank to special wood. For those who have budget issue, or a DIY-holic, or recycle devotees, making an American flag coffee table by your own will be a simple and exciting projects. You can look for a wood plank, or reuse old wooden pallets as the main material. If you decide to use old wooden pallet or any reuses wood plank, it will be need extra treatment before you start the project. Otherwise you can buy from industrial scrap. Anyhow, there are many tricks and tips that guide you in making American flag coffee table.

The flag construction also not rigidly put on. Some design draw the main flag combined with other sketch like liberty statue, or reminder about the year of United State of America Constitution was declared or simply by draw additional line for the star styles. Some push their creative recycling imaginations further by arranging bottle cap, and recycled license plates. An environment patriotic act for celebrating patriotic day.

American Flag Coffee Table design

Rustic American flag coffee table is so familiar style. Though some people love to draw custom flag design for their table. Below table is one of sample the personalized flag design. It adds the year USA constitution was declared with stamp-like draw on simply whitewashed wood. The whitewashed part is surround with black-burned, jagged lines make the table looks old and unique. The line amid flag-color stripes is also swapped with the similar black line to intensify the rustic style. You can see that the line is proportionately drawn. The line between red and white stripes is thinner than the border with the whitewashed area. The black line with random thickness is skillfully give rustic style without too vulgar. This table has additional function, as tactical furniture which it has drawer as storage compartment underneath.

American Flag Coffee Table Gun Safe

American Flag Coffee Table Gun Safe

American flag coffee table design can serve as tactical furniture by functioned it as gun safe. This tactical function is almost a common sight for US citizen. This gun saving-table is usually constructed as lockable storage compartment with sliding feature. Such heavy duty drawer-mode provides quick access to the content stored beneath.
The most important part for American flag coffee table gun safe is, no doubt, safety. It is highly crucial that the gun is not easily taken by the wrong individuals such children or anyone that not well-trained to access it. The standard that now widely applied for safety issue for such tactical compartment is by installing RFID lock upgrade. You must well planned about this issue.

DIY American Flag Coffee Table

DIY project on American flag coffee table is relatively simple. But with immense passion for crafted it can be ended up us impressive furniture. Do not feel being intimidate with the panel-intriguing looks. As long as you do proper planning, measurement and designing, you can enjoy your DIY American flag coffee table. Feel free to use recycled wood or even a pallet as materials.

Start with simple design, then probably you can go further with finishing looks. Some direction below is drawing from www.instructables.com. Here are the materials and tools you need to prepare:

  • wood boards
  • nails
  • wood screw
  • wood glue
  • wood stain
  • stencil
  • silver metallic spray
  • drill
  • tape measure
  • miter saw or circular saw
  • hammer
  • pencil
  • speed square
  • palm sander

Direction on how to make an American flag coffee table as above plan:

  • Prepare the wooden pallet or wood planks by sand them to make them clean and smooth. In case you use old pallet you may need to rip it apart.
  • Decide the dimension of your table size. It will determine the size of other elements like, stripes, blue square, stars.
  • Cut the wood plank for the frame which the flag will be attached in. As it rectangle, you need 4 piece woods for the outer frame. As support you can provide two cross beams.
    Assemble the frames, use screw and glues the frame for extra firmness.
  • Rip cut the boards for the flags stripes. Five panel for blue session; seven for the short stripes; six for the long strips. You may need some kind of table saw so that the cut can be done neatly.
  • Once the frame was assembled and the stripes were ready, you can start to lay out to make sure the precise arrangement.
  • You may need to do extra sanding.
  • As the stripes planks are all set on their place, remove the boards for the white stripes. Sand the white stripe, especially if you using pallet. Stained every other boards.
  • Once you are satisfying with the lay out assemble, secure all the stripes board on the frame. Nailed them to the frame.
  • Make the table legs. Made 4 cuts wood then drill and nailed them to each corner. But make sure it well balanced before you nailed.
  • Create the stars. At this steps you can make your custom lines. It will be easier if you make stencil as your guide to create the star on the wood. Trace the stars on the wood using ruler and a pen as marker.
  • Engraved the stars using the Dremel. Do carefully and patiently.
  • You give it the last touch by pouring some clear sealant.

Rustic American Flag Coffe Table

Rustic American Flag Coffe Table

If total wood looks too heavy for you, you can combine it with metal element at some parts. Iron element as the table frame delivers a chic and neat look for your American flag coffee table. An iron table frames with hair-pin legs is a modest style that give sleek accent, you can place it at your patio or porch. The combination between wood plank as table top and iron table frame is an encounter between old style and industrial element.
However, don’t get trap with the rectangular shape for your American flag coffee table. Consider to use circle table in the list of American flag coffee table plan. Yes, though the flag is rectangular, you are still allowed to modify the shape when put it as furniture decoration. If you are wishing a more formal furniture for living room, or any part of house interior, the circular American flag coffee table with epoxy finishing that give mirror-like on the wooden table surface will be delightful.

Wooden American Flag Coffee Table

Wooden American Coffee Table Flag

Wooden American Coffee Table Flag

Any woods can be processed into American flag coffee table. Wood is also wallet friendly material. Whether it look reckless or exclusive is depend on how you use your magic wand. Crafting the American flag onto wood as table surface has been highly challenging. Some manufactures, particularly individual carpenter are competing to offer a unique and individual design. A handmade rustic American flag coffee table, that creatively finished offer exclusiveness and wow effect for your home. Finishing style such as pouring epoxy to get mirror-like impression or fractal burnt to highlight rustic style, or hand –carved star, all of these are offered as more people look for distinctive designs that match with their favor. The sophisticated process is seeking to make the wooden American flag coffee table more look fashionable and advanced while keeping the longstanding material.

Burned American Flag Coffee Table

Not satisfy with only ordinary rustic American flag coffee table? Rustic not always stand on semi-transparent dark coat on wood. Not all wood has a bold wooden texture. Some of it need extra stained or coat or tricked. For your rustic American flag coffee table adding a burned impression to elate the rustic and old style is an artistic knack. Particularly for American flag pallet coffee table. Hand torching is an easy method that commonly used to give burned looks on wooden American flag coffee table. Pine torched also another style to show up wood roughness. The jagged or random burned spot make the table look “timeworn” and classy. Burned wood only be matched with darker flag coloring, or nearly black-and-white design with dark brown or black table frame. The the last thing is sweep extra varnish or pouring proxy to give a shining and splendid look while preserving the flag pattern.

American Flag Coffee Table Gun Safe

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